Daily cap on implant drops or a bug?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, May 20, 2014.

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  1. TerryTenMen

    As above, me and a few others stopped receiving implants drops completely today. Is this XP based or is it a bug, as other people with less daily XP were still receiving them.

    If this is the case and it's capped... can you even maintain a T3 implant without station cash?
  2. HadesR

    Might help if you mentioned how many you got .. Then if people got more we will know :)
  3. Torok

    Bump, played around 5-6 hours today and below are my findings.

    For the first 3 hours I dropped exactly:
    10 T1 Implants
    8 T1 Chargers

    After that time I did not see any single drop in the form of implants/chargers, is this a bug or really an xp cap?
    Because if it really is an XP cap then I will take back everything good i've said about Implants and join the pitchfork crusade lol.
    for the records I didn't spend a single Cert/SC on any depot bundle and could easily maintain my T1 Implants with surplus of chargers, was fun and enjoyed it all, until they stopped dropping out of the blue...

    I do think it's a bug so far, as I haven't read anything on Reddit or other platforms, I'll wait patiently for more testimonies
  4. Ronin Oni

    FWIW: 3 hours in a single day of earnings seems like a reasonable cap if there is one.

    Obviously I'd prefer it not to have a limit... but that's not an overly onerous limit really.
  5. Nepau

    Personally I agree there shouldn't be a limit, or atlest if there was a Limit, have it on the Dropped implants and not the chargers. If anything you should always be able to recharge your implants.
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  6. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, they shouldn't limit chargers at all.

    I could maybe see them limiting drops on implants.

    Is there a max stockpile? I'd hope for a much bigger stockpile than that though if so.

    I dunno, I haven't even seen it since the patch yet.
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  7. TerryTenMen

    I'm not sure exactly, I had a lot of certs saved up, so i'm not sure what the ratio was of the ones that came from the chests and the ones that dropped.

    But I know by the end of it, nothing was dropping and those T3 implants couldnt be powered!
  8. Revanmug

    I'm a weirdos that don't have any problem with the current mechanics of implants so long as they are balance and can be acquire by playing. The idea being that the higher spm, the higher the amount of drop resulting in easier time keeping them up.

    If there is a implant cap for drop, I'm changing camp.
  9. AnotherNoob

    yes there seems to be a cap, I posted a thread similar to this just moments ago, guess my search skills failed xD
  10. Nak

    Yes, there are some caps on drops per day... although, from the posts in this thread, no one has hit all of them so there may be a bug.

    Anyone who feels like a cap was hit - can you please let me know how many T1 implants, T2 implants, and T1 chargers dropped during the day and the approximate amount of xp earned after the last drop for each category of drop?
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  11. Xebov

    I got exactly 10 T1 Implants, 0 T2 Implants and 10 T1 Rechargers. I crafted the T1 Implants to T2 each time i got 5. I had this after aprox 80-90k XP, now i have 190k so i didnt get any for the last ~100k. Others from my Outfit share similar numbers.

    I dislike it that there is a cap. A cap only resaults in less Implants/Rechargers per hour playtime for players with more playtime available compared to players with less time, this easily results in palyers with less palytime being able to keep up there Implants for a larger amount of there playtime, since this cap can be reached fast. Implants/Rechargers should simply be awared per x XP without all the random magic going on.
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  12. Nepau

    I think it would be better if we knew what the Cap was, instead of having to guess. I don't see a reason to not know these caps.

    I also think that the T1 chargers should Not have a Hard cap on them at all. If you feel the need to limit them a bit, then just make them drop less frequently after so many, instead of being an all or nothing.
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  13. Wobberjockey


    so just because i can no-life the game this weekend, i lose out and the tail end of my play session will be wasted.

    considering that you are effectively selling the players as content, encouraging us to play less seems.... counter intuitive?

    just what are the caps supposed to be anyway?
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  14. tekknej

    i got 10 T1 implants, 10 T1 chargers while i earned ~250 certs. they were dropping at somewhat regular intervals, certwise. after that i got no drops while i earned 80+ certs.
  15. DurandaI

    Can you give them a visible cap like with ribbons, AND then after the cap is met for the day double or triple the amount of xp required to get drops.

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  16. Sagabyte

    For about 2 hours and fifteen minutes of gameplay, I have recieved 2 restoration T1 implants, 1 battle-hardened implant and 2 standard chargers. For the first fifteen minutes of play I got the restoration implants and battle-hardened implant. Over the course of play, 2 chargers dropped.

    I think that the rate at which they are obtained should be set to something like every 8,000 XP or something one is obtained or a time-based thing like every 12 minutes. I still don't think a cap should be in place unless the cap is something very hard to ever hit, like obtaining over 25 implants a day is the cap.
  17. Balrock

    Completely agree
    They don't stop consuming energy after a certain amount of xp gained, why should we stop receiving energy for xp gained?, I'm not asking that a T3 implant should be maintainable 24/7 but a T1 Implant should not stop being useable if you play longer than a given set of hours a day

    I can understand making implants cap, so that it'll take some time (or money to shortcut) till you have the ones you want.

    If you still decide to go against the opinion of most people here on the cap for implants, make it at least a weekly cap. Why should some poor guy who gets to play planetside mostly on the weekends, then for a couple of hours though, constantly run out of energy for it unless investing large sums directly into chargers (be it cert or SC )

    please remove the cap
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  18. BITES

    Wow .. this seems like the stupidest thing done with Implants ... why ... in the name of all that is derpy have a cap? ....
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  19. Nak

    First off, it does look like something is broken, so we'll look into the problem.

    Secondly, the caps unfortunately are in place because of experience exploiters.

    Thirdly, the caps, drop rates, etc, will be adjusted after we collect data that lets us know how the system works out on the Live servers. As we all know, testing gameplay in PlanetSide 2 is practically impossible without a full server of thousands of players. Therefore, we unfortunately have to do a fair amount of balance work after systems are deployed on Live servers. We appreciate your patience.

    Lastly, so far it does seem like most of the players who have a lot of time to play and would hit the true caps should still be able to generate sufficient energy by using some certification points to acquire chargers. We want to ensure that players can maintain energy without spending any money, and will continue working towards that goal if we didn't get it right the first time. Again, we appreciate your patience given the circumstances.
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  20. LibertyRevolution

    If chargers are capped, then implants are strait up P2W.
    Remove the cap on chargers immediately.

    I am #10 on waterson for kills today, and #8 for score, yet I cannot even keep a Tier 2 implant going from drops...
    This is completely unacceptable, the F2P players are going to revolt, and I may join them.

    Either I can pay for a charger, or I should log out for today as I'm at a disadvantage to players that pay for chargers???
    Is your goal is with these implants to have your players log out? Because that is what just happened, I'm done for today.

    I am not going to feed hundreds of certs into a chargers every other day, nothing else that is consumable cost certs.
    Whats next you going to start charging certs for medikits? Because that is what you are trying to do for my regen implant!

    At 400SPM that is 96 certs and hour, that means I have to play for 7.8hours to make the 750 certs for an ultra charger.
    These F2P guys, making their 150SPM.. that is 20 hours of grinding to make an ultra charger.. have you lost your minds?

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