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  1. Genetic

    It's bad enough that the Raven Max is the way it is ( yea i and manyy others think its way OP but thats not what this is about ) BUT that NOISE !!! , i mean constant NOISE !! it's serisouly effecting the length of time i can play or at least against the NC ,

    the constant NOISE !! off the Ravens need addressing sooner rather than later , i mean just turn the damn volume down on them or something please SOE
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  2. VaIhall

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  3. BlueSkies

    Would pay SC to have option to change sound on Raven, Lasher, and a few others
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  4. FateJH

    Shifting main audio generation to the launcher (MAX) and reducing audio volume from the missile itself should be suitable.
  5. barunedpat

    I'd pay anything to have the Raven sound replaced by Skrillex, Lasher sound like a toilet flushing and Striker say "Dakka" in a bland monotone voice
  6. Nailhimself

    Change the Raven sounds to airhorns.
    I would switch factions immediately.
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  7. Champagon

  8. Dunkarooo

    The mere sound of pure freedom strikes fear into the heart of Putin's red menace and the Vanu simply soil themselves in despair. Time to change into a new pair of spandex.
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  9. tf2hero

    i think the raven sound should be changed to this
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  10. tf2hero

    got another sound to replace it with
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  11. Cest7


    nerf ravens
  12. HadesR

    Magrider PPA spam noise was much much worse IMO ..
  13. doombro

    Screaming laser guided pounders are not okay.
  14. GaBeRock

    don't worry, they're getting overnerfed like the ppa along with the banshee. Lowering the sound won't matter because no one will use them anyways.
  15. Dunkarooo

    And then what will be the next op fotm weapon that is thrown into the mix? Keep focusing on each new startling familiar problem and ignore that it keeps happening over and over. If your going to put the effort and frustration into being ******** at least think about what is actually going on you ignorant potatoes. Sheep.