Damaged MAX = headles ADHD Chicken?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KariH, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. KariH

    Why most of damaged MAX act like headles ADHD chicken and run hystericaly around?

    Please - just seek cover and crouch AND STOP! It is risk if MAX is hysterically running around. It is difficult to heal MAX if max is running around.

    Some MAX has understood the lesson. They seek cover or suplypoint or similar and wait. Engies can see very far who is damaged and repairing max is highly rewardin so every greedy engie will repair MAX with pleasure. aLSO press "v" and choose repair so engie who is not watching towards you can hear.
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  2. Springheel Jack

    I just start shooting the ones that run around like idiots and move on to something more fruitful.
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  3. Xaturas

    Not always is it max fault.
    But it fricking piss me off that every time I fix some max my glue gun breaks the lock all the time. Either it some strange angle that stops repairing (helo vehicles and your strange angles, especially libs) or in max case there's always a bunch of turds running between me and max.
    Then comes other maxes that think they are the #1 queen and get between you and fixed max, or they v3 v3 v3 v3 v3 v3 you to no end, even though they see you are busy at the moment.
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  4. KariH

    I make this thread because SOME MAX:es PERHAPS can learn something.

    So please - dont run!

    My super-glue gun also do not always work but taking different angle fix most of cases. Basicli I like maxes because my ammopbox makes xp:s AND repairing maxes also make good xp:s. I usually try follow high risk taking maxes in the hottest batle. MAX is rather good bullet obstacle so I am a pretty good cover behind max.
  5. KM131

    Oooh, and do not stare at me while i try to fix you.
    Better look out for nearby enemies.
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  6. Highway_Star

    I have often wondered whether the Q menu stuff actually plays sounds. I often Q -> offer repair on maxes and they carry on running away.

    Are they deaf or does the game just not play and sounds to the target of the Q?
  7. Total_Overkill

    It plays the sound, players however like to roleplay Hellen Keller.
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  8. KraggTheGrim

    I cant even count on the number of times i have been healing a max, and i get killed by enemies that they could easily have dispatched had they just been scanning around while i was fixing them.

    Last night was a good prime example, 2 engineers fixing this 1 max, we both get killed and the max does nothing until he started getting shot at.

    A little cover fire is all we ask for while we work.
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  9. Soylent

    They're deaf.
  10. Purg

    I'll likely charge away from a threat and crouch at the nearest safe point (hopefully behind cover) with my guns pointed at the entry point. I'll also endeavor to put myself between where I believe is a known threat and the engineer that's repairing me.

    There have been occasions where I've been offered repair but I was on auto-repair and on my way to help squad members who are calling for urgent support.
  11. Devrailis

    I would add that if you're an engie trying to repair a MAX, don't do it unless you're 100% certain YOU are safe. I've had engies, very well-intentioned of course, try to repair me in the middle of the field while I am running around damaged.

    I'm running around either because I'm dodging fire, or I'm trying to GET to cover so an engie can repair me without getting gibbed by tank fire or a sniper.

    Basically, if I'm running at top speed while you're trying to repair me, my #1 priority at that moment isn't to get repaired, it is to get better positioning for both myself and the engie. Repair me after I stop, because that's when I'll be reasonably certain that we're both in cover.

    Here's some places I really really hate having engies stand in while repairing me and yet they always do (and half the time get killed).

    1) Don't stand in a doorway - and get out of line of sight of anything that can shoot through it
    2) Please get off the top of that damn hill - you're a sniper's wet-dream
    3) Open field, no cover - yes, I'm running, you should be running too, don't stop to repair me, get to cover!
    4) Any place that seems safe but is in fact exposed to explosives fire (HE tank shells, grenades, lolpods) - it isn't always obvious, but if I'm running away that spot, chances are you don't want to be there either

    Also, please don't follow me into heavy fire if I an trying to push a position. I've had a lot of great engies do it thinking they can help me tank. Not really, it's cover that allows me to tank, even two engies will not save a MAX that eats a pair of decimators to the face.

    I've said this before but a MAX's survival is primarily his own responsibility and if he dies, the fault lies with him, not the engie. It is a different matter if the MAX is sitting around in a safe place while engies walk by without repairing him, but that's not the scenario here. :p

    I'm assuming here that the MAX player isn't completely herpa-derping of course, which I know can be a bit of a stretch.

    TL : DR - Engies, take care of yourself first, you can't repair that MAX if you're dead after all.
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  12. KariH

    Ignore this - we engies are cheapest cannonfodder awailable so dont worry if we walk in the hottest fire.

    And - I newer stop. I always move way or another same time as I am repairing. Usually they have to came close to kill me so they are easy prey for max.
  13. Veri

    Depending on the situation, pressing the burst key to get out of line of fire is the best thing.
    Then calling out v3 if you can see any engineers around.
  14. xNPCx

    I assume you haven't played medic very much. Everyone asking for a heal runs around like a blind marathon runner and I will admit to letting them take another shot or two because at least they stop moving while getting revived.
  15. Bloodlet

    I agree with the OP. Usually if they are dancing around I tell them sternly to stop in proximity and not make me chase them. If they don't then I move on leaving them to their own devices.
  16. Talizzar

    I don't engineer as much as I used to because killing stuff is generally more fun but when I do, I try to latch on to a Max or a group of them. I will follow behind as long as the fire is not terrible. I may hide behind a wall but can still repair you. If two or three engies can do this, the enemy will be in bad shape. That is until nobody covers the flank, which is almost always and someone tosses a nade that kills us.

    Don't forget to drop ammo too!

    I have no issues with the maxes running out of combat to a safer location. Much of the "dancing" that happens is do to lag. He moves, I move, he moves, I move.... The max once in an ok location needs to stop and scan the area for threats while I repair.

    If there is only one Engineer around, be patient we realize that you are the most important person in the game but so is max I am repairing at the moment LOL.

    While Engineers are cannon fodder, you severely limit the usefulness of the MAX by getting killed. Don't do it needlessly. If the Max takes too much damage and dies that is on him.

    Maxes...When revived by a Medic don't run right back into the fray....You need repairs! Rest assured we saw you go down and are waiting for the medic to revive you....Medics, you realize that you can revive a Max right? You do? Then why do you keep running over them, they can dish out the most damage in a fight so get them up!

    No need to spam V3 over and over and over. We heard it the first time. We can see the wrench over your head.
  17. Leer

    Having the exact opposite problem. Yell for repairs and stand next to the engi and they run away. Don't they know it not only helps the team it also gives them points? I assume they are lone wolf engineers as anyone in an outfit likely knows the ropes.
  18. Gamertech

    I like following the MAX rush around and repairing/resupplying them all the time, makes for brilliant xp earnings. It does cause a problem though when those MAX's run out of the spawn room they are taking cover in to go back into battle the instant I start repairing them while they have 2% hp left...

    Or when they are in cover, I start repairing them and all of a sudden they hit their rush ability and run straight OUT of cover and get the crap blown out of them...

    I do get plenty of the team players though that shoot from behind partial cover so I can just repair them constantly and cover them from flankers... Those give really good xp :p
  19. KariH

    I canot do anything to flangers because I need all my consentration to point that gluegun towards MAX and repair. Especially if there are 2 maxes. And have to throw also ammoboxes. Gun is almost useles time to tiem.
  20. Vertabrae

    I've given up. My engi is used for the ammo pack only. I could care less about points, I have everything I want unlocked. I got my ammo and I'm set. You get damaged, go find your momma. I'm busy shooting. I'm not wasting my time chasing your MAX/tank/sundy whatever all over the battlefield trying to fix you up only to get run over by you or shot in the back by some BR2 because you couldn't look around while I am stuck facing you while repairing.