Dasanfall Stats Site is biased now

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  1. Qasar

    I made it to page 3 of this thread.

    That's all I have to say about that.
  2. Yuukikun

    You are absolutely right about the one shot kills. I checked in the VR and only the pump action shotguns with slug can osk. It's my bad on this one, i didn't verify it with all shotguns. ( i just checked in the VR after reading your post and the deimos and phobos can OSK with slug up to 15-18 meters)

    Yes the commissioner could to one degree be considered not relevant for the listed weapons but, like i said on my previous post, it would be more simple to fix the slug shotgun stats to make them fit in, but the biggest problem with slugs is that the data PS2 gives does not differentiate people who use slug from the others, and i believe we can both agree that people using slugs are an exception and not a majority.

    Another argument i could give you is that the pistols are not used as a primary weapon so by default, a player should not have enough kills on them to make their stats disrupt the whole ''average'' by much at all.

    It's not perfect you could say, but then we'll end up going even farther saying that all LMGs and Carbines and SMGs are not perfect substitutes to eachother, and then we'd end up having to weight every single gun differently, which ends up just being so much work for someone who is doing this for free for everyone. Yes if it was PS2's stats where they make money and the community requires it, it would make sense to ask as much work.

    Yes the title of this stats would require a better wording, but this site is not official and in our outfit (DA) we all understand the basic meaning of this title, and that it doesn't include every single ivi weapon even if it's title would suggest so.

    I cannot affirm with 100% certitude that it's the ONLY reason as i'm not part of the decision making, but i'm here to give a reasonable explication and help people understand the situation more.
  3. Yuukikun

    So you read my post in color! :D
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  4. Pruto

    I think the farm is all that DA cares about in the end. That, and their ability to look down on anyone who doesn't play exactly their way.

    I've seen VS outfits like V and NNG take more risks and accomplish much more than DA ever has without ever worrying about trivial stuff like "skilled weapons." They get the job done with whatever is available, and that is going to count more in things like community clash.
  5. Cab00se187

    This thread finally sums up their other thread about the "Horrible" base design and why they want to exclude vehicles from ruining their farming
  6. Qasar

    It was a rainbow of flavor content.
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  7. Sock

    I don't know if Ender has you on the payroll yet, but you do wonders for DA's PR.
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  8. Cab00se187

    You guys do enough with your own whine threads about trying to nerf bases to suit your needs
  9. Ice

    This thread is the only one I've managed to open at work today and it's been worth it, so so worth it.

    Read the bold, then read the rest of the post. Then back to the bold.

    What an "accomplishment" is in PS2 is subjective. For some people it's sitting in a tower stymieing the enemy forces for an extra 15 minutes rather than letting them roll over territory. For some it's rolling over territory as fast as possible. To each his own.
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  10. Giggily

    hmmm yes, not using crutch weapons/classes/vehicles in live very often means that DA is going to lose in competitive play
  11. Pruto

    I doubt something like maxes will be banned, so NNG is already way ahead of DA in competitive play
  12. Ender

    I told myself I wouldn't comment in this thread again because 1/2 the people posting know nothing about us, probably haven't taken the time to know what we actually do, and give their uninformed opinions anyways. Yet, here I am.

    The reason you don't see DA doing that is because we move too fast. We've either won or lost at a fight and it's time to move on. Of course you don't see the 3 minute timer with 30% VS in the hex succeed, you're probably too busy waiting for everyone to form up to make an "assault" at the same time i'm dropping everyone in a pod at once. If you think we won't use those other weapons in community clash you're wrong. When it comes to competition cheese rules supreme. Whoever can spam the most OP items is generally going to have the edge, but having decent gameplay mechanics down already furthers your ability to utilize some of those things.

    People think we farm because more often than not it takes 2-3x our numbers to push us off a point we're defending or attacking. Ultimately that looks like a farm to anyone glancing at the map, nobody cares to take note that it's a farm in enemy territory, in a single building, trying to squeek out the last 10 seconds of a cap as 50 people are clamoring to push us out. The reason you don't see other outfits do this is because most (not all) would rather send 2x the numbers at a point, spam air and armor at the spawn room to suppress it, and generally be Monopoly heroes. That's great, it moves real estate despite being incredibly boring to a sub-set of players.

    So yes, while we might lose a point we're attacking with 40 seconds (the nc and tr have seen us fail many times) and losing doesn't change the color of the territory, we had fun attempting to see if we could do it. Negator I have no idea how you find this "farming easy kills", but everybody's got their opinion, voicing an uninformed one is pretty shallow though. I could continue on the differences between V and DA and how they both help the Mattherson VS, but my opinion of V would be from a completely outside vantage point and therefore pretty uninformed as well - and so I won't. I have had 0 problems with V in PS1, none that I can think of in PS2, and let your outfit members join DA squads on occasion during casual stuff. Even then, we're usually at a new location around the time they show up at the previous target (taken or failed). We generally don't use command chat because it's just asking for trouble, given we don't like zerging points and prefer to "actually" fight at the bases we're at.

    In tech plants you'll find us by the point or balcony, not attacking the spawns, and in amps you'll find us on the point and by the two vehicle terminals. Why do we not suppress the spawn room with tanks and air, because it's ******* boring. We get far more enjoyment out of letting them spawn even if it means we could end up losing the base. We don't play to idly wait for timers to go through, we play to shoot people with a team that can shoot people just as well. I've never said everything outside of this is worthless, though i've been accused of it by multiple people. It's funny because most of the time when I ask for some sort of, "where was that said, where did anyone imply that," I get random "wisdom" answers back that completely duck the questions.

    Cab00se, not sure who keeps peeing in your cheerios, but would you give it up already? Our whine thread "s", about nerfing bases. Wait what, we wanted bases nerfed? We have another thread addressing these things, could you please show me where? If you could do that, i'll agree with you and say you're right, on public forums. Seems legit right, ok, show me those threads we started.
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  13. Giggily

    laughing at this atm
  14. Liberty

    I think you are right!

    I mean nothing says farm mode more than generally ignoring the best farming tools for the job.

    *edit* Technically, isn't overall score the best metric of accomplishment we have in PS2? How much you've healed, repaired, killed, captured, defended, etc is all tallied up in your "score"

    So, the 19 members of DasAnfall AAA who are "trying out" for the group have accomplished more in game than the entire 286 member Vindicator outfit.
  15. Sock

    Never go atm.
  16. Cab00se187

    Oh get over yourself, but you're right, one thread. The thread where you all were patting each other on the back and stroking each others e-peens https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...nerf-exposes-the-horrible-base-design.157907/. Also, in this very thread here it was either you or another DA member who openly admitted that you guys are "infantry only" Your agenda has really come out in the open.
  17. Pruto

    If you don't believe me, just ask EXOC how they feel after facing TIW's maxes.
  18. Sock

    I believe they feel 3-0
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  19. Flapatax

    Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it's forgiveable.

    AH HA!

    We never really hid that we prefer infantry. If you're only good at air or vehicles, then we don't want you. Most of our members can excel in 2/3 areas, a few in all 3. You do need a baseline of competency in the most important aspect of the game though.

    Like they went 3-0 against them?

    edit: goddammit sock.
  20. Silver Fox

    I'm just baffled that people even care about this stuff. Good on you guys for all the effort you have put into that site, but the entire concept of ranking people is akin to virtual dick swinging. The more people you can hit the better you are.. :rolleyes: