Daily cap on implant drops or a bug?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Tuco

    I guess you have to "grind" faster. More XP per hour. That means running around the big biolab/tower fights with a shotgun and lag-exploiting corners so you can get more XP per hour. Don't bother with supporting your team or trying to win maps, XP per hour is too low.
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  2. MrMilitaryDude

    My 2 cents so this gets bumped...

    1. I don't mind that there is a cap on implant drops. Chargers is a different matter...

    2. SOE has 2 options for chargers to keep everyone happy: 1) No cap on charger drops, or 2) give us a darn ON/OFF switch so we don't waste our charges. I don't want "Hold Breath" active on my INF unless I'm in over-watch mode. Sometimes I'm running for quite a bit and have to move a lot to get into position. What a waste of charges otherwise...

    3. Anyone have a list of all the available implants yet?
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  3. Garrum


    ...that it's not working out like that.
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  4. Wobberjockey

    put in the nicest possible way, it seems that you are letting a small segment of the community hold the rest of us hostage.

    now i get that you don't want one engineer to rake in millions of XP offf a single ammo pack, and that it's easy to feed engineers and the like... but for gods sake, there are better ways to do this than a daily cap.

    ...which is why your answer seems like a misdirection at first blush.

    first of all it will be easy to look at your logs and see if the same person was off in a lone hex was in a little XP threesome that was killing over and over to gain XP, or infiltrators trading hacks. in actual play, you don't kill the same player in a row that many times.

    secondly, you could just cap the HOURLY reward rate and achieve the same effect.

    first of all an xp exploiter is likely to have a high concentrated burst of XP, smacking them into an hourly cap, and second, if they do this for hours on end, your GM's will have plenty of ammo with which to ban them.
    third and perhaps most importantly: you won't be punishing 'binge' players since the cap would reset every hour.
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  5. Pathogenic

    Whatever else happens, there should be no limit on charger drops. People who play that long are serving as content in your game. Don't punish your content for being content longer.
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  6. FanaticJudge

    Are those the same certification points i could use to buy weapons, which i can get without spending any money?
  7. AnotherNoob

    First of all, what harm is there in letting "experience exploiters" get many items? it is not like they can transfer them to someone else, and if they really are cheating, them getting certs is a lot bigger problem then them getting more energy for their implants... Just ban them instead.

    Secondly, it is just stupid to have a cap on energy as you are required to get more to be able to sustain your implants... If you really have to have a cap, have it only on the implants please D:
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  8. o.Solei.o

    To add to further brokenness, I played for an hour or more today and got precisely nothing. Gameplay was a little slow, but not slow enough to generate such a huge gap between myself and the other folks posting here. :s

    Also, you may seriously want to consider putting the little help button somewhere more visible. All the locations I pulled the menu up from, the lack of contrast between the button and the terrain in the background behind the UI made it damn hard to see. I would likely not have noticed it if I hadn't known to look for it. Try placing it somewhere in the work area, and changing the name to "instructions" or "how to manufacture new implants". New player retention is obviously crucial to the game's lifespan and success. (That and PS2's track record of being new-player friendly is... what it is.)

    No harm in letting farmers get more powerful than other players.... What could possibly go wrong?
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  9. AnotherNoob

    like I said, they are already getting more certs which is a problem. the implants wouldn't be an issue as without the cap everyone can keep them on without buying power. If anything the people who do cheat to get xp can stockpile the power for when they are actually playing, giving them more of an advantage with the cap in place...
  10. Grayson

    Something is broken in Planetside 2?...NO WAY! *ehm*

    (totally worth the ban)
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  11. Imij

    My god. You'd think Higby screwed all your mothers AND baby sisters or something. It'll take them some time to adjust it. Relax. I haven't even used an implant once today. I'm sitting at 9000ish energy, and a 5.6 KDR over 600 kills or so on my Medic. Not using an implant isn't that big of a deal. Quit your complaining and give them longer than 10 hours to try and balance it.

    As for being able to keep up with charging it, I think it's fine as it is so far. Maybe it needs to be brought up a little bit for your average/below average player, we'll see. No one is even using the T2 + T3 super charger yet. Give them a week or two to see how this shakes out before you go all nerd-riot on us.
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  12. Torok

    Thank you very much for your answers Nak, and also a few of us knew that things wouldn't be smooth at launch, how could they be?
    Since to get these things in the right spot you absolutely require the Live servers "testing", where else can you gather so much data.
    Anyway would you be so kind to answer this question of mine please?
    Are drop rates influenced by xp boosts such as Depot xp boosts, Subscribe xp bonus, Against all odds population bonus, xp bonus from partecipating in alerts?
    Long story short, is the drop rate influenced by xp boosts?

    Thanks again.
    Hope the XP cap will be removed asap, or atleast tweaked to be temporary rather than for the whole gaming session.
  13. Areski

    When does the implant drop cap reset?

    I played an hour from 12:00 am PDT and didn't receive any drops. It would appear the cap is still in effect.
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  14. LibertyRevolution

    This is why I am raging right now...
    I am a full member, making 400SPM, and I could not keep a tier 2 implant powered.

    There is no way that a non member with there average 150SPM will be able to run a tier 3 from drops.
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  15. ZenzotuskeN

    The advantage given by implants is so insignificant there is no real reason to have them equipped all the time apart from to give you a slight edge in a hectic situation.
  16. Goretzu

    If that were true then why charge for them at all?
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  17. LibertyRevolution

    Sure, its very insignificant for my HP fill back in as fast as my shields recharge.. :rolleyes:
    That is tier 2, I can't wait for tier 3....

    Honestly Implants really shine in a smaller battles.
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  18. Amarsir

    Hang on.

    When these "experience exploiters" are doing ... whatever it is they do to exploit experience, aren't they also generating certs? So your limit is meaningless to an exploiter who has the certs to get around it. Meanwhile the players trying to stay legit are bumping their heads on a ceiling that looks an awful lot like pay-to-win.

    This cap is completely backwards, hurting only the law-abiding and not solving any actual problems. And considering the negative reaction to implants in general, this is just begging for a major backlash.
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  19. ZenzotuskeN

    Yeah its useful, but medical kits would accomplish the same effect and without that delay.
  20. ZenzotuskeN

    Developers have to eat to you know.
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