Dasanfall Stats Site is biased now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Pruto, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. iller

    I propose everyone helps salem finally get his Auraxium for teabaggings... We'll call it K/T/R
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  2. Latrodectus

    I would agree with this if it weren't for the fact that there is an overabundance of bases that are excessively easy to defend that cause gameplay to stagnate. Biolabs are trash heaps that cause a complete breakdown of tactics at the atomic level--so much so that there are literally only two outcomes to a Biolab fight: either your MAX crash works, or you get camped inside your own teleporter rooms until you get bored of being farmed. Tower bases like Indar Excavation have the issue of having one of the capture points WAY too close to the enemy's spawn room, while also having a Sunderer no-deploy zone so large that you literally can't put an AMS anywhere that won't get shot by the facility's AV turrets OR put it in an area that isn't C4 bait for Light Assaults.

    So yeah, while playing strictly for stats is pretty boring from one point of view, it's not like the territory capture game is fresh and exciting right now.
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  3. Sarcasmo

    They hate shotguns because they do their job correctly, they are made for turning idiot stat ****** into jelly when they charge in blazing an MG. Hence the entirety of DA
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  4. JudgeNu

    Thanks for your concern.
    I couldn't give a rats *** what DA does on their website.
  5. Modern Ancestor

    Who gives a *hit?
  6. Torok

    I killed a bilbob4ggins in Titanfall yesterday!
    Was that you?
  7. BillBoBaggins

    Nope,Stopped playing EA games after the BF4 shambles
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  8. TheBloodEagle

    Why not just stop caring about all that? Unless this is for some MLG team resume.
  9. DQCraze

    You really are trying to bring tactics into a game that fosters the Zerg. What tactics could you possibly employ with 5 platoons of random run and gunners? Want a biolab drop 60% pop on it, same goes for any other facility.

    First you need accurate hit detection, which you don't have.

    Second a lag free environment, which you don't have.

    Third a communication system that fosters tactics, which you don't have.

    We can just start with those three, until you get the basics down you can throw tactics out the window.
  10. VanuBangura

    Ill make sure to send it to you in tell after i waste you when you are farming 2 to 1
  11. Posse

    Sounds like someone got rekt
  12. Phrygen

    so meta
  13. skifton

    To be fair though, shotguns have pretty sizeable limitations too. Accuracy shows up higher probably, because of spread. But there are shotguns on all 3 factions as well; so there's very little to do with faction-difference-problems there.

    At mid/long range, for instance, shotguns would make your K/D and other stats plummet, because they're just not suited for that. Shotguns are used in pretty much every game in infantry, and I don't honestly see why they should be discluded from scoring. Unless, I guess, their higher accuracy breaks the system a bit. But I don't see that happening, especially with the complexity and thoroughness of the DA stats site.

    Not only are shotguns fair weapons to use, but they have significant drawbacks as well and are (overall) relatively balanced weapons, when you consider usefulness/accuracy at range.

    Not that I really care, to be honest. Just seems like they should be included, unless they're unnecessarily breaking some stats for players.
  14. Ronin Oni

    Not bashing them, just don't see why all infantry weapons wouldn't count for InfvInf stats is all.

    Sure, they may be unpopular... but they're legal valid infantry weapons.

    I don't even use shotguns very often... or RL against inf, or anything else (though, really... getting lasher kills should count... that's a feat unto itself :p )

    and Knife doesn't count? wha-wha-what? It's not OHK and requires point blank! :p

    I'm not hating, constructive feedback/criticism should be welcomed. They aren't making it for me anyways, and they don't have to change anything... I'm just giving my thoughts on it.

    I DO like how they separate out the vehicle and infantry stats though.
  15. Posse

    The problem with shotguns and snipers is that their gameplay is fundamentally different from the rest of infantry weapons. I consider myself way above average at infantry gameplay, on the other hand, I'm terrible at sniping (and I was in every FPS I played, never liking the role probably had something to do with it), probably way below average, it's just a different gameplay (shotguns are not so different in gameplay but there's still a reason for them not to be sanctioned, more on this next)

    Now, the reason why snipers and shotguns were separated were because of the IvI score, that score takes into account accuracy and headshot rate. Sniper/scout rifles have an average accuracy higher than most infantry weapons, and a MUCH higher headshot rate while shotguns definitely have a higher average accuracy than most infantry weapons too. Thus, a person who is mainly sniper, or a person who uses shotguns a lot, would have an artificially higher IvI score; and that's pretty much the reason they're not sanctioned.

    Examples of what I'm saying for VS weapons

    Ghost (BASR): 41% ACC, 64% HSR http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/26001

    Spectre (SASR): 33% ACC, 36% HSR http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/89

    Thanatos (Shotgun): 40% ACC, 13% HSR http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/7441

    SVA-88 (LMG): 20% ACC, 19% HSR http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/7276

    VX6-7 (Carbine): 21% ACC, 16% HSR http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/20000
  16. Ronin Oni

    I can see how they'd definitely skew accuracy stats, and if that's counted into the "lvl" score I can see why you'd need separation...

    for pure K/D they still seem valid though. ( I know snipers tend to play it safe, but then they also oft have low KPM in my experience)

    Or maybe you could have a couple sub-stats for Sniping efficiency or Shotgun Hero's.

    Again, I don't even really use any of the weapons disqualified... just talkin bout it :p

    Thanks for the explanation though, that does make sense. I do think sub-stats might be warranted though.
  17. Fortress

    All kills and deaths (sans revives) are included in the total K/D.
  18. Ronin Oni

    I get that, but if a Sniper wants to see how good they are sans being vehicle farmed they won't have a stat for that...

    Not that I really care about snipers either TBQH... but it is something that could be added perhaps.

    Come up with stats relevant for a sniper, like; sniper accuracy, HS ratio, KPM with sniper, Kills vs death to enemy infantry, Sniper v Sniper K/D
  19. Posse

    There are substats for snipers and shotguns, but I think you need to have at least 50 kills with 2 or 3 weapons of that type for them to appear (if you only had one you could just look at those weapons stats and that's it)

    He means the IvI K/D, that one doesn't count deaths to your overpowered lightning :D
  20. Ronin Oni

    Ah, didn't know that.

    I'll have to bust out a sniper :eek: rifle or 3 so I can check that out.