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  1. Ender

    Recently, 50SHADESOFPURPLE decided he was ready to open registration up to anybody now. No more codes needed! You still need to register for an account, but that's it. All LIVE PS2 servers are currently in the database, and most questions have their answers found in the help section of the site. We will be working on an interactive live type scoreboard for the upcoming ReachCast Community Clash Season as well!

    50's also created a signature API that has a lot of flexibility in creating custom signatures with any of your characters most favored stats. Such as mine below using member Vertago's pre-made backgrounds. The signature API is still being played with and currently only donators to the site have access to it, but eventually we should be able to open that up too.



    MLG Score is super serious and is directly related to your MLGBuck's stat. You should probably tell us how contrived and arbitrary they are, but we already know ..... and will giggle if you actually mention it.



    The grading system simply tells you where your numbers are in comparison to the rest of every other player in our database. It is not a judgement and it may not be perfectly accurate, but it's pretty close and makes it easy to glance quickly across players or weapons.


    There's also a listing of all the weapons you've used that you have over 100 kills with! Clicking each weapon will pull up that weapon's information and current leadboard (sortable),


    Player Leaderboards


    Outfit Leaderboards


    Weapon's Leaderboards


    Player Comparison's - Squad Comparison will be coming soon to accompany ReachCast Community Clash's Season 1

    No code needed! Have fun Nerds!
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  2. Jaloro

    I'm probably missing it but where it the link?

    (I've been using it a while but others might like to go straight to it)
  3. unnes

  4. Sen7rygun

    Nice work guys. Now I can feel even worse about myself as I compare my stats to other players in real time!
  5. Torok

    Hah I felt special just two days ago when I got my code!
    Anyway your stat website is AMAZING.
    Keep it up Dasanfall and thanks for sharing.


    It is indeed Offensive!
  6. IamDH

    MLG score -25

    Is that good?
  7. MrMurdok

    I'm so casual :(
  8. Vearo

    My market value is ~$1,000,000? Brb calling EG.
  9. Mustarde

    keep up the great work guys, glad to see this project continuing to thrive. It's on a whole different level compared to the other stats sites out there.
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  10. Torok

    But your signature is EPIC
  11. RasFW

    I'm sad. No Flash stats. :(

    Also, I believe my MLG score to be super inflated. I'm not that good at the game. lol
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  12. Nocturn0l

    Nice page, but i can't find my VS alt. Searching for it gives no results!
  13. Rogueghost

    So who is the millionaire looking to buy ps2 accounts?
    I'd gladly take 3.4 million for my vanu alt.
  14. Snipefrag

    Yeah, great job guys. Loving the site, blows everything else out of the water. Do you guys have any (close to real time) population stats on your site yet?
  15. TheFamilyGhost

    This is good stuff! Obviously done by someone that knows what they're doing.

    I didn't take a hard look at the tables, maybe its there.

    It would be interesting to know:

    Victim Time on Mission (TOM)
    Victim Location (Inside or Outside Base or Spawn)
    Killer Location
    Killer TOM

    Also, didn't pick it up, but global stats would be interesting too instead of only personal.
  16. Prudentia

    great site but a few things i miss:
    what do you mean with cosistency?
    Where is my battlegal? i love my Gal, but nowhere do i see Gunner assists, Dropassists etc.
  17. DuckSauce

    DA site is DA BEST

    Plus 50 is great and really patient with questions unless you're a jerkbag.
  18. Riku

    Alright ladies and gentlemen.
    I always knew it, but now I have confirmation from true pros.
    My char is worth $336,519.
    BUT because it's YOU and you are truly special, I will sell it to you for a tiny fraction of it: $329,999.99
    Remember that people will storm this offer and it will probably be sold out within seconds of you reading this! Don't think, BUY NOW! MLG approves!

    Thanks so much guys. Now I won't only become rich, I will also get a nice signature eventually (PSU has only fugly vanu sigs :( ) -- what else would a man ask for?
  19. Dredbr1nger

    Even though people may not take statsites like Dasanfall seriously, it shows you what you need to work on or change as a player.

    For example, I have terrible accuracy, so I need to adjust my sensitivity and work on leading.
  20. IamDH

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