Darker Night is in trouble

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  1. Being@RT

    No. I've seen enough of what SOE does that I won't give them "permission" to do 'something', unless I know precisely what that 'something' is. Remember implants? Those got a lot of thumbsup, SOE were given essentially free hands and what they came up with was (luckily) so horrific that they had to return to the drawing board. Next time we might not be so lucky and soe just creates a 'mostly ****** up' system that they deem is good enough to not cancel.

    There's a veeeery very large threadnaught about darker nights on the suggestions&ideas forum btw. If devs want feedback, they should go read through it. The only thing that's changed since they last checked that thread out are the recent camo changes (yay for bras), so that feedback isn't going to be invalid because it's old.
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  2. Vandali

    I'd be happy to go along with dark nights also if all factions had the same ninja camo as the VS.
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  3. HadesR

    +1 for getting some x12 NV scopes for BASR if we get darker nights ... or else it be black camo and SMG :)
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  4. Iridar51

    If we're gonna have darker nights, then we will need some way to combat that darkness.
    A way, that would not require players to run to terminal to change loadout every time night begins.
    For example, a flashlight that doesn't count as attachment and already installed on all weapons by default.
    I don't like night vision goggles, but they could be an option too. Again, available to all players by default.
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  5. don

    +1 for dark beta nights

    hopefuly they dont **** it up as all the other things. but thats only a drop in the ocean - though easy to implement? .. there are more important things to fix.
  6. Irathi

    Engineers with stationary lights to blind the enemy?
  7. don

    Flare Grens for inf, flare bombs for esf/bomber
  8. Itkiny

    I would not like darker nights. I would hate it to strain my eyes continually trying to see what's going on. Maybe if we get nightvision we can use whenever we want like in COD4 and we can also use it with the normal scopes i would be ok with it.
    Else i would have to change the scopes on every gun i want to use to the HS/NV version and back when it becomes day again.
    Just using flashlights would be horrible, it's like holding a big please shoot me sign. It would even be easier to spot people than during the day.
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  9. ArmedGoose

    It will only force me to up brightness/gamma somewhat while playing during night time and degrade my visual experience a little.
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  10. MonnyMoony

    Actually - given that we have planet/moons in orbit in the sky - that could be a natural mechanic for introducing variation.

    Much like the darkness of our own nights differ depending on whether we have a full moon or a new moon. If the planets/moons are visible - you get a light night. If they aren't - you get a dark night.
  11. Iridar51

    Every class should have the same darkness-fighting capabilities that wouldn't require players to equip or prepare them beforehand.

    TBH, I find ridiculous that we need to cert and equip a flashlight, a basic tool that every soldier should have with him at all times. The only reason it was OK is because nights were bright enough to make flashlights useless. If we will have darker nights, we will need more accessible tools.

    These suggestions sound like you wish at night time PS2 would be an another game entirely.
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  12. Itkiny

    This game is not a survival game or a stealth game. This is a first person shooter. When it turns to night, you shouldn't be struggling to figure out where people are just to spot them.
    There are other games with dark nights that mean something like DayZ, Arma, Slender, or some other game. Darker nights is not for this kind of a shooter game. If people want immersion, they really should play the respective games where that is what its about.

    If the night time is too dark, you are hurting a lot of people. If you don't want to buy night vision, well, tough luck. Darker nights, while it may seem cool, are really just a bad idea and will alienate more players than not. People will just turn up their brightness trying to see. If you play in a completely dark room with no daylight then you can see fairly well and experience those dark nights. But else you will just be straining your eyes continually trying too see where those enemies are.
  13. Mrasap

    Actually I wouldn't mind this at all.

    +1 darker nights.
  14. bodmans

    the current dark night implementation on PTS sucks, because it makes EVERYTHING darker at night, even in buildings
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  15. maxkeiser

    Another +1 from me.

    I loved the darker nights of Beta. The lights and gun fights are simply spectacular at night.

    Keep this SOE.
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  16. Eleo

    Dark nights wont make it to live since SOE achieved its objective and massively attracted the COD/BF crowd, there will be no place for innovations in this game (or simply seeing the original planetside elements coming back).

    Mission accomplished.
  17. Xasapis

    Nights as they are now are an infiltrator's heaven. I dread to think what will happen if they go any darker, yet I can understand the appeal.

    To counterweight this though, installations need to be a lot better illuminated than they currently are.
  18. Flukeman62

    star shells as lightning utility?
  19. HadesR

    My moneys on SOE doing it half arsed and adding brighter bases 6 months after darker nights ..
  20. Cinnamon

    I'm against darker nights.

    If they had some sort of single player or casual pve mode then it would be fun and atmospheric.

    If they had some sort of eye slot so everyone could equip some sort of cheap and very effective night vision at all times then it would be a better idea.
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