Dahaka Amp Station Discussion!

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  1. lyravega

    Hello fellow testers. Have you checked the new Dahaka Amp station out? I like it. I love it. Much better than Freyr. Maybe the best base design I've seen in the game. I've filmed around it for a while, but since my upload is crap, I'll try to describe it. But just trust me, go and check it out for yourself.

    Old SCU area is now the spawn room. This new spawn features 4 exits. Old gigantic SCU shield is now converted to a spawn room shield, is an exit. The other three takes you to the sides and back of the station. SCU now has a shield generator and is in the vehicle bay. Defenders exiting from the old gigantic SCU shield has a direct line of sight to the SCU shield generator.

    Old spawn room is now where the SCU is located. This building has 7-8 exits, all protected by spawn room shields (one-way-shooting). Also, a tunnel connection, takes you directly to this new SCU building. Basically, the old tunnel enterance is the new SCU tunnel exit. The old SCU tunnel exits are the new tunnel enterances. The jump-pads are still there on the new SCU building.

    Point is still on the same location, and the vehicle bay is still protected by two shields. These shield generators, and the tunnel exits are still the same. Around the point, there are some differences however, for example, the SCU jump-pads will take you to the top of the Amp Station (as usual), at there, the close entrance takes you directly on the balcony (where medics usually hide, between two pieces of machinery), which may come very handy for defenders I believe.

    The "cracks" in the walls are still there, but now has bridges on top of them. No longer you need to expose yourself highly if you were trying to cross the two towers, and people can still shoot from on top of these bridges.

    Around the amp station, the station "legs" are removed. It is a nice open field now, but favors the attackers more than the defenders; not enough cover for defenders. The two new spawn location exits are on the sides, and takes you to these areas, where "legs" used to be, and sometimes where some enemies deployed their sunderers, on an angled location to avoid the no-deploy zones.

    Many of the buildings has their windows shut down. To disable SCU: Destroy 2 outer shield generators. Destroy the SCU shield generator (which can be seen from the new spawn location, through shields). Destroy the SCU (which has a tunnel exit in the building). Highly defensible.

    -New spawn room, where old SCU was located at. With exits to vehicle bay, sides and back of the Amp Station.
    -SCU moved to the old spawn room, and now there is a SCU shield generator.
    -Tunnels are mostly the same, one of them takes you directly to the SCU, the other two to the old shield generators.
    -Old shield generators are the same.
    -Cracks on the walls are still there, but now has a bridge over them.
    -Station legs on the sides are removed, now they are nice open fields. Two of the exits from the spawn takes you there.
    -One of the entrances from above has been changed. Now it drops you down to the balcony, directly looking at the point. The other one is the same.
    -The SCU shield generator can be seen & protected directly from the spawn room shields.
    -The point is still on the same location. Right above the spawn room...
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  2. lyravega

    Now, the real discussion. It is great but I think it is VERY defensible. Here are the problems that may arise:

    First problem: SCU shield generator can be protected from behind the spawn shields. The old SCU shields (which is now a spawn room shield) has a direct line of sight to this thing.
    Second problem: Tunnel exits (for shield generators) are still very much camp-locations.
    Third problem: Side spawn room exits are wide open. Defenders can use some stuff to hide behind. Likewise, attackers could use some, too.
    Fourth problem: Capture point is very vulnerable. The spawn room is under the point, light assaults can easily fly up to the balcony. Two stairs on the sides are still there, can be easily protected however. The old drop point is OK, it wasn't much of a problem before. The new drop point doesn't have shields, so it can be protected aswell. But the my point is, there are too many ways for defenders to get the point back.

    Dear SOE, if you are reading this, please do not over-change the Dahaka. It is very nice on the test server, but needs more tweaking (naturally). But please don't over-do it. Here are suggestions for the problems above:

    Suggestions for the first problem (not altogether, separate suggestions):
    -Move the spawn shield (old SCU shield) to downstairs, that way, it won't overwatch the SCU directly
    -"Shave" the sides of the SCU shield generator, allowing easier access for attackers, and put some cover in-between the SCU and spawn room shield
    -Increase the width of the balcony, maybe make a square platform and put SCU up there. However, if you do this, restore the drop-access, so that defenders drop to the floor, not on the balcony.

    Suggestions for the 2nd problem:
    -Put some cover around the tunnel exit. Better yet, make it similar to how SCU tunnel exit is (the old spawn room tunnel entrance).

    Suggestions for the 3rd problem:
    -More cover, both for attackers and defenders. Also, attackers could use some of the now-closed windows to overwatch these exits.

    Suggestions for the 4th problem
    -All SCU shield generator suggestions apply here aswell;
    --Relocating SCU, and making one of the above-entrances drop to the ground floor, not the capture-point-level balcony
    --Altering the gigantic spawn room exit, moving the shields to the lower area and leaving stairs leading there open for attacker fire, or putting obstacles so that defenders will have limited room to move from there

    Etc... No need to say that these are my opinions. But it is highly defensible. Yet it is gorgeous. Just tweak it, don't over-do it.
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  3. lyravega

    Here are some screenshots of Dahaka Amp Station if you don't have PTS:

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  4. libbmaster

    Swap A point with the SCU, remove SCU shield generator. Add, like, five-six more capture points around the base. (No spawns though).

    Defenders can have easy access to SCU, but cannot defend it from behind the leet shields and can be cut off from SCU. More points encourages "active defense", promotes longer more varied battles.
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  5. lyravega

    I liked it when there were a lot of capture points for bases. Unlike Freyr however, Freyr is... meh. I really like the new Dahaka though.

    SCU shield can stay, it will promote longer battles, but as long as defenders can overwatch the shield generator from behind their spawn shield, it will be near impossible for attackers. The gigantic shield can be applied to downstairs, on the spawn-level instead of "upstairs" to remedy that specific issue.
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  6. Psychophonic-RNX

    Dahaka ampstation build is just ridiculous. The shield gen right next to the spawn, what is that about?
    Furthermore is not a rebuild then just moving things around and some little updates.

    As we can see on Amerish that there is more possible.
    What we need is more unique bases like the new Ascent with much detail.

    Not only to make this game more awesome but also to let the PS4 release happen SOE has to spend more love into creating bases.
    Conflict is that we still with 3 continents atm and people are waiting for the new ones already so long.

    I would love that hossin and the battle islands would be released asap, so we finally can switch to continental lattice.
    But i think we (developers/community) have to decide how the bases should be designed.

    As a rebuild i would like to see a build which is a mixture of the concept i suggested


    and the the build of Kwathee south pass on testserver (but with CC not too close to the spawn ;))

  7. MasonSTL

    Give Dahaka the perimeter walls of Freyr, that's my only complaint.
  8. lyravega

    Walls are fortified, but towers are still wide open. Also, the opening to the back is still there, but I think it's OK with this base design.
  9. Psychophonic-RNX

    Looks like you guys played this base only as a defender.
    Well i have to say this base i awesome to defend and a horror to attack.

    CC and Shield Gen is too close at the spawn room!
    If this is future of the ampstation - i prefer the old design.
  10. Astriania

    Dahaka's a lot better than Freyr. I like the classic 'A point inside shield' because it is a defensible location but still provides attackers an option with GSD or taking and holding the point room. Freyr's a disaster and you don't bother to defend it half the time, just let it fall and recapture later, because it's impossible to defend against enemy spawn points inside the walls.

    It makes sense that the spawn is inside the main part of the facility, but that's not done in tech plants, presumably for good balance reasons.