Daily cap on implant drops or a bug?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Jeslis

    STRONGLY dislike that there is a cap on the # of implants/chargers per day.. some of us play for long stretches of time, with some afk breaks or just DOWNTIME where we aren't doing much (maybe falling as low as 2500 score for a 30minute stretch just cause we're taking it easy.. and then back up to a 60,000 score /30min period.

    Please consider removing the cap and then adjusting the xp per drop if needed.
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  2. Jeslis

    Im just going to quote this so that hopefully it gets read twice by the Devs. Ban exploiters, don't cap the rest of the playerbase because of them.
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  3. RIctavius

    As yelled out below your post,

    yes - keep the charger drops regular and continuous (at a high XP number?) since it would then limit the players to craft the free implants they gain without having to worry missing the opportunity of gaining as much of the implants because chargers take there place instead.

    Otherwise despite the pertaining rage from some, implants seemed to be okay (bit random in the drops) and not at all game breaking.
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  4. Balrock

    Thanks for the thourough response and explanation, really appreciate it :)

    The only point I still got is that having a cap to deal with xp exploiters ( Who will hopefully be flagged rather fast ) does deal with that problem in a rather clumsy way imo ( removing single problems instead of source ) but I do understand that it's the faster and easier way.

    as for the rest I'll be happy to wait and see how things develop

    'EDIT PS Devs please also consider that a cap is hurting xp farmers the least since if implants is what they want theyll just buy implant packs and craft their chargers, thus circumventing your whole cap mechanism. Yes you are slowing them down a bit, but less so than slowing down every legit player
  5. Eyeklops

    Sounds like an excellent membership perk would be no cap, or a much larger cap. Hint Hint.
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  6. Morchai

    I played with my NC guy earlier today, but didn't fool around with the implants. Did notice a couple messages about earning them though. Later that day when I decided to play some more I logged into my TR guy. This time I decided to check out the implant options and whatnot and noticed I had 1800 energy.

    I decided to log back on with my NC guy to examine the drops he had earned when I played earlier that day, and I noticed that somehow he was down to 1784 energy, even though I had not activated or played with the implants at all.

    Strange, that.
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  7. Xebov

    Experience Exploiters usually get banned. So its lame to excuse caps on drops with players that are less then 0.1% of the total pop.

    It would be usefull if you could share some numbers with us, regarding the current caps and how the mechanic works itself.

    This sounds a bit lame. I give you an example i have in my Outfit. We have a player that can only play on weekends (friday, saturday, sunday). He usually spends around 20-28h each weekend playing the game. With your caps he is able to reach the cap 3 times. Another player on my Outfit can play the game 3-4 hours a day, he also has 20-28h a week, he can get the cap 7 times. Both get the same amount of certs, but the palytime of player B is worth way more since he gets more Implants and Rechargers out of his playtime, resulting in enabling him to run Implants most of his playtime while player A needs to spend some of his Certs to get the same. I think you understand what i want to say.

    The drops on Implants and Chargers need to be linear to playtime, so every player has the same chances on everything and can play the same way, no matter how long or short he is playing. Forcing players into spending there hard earned Certs for Implants just because the have a longer playtime on some days is counterproductive.

    I personaly will not use Implants, most are useless and the whole System is a big fail in my eyes. Players told you how to build up a robust System for Implants, you ignored it, you didnt even build in a Keybind to enable/disable them in the field. Now i have the strong feeling that you want to milk players with more playtime by adding caps so they get forced to buy Rechargers/Implants to keep the same palystyle like the more casual players.
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  8. Scr1nRusher

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????

    This is the same reasoning why Engie Ammo,Sunderer Ammo, Sundy repair,EngieRepair, Medic healing etc all have caps.

    This is Complete BS on such a massive scale.

    are you really THAT AFRAID of Experience Exploiters???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  9. pintle

    Could you elaborate on this?

    What would you define as an "XP exploiter"?

    I am deeply cynical about this, the vast majority of player feedback on implants has been overwhelmingly negative, and the current implementation looks to all intents and purposes to be nothing but a monetization exercise.

    Please convince me I am wrong.
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  10. BetaGuru

    Ugh. Everything about these implants sucks. Every new piece of information I learn about them makes them worse and worse. I hope your paymasters are happy, SOE, cuz I'm not sure many of us are.
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  11. SpcFarlen

    Glad its being looked into.

    Just had an Alert on Mattherson, only in it for the later hour, and i didnt get a single implant or charger drop the whole time. Got around 100 certs or 25k exp in that hour.

    Though as others expressed it is odd to have a cap on them in fear of xp exploiters considering supply xp (medic/engy/sundy) is already capped. Surely if it was something like one person killing another over and over again there would be something to detect that. Like say killing the same person X number of times within a given time frame just yields null xp.
  12. BITES

    Thats great .... but ...

    This sucks ... I'd love to hear the definition of "Experience Exploiter" as it seems any cap will only hurt people who want to play one char for extended periods (hi thats me .. single char, with tons of play time ... in usually epic long sessions).

    This last part basically says:

    "Don't invest any money in the purchasing of chargers simply because we haven't figured out how to get them to drop legitimately ... instead please log off and go play something else" ...

    Otherwise the only method for us to get charger drops (if we play for extended periods) would be to supplement the lack of them with real cash... as much as I like doing that ... I'm not a complete goober to do it forever ... and I wouldn't expect that this was the actual plan....

    EG you wouldn't penalize a legitimate player who worked the entire alert simply because a ton of fourth factioners joined the winning team which the legitimate team member was working with ... simply to prevent "exploiting" (which itself seems an extremely loose term).

    Punishing the hardcore/long play time players due to "experience exploiting" seems counter intuitive to say the least, and I look forward to your updates regarding the resolution of "Caps" or bugs incurring such a cap.
  13. Klypto

    I get a bunch of implants in like 20 minutes and then nothing for like an hour or two.
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  14. Nerp

    I honestly don't get what the big deal is here.

    Let there be a cap, I don't mind. I'm pretty sure this system wasn't intended for people to entirely complete within a day.

    All these people arguing that the "poor f2p players will never be able to keep up" aren't realizing that the poorer players are probably not even reaching the cap ( Maybe the currently glitched cap, but not the max cap ). Even if they are, this is keeping most players on the same level, so that high BRs won't get implants too much faster than lower BRs.

    Additionally, people can buy implants themselves, but so what? If you're willing to buy them, good for you. If you can't, too bad. I have 3.2k certs lieing around and I'm sure as hell not putting them into implants.

    You're all making a huge fuss out of nothing. The only thing I might agree with you all on is that chargers shouldn't have a cap, or at least they should have a higher cap/ a cap that is not shared with implants themselves.
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  15. Yuki10

    I suggest you just ignore the implants all together, like they dont even exist. Don't use them. That will results in very fast review of the system, caps and everything else. Nothing prompts such a fast reaction as a failure.
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  16. Aractain

    That, and a free random item (mini-chargers or something with a small chance at implants/chargers etc) item when logging in along with certs please.
  17. Iridar51

    As much as I don't like the fact there is a cap on implants, please guys, just be grateful an actual living developed descended from heavens and gave you a real answer. So no insults please, this is a wonderful thing that just happened, and we want to encourage this behavior as much as possible, not the other way around.
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  18. DurandaI

    Id like to report that after 250000 xp or 1000 certs, i was awarded a tier 2 implant, giving me a grand total of 10 T1 implants 10 chargers, and 1 T2 implant
  19. Garrum

    The big deal is that it was implied that your average, non-member, non-boosted player would be able to maintain T3 implants on drops alone.

    las0m said on reddit "Fact is: the current drop tuning is designed to allow average players (by raw, non-boosted xp gain, across all characters) to be able to maintain even tier 3 implants with drops alone." http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/240luz/smedly_on_implant_drops/ch2qiq1

    That's the big deal. The lie, and the terrible system. I stopped complaining about the implants because I believed his lie, and I'm sure more than a few others are the same. They straight up lied to the player base so they would have less opposition for their P2W scheme.

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  20. Wobulator

    If the average person plays for 5 hours, three basic chargers will sustain him if he uses a T3 implant, which is 1/sec. It's really not that big of a deal.
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