Daily reminder that the 90% of the weapons of PS2 are overpriced

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  1. Katana

    I just use the starter gun/s and absolutely refuse to spend money until the game is out of beta.

    I also refuse to believe the game is out of beta in its current state.
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  2. Unknown Kadath

    You probably have a good point in there somewhere, but all I can see is anger and exaggeration.
    • I've bought items like the Thanatos shotgun, AV turret and Lancer. Please explain how these are re-skins of stock weapons.
    • The game is not in 'alpha', so don't be ridiculous.
    • I agree about day-one DLC. It's the reason I didn't buy Dragon Age 2 even though I wanted to play it. This, however, is not day one DLC. It's a F2P model. They're completely different. If you want everything to be given to you free, then good luck with that. Companies need to make money somehow.
    If you think the game is in 'alpha' state (i.e. barely playable) then stop playing. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. If you think the weapons are overpriced, don't pay SC for them. Seriously, either calm down and make some rational arguments or stop embarassing yourself, please.
  3. Colt556

    1: Some weapons, that are actually different and unique, SHOULD be purchased. We want to encourage the devs to release these weapons. Just not for 7 ******* dollars. The reskin guns should never be purchased, we should show SOE that releasing the same weapon that we already own is not ok.

    2: This game is very much still in alpha. When it comes to the creation process, Alpha means the product is not yet 'feature complete'. AKA, everything that's planned to be in is not yet in. It is not yet a complete, finished product. Beta is when all the core features are in the game and it's all about bug testing and polishing. Release is when there is very little left to do and all you have to do is minor tweaks and minor bug fixing. Now tell me, which of these stages applies to PS2?

    3: It's the same thing, though. Companies do day one DLC because people buy it. SOE releases the exact same gun, same model, same textures, same stats, for seven ******* dollars because people buy it. It is the same thing. You are teaching sony to conduct bad business practices by rewarding them for doing so. Not you, specifically, if all you buy are truly unique things. But everyone who buys some simple camo texture for seven bucks. Or someone who buys a gun they already own for seven bucks. These people encourage sony to gouge us and milk every last penny out of us without putting in any real work or effort. That's wrong.

    I have all but stopped playing, the game's boring, buggy, and terribly balanced. I really just hop on once a day to check sales and play for half an hour, if that. Also, as I already said in point two, PS2 is the very definition of alpha. Only once all the core features are in the game will it be classed as beta. AKA, once it's reached the same level PS1 did, content wise, will it be considered beta. When the only new content they are adding are cash shop items, it will be beta.

    A good rule of thumb for deciding if something is alpha or not. If SOE just stopped working on PS2 right now. Never did any bug fixes. Never patched. Never added new content. Never touched it again. Would you still play it? Would you consider it a finished game? If the answer is yes, then it is not alpha. However if the answer is no, then the game is still alpha. As long as they -HAVE- to keep working on it, it has not attained "feature complete" and is, as such, still in alpha.
  4. NinjaTurtle

    Yes I agree that weapons cost too much. 700 SC is simply over the top for a single weapon.

    I think 500 SC would be a much more acceptable level for pricing of the top weapons, providing they actually have a distinctive weapon aesthetic of which many do not.
  5. JudgeDeath

    This must be my favourite picture on the whole PS2 forums ! It sums up the EA style weapon design of this game perfectly !

    It simply is a fact that everything in the game costs absolutely crazy numbers ... Think about it 7euros for a single gun. 5 euros for a camo ! 7,5 Euros for a damn horn !

    That is alot of money for a very low value in return. Especially when the new stuff is just a nerf waiting to happen inbefore the new batch of 7 euro guns.

    But yeah .. got to make money. I wish they would just go with the Steam way and aim for more customers via low prices instead of few and high prices.
  6. RottenGroinArea

    Planetside 2: Every 2 weeks we release of a new OP set of weapons (that will be nerfed) for only $7.00 each !!!

    What a deal !!!

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  7. Baarszcz

    all that with xp/min=104. COOL STORY BRO.
  8. FateJH

    I'd rather like it if they actually varied their price system a bit more. 1000/700 wouldn't look like a bad price if there was some kind of other consistency to the pricing rules, whether there was a grading system consistent across all weapons categories or all weapons were the same cost. As it is, every weapon they've released since the end of official beta has been 1000/700, making more than half of the weapons in the depot cost that much, but all these cheap variants that have already been in the game give the impression of swindling when that's not really the case.
  9. CletusMcGuilly

    For Vanu's sake, this thread is still going on?

    For all you whiners that want the guns to 500sc, go to Walmart, pick up a $10 SC card that comes with 500 free station cash, buy two weapons. Your weapons now effectively cost 450sc. Redeem the card on a double sc weekend and now its effectively 50% less. Buy the weapon you want on sale, or in a bundle, and now its x% less. SOE doesn't need to do anything more to make the guns in this game cost less for you whiners.

  10. hansgrosse

    I take it you haven't played World of Tanks. Seven dollars for a digital gun is reasonable, IMO. FIFTY ******* DOLLARS for a digital tank is not. Believe me, PS2 is nowhere near the worst offender out there. Add to it that this game is decidedly NOT P2W and I don't really see the problem.
  11. TheRighteous

    Guns cheaper =more people buying them =same if not more money to SOE+ better customer satisfaction
  12. Badgered

    Agreed. The only time it is even remotely worth buying anything is during double/triple SC sales and item sales. $2.33/$3.50 for some weapons or $1.66/$2.50 for some camo is a lot more reasonable than $5/$7. I think SOE forgot what the "micro" in "microtransaction" stands for. I could get a meal at many local non-chain restaurants or fast food joints for $7. Why on earth would I pay that much for pixels?
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  13. Zenanii

    Buy SC during tripple Sc day. Buy weapons during 50% sale or bundled. There you just cut prices down by 5/6.

    Pay smart or Pay up.
  14. Zenanii

    Buy SC during tripple Sc day. Buy weapons during 50% sale or bundled. There you just cut prices down by 5/6.

    Pay smart or Pay up.
  15. Garzin

  16. Aztecoatl

    EA .. Wait wut ? :eek: :eek:

    Speaking of EA , if they made the same god damn looking guns I don't thnink i lot of people will ever even start to play it . Yet again the guns there already exist , but the ones in PS2 are made from scratch . That just shows much of ''imagination'' and good art develepors SoE have ..
  17. BH Brigade

    I would buy many weapons if they weren't ******* 7 dollars. It's called MICROtransactions, 7 dollars isn't micro, that is too ******* much for a gun. There's a reason the only time people in my outfit spend SC is during sales. If they didn't offer those sales I wouldn't spend a dime on this game.
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  18. Jex =TE=

    There sales model right now means I won't ever be spending anymore money that I would have done if they were cheaper and I bet there's a ton of people just like me as well. Add to that the nerfs on the weapons you do buy? lol
  19. Kukuguy

    With the recent vehicle exp and assig boost, I am getting a lot more exp than 104/hr
  20. Slyguy65

    You clearly have bought a lot of items from them, OR you barely play and aren't that into the game yet feel the need to spout counters at other people posting their thoughts...and logic.

    An in-game item that is considered a "side-grade" should not cost the same price as a meal...especially when they just nerf it on and off...

    There is no consistency...that is why pay a lot of money on this game is idiotic

    Honestly its not even about the SC price its about the cert price...they pretty much make it ILLOGICAL to pay for items with certs when you have to deal with upgrades and such...they need to realize some crap is worth 1k certs and other crap is no where near 1k certs...they need to get their head out their azz and realize that the TR striker is 5x better than the annihilator...YET ITS THE SAME PRICE.