D-75 Duster Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kulantan, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Kulantan

    The initial COF needs to be at least halved. As it stands your initial shots won't even splash your target if you're further away than point blank. The Duster absolutely needs have enough accuracy to splash the target on the initial shots or it will be 99% useless (at least on Briggs masses on infantry big enough for the current COF happen pretty damn rarely and when they do they carry quite a bit of AA).
  2. SgtPillow

    It's terrible. The zephyr is better in every way.
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  3. Munq

    Duster has no splash damage. Must be bug. I landed right next to enemy NPC in the VR area to test it out and unless I score direct hits, it deals 0 damage.
  4. MongooseTwoFive

    That's a bug related to VR, not the weapon.
  5. Munq

    I see.
  6. MongooseTwoFive

    People have been asking SOE to fix the splash bug in VR for a while. Can't test any splash weapons in there, it's quite annoying.
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  7. Mongychops

    I'm just going to leave my "bombing" weapon suggestion here


    A "bombing" Lib gun needs one thing. High AOE burst damage. My suggestion includes many different ways this can be balanced, including:

    • Low velocity
    • Low ammo reserves
    • Very slow reload
    • Only fire mode is burst fire of full magazine (alternatively, single shot mode is available, but has slow fire rate compared to burst fire)
    • Small inner blast area
    • Limited weapon freedom laterally on the Lib
    • Highly obvious weapon sound, and visual effects.
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    The entire purpose of this gun is not needing to aim, it fires 10 HE shells.
    It is for spamming the courtyard of bases as you fly over as a bomber.

    Just fly back and forth doing bombing runs and watch the /yell for the rage, lol.
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  9. Krokozor

    Awful crap. I have good gunner with voice chat we fly alot together end even with that benefits it absolute crap. It's good perfomance if we kill 1 infantry with 2 clips. Is it really a weapon? maybe soe at least give it concussion granede effect? Why it even exist?
  10. Brandmon

    It needs fixing, even for the niche it is intended. Maybe higher mag capacity or higher damage. But hopefully they won't make it just a poor copy of the Zepher/Dalton
  11. dstock

    I wish the Mag Capacity cert they had in VR made it. 6 more rounds, lol. I'm still putting it through it's paces, will give feedback later.
  12. LibertyRevolution

    It is a wide area suppression weapon, if you want to kill people use a dalton/zephyr/shredder...
    The idea is to keep the infantry indoors, so your infantry can kill them when they are hiding trying to not get splashed to death.
    It has the same playstyle as a lasher, it is a teamwork based weapon, not a cert farming weapon.
  13. Mongychops

    Except the Zepher is far and away the better weapon for this role


    The; accuracy, splash damage, splash radius, and muzzle velocity are all vastly inferior on the duster. This would be fine if the magazine size were higher, but they aren't.

    I have already bought: Thermal, 5/5 Reload speed, and 7/10 ammo on the Zepher. Although I have bought the duster, I am keenly aware that there is no point investing this heavily in a waepon that does the same job as the Zepher, but worse.
  14. Krokozor

    Ohhh yeaah. It's wepon for not killing enemy. Maybe it more supressive just bombard area with pink dildos? Maybe better just give us wery bright spotlight? Or propaganda towers?
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    The duster does 14,000 damage per mag, the zephyr does 11,700 per mag.
    If you don't like it, don't use it..
  16. Pikachu

    I've seen it used 2 times so far. The rest is dalton. Who would have thought. :rolleyes: I think I heard the sound of new nose gun one time. Everything else is tankbuster as usual. Seen 2 or 3 hyena missiles shooters. There's an increase in bulldog popularity.
  17. Mongychops

    I might, if it didn't have a Cone of fire like you're half way through hipfiring a mag of NC6 Gauss SAW.

    The cone of fire, and paltry inner and outer splash radius makes the theoretical damage / magazine wildly optimistic.

    I threw together a graph of the splash damage to illustrate the issue with comparing damage.
  18. Krokozor

    Record for a whole day - 3 victims in one clip, two were killed by direct hit.
    Can you believe it?
  19. MongooseTwoFive

    Pics or it didn't happen
  20. Schwak

    The problem is those yells will never come because the gun is complete dog ****. They need to make it have at least 1.5-2m inner splash radius for this to be semi competitive with the zepher.