[Guide] Cyrious Guides to Knowing Planetside

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  1. Sarmane

    Not sure if embedding is going to be so smooth here but anyways here is the steam formatted guide:


    Otherwise enjoy these videos by Cyrious Gaming in helping to connect new players with the themes of learning the game, considering the community and trying to find your style of fun.

    Good luck!
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    That guy is a really interesting PS2 YT'er. He's enjoyable to listen to and straight to the point. Hopefully he gets more attention because he deserves it, some of his ideas especially.
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  3. Sarmane

    Yuppers. Great arguments/perspective to consider.
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  4. Sarmane

  5. Sarmane

    Keep in mind for end of year sales.

  6. Sarmane

    Currently on PTS.
  7. Sarmane

    New topic - Short and sweet guide to cert income.
  8. Sarmane

    Today we start some advanced training. It won't cover everything, but it will get you past just running around aimlessly as infiltrator.

    ::Video Timestamps::
    Intro Stalker Cloak/Pistol Gameplay - 0:00 -0:42

    Loadouts - 0:42 - 4:00

    Theory - 3:35 - 5:45

    Are infiltrators invisible? - 5:45 - 7:15

    Make some noise. - 7:15 - 8:00

    Initiating bases, knives, Cat-like, Scout Rifles - 8:00 - 9: 45

    Be careful about using silencers! 9:45 - 11:00

    Bolt Action: 11:00 - 11:45

    Cloaking Flash:11:45 - End
  9. Sarmane

  10. Sarmane

    Free Carbine and helmet!

    Enter this code via depot Redeem A Code or through the website:

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  11. Sarmane


    Detailed performance guide on hardware, Planetside and software in general.
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  12. Sarmane

    "Here we revisit "The Flow of Battle" and discuss whether or not the Critical Mass update tackles this issue. I recommend watching through my playlist: "The Meta Series: The Flow of Battle" so you are up to speed on some of the topics I discuss in this video."
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  13. Sarmane

    "Today we dive into why Daybreak Games doesn't offer server transfers."
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  14. jxtn-_-

    I replied to wrong post :x
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  15. Sarmane

    Where did you reply? What was the question?
  16. Lucidius134

    They had 2 threads open and posted in this one when they meant another I guess?

    Also, keep it up :eek:
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  17. Sarmane

    Ahh I see. Cheers, thank Cyrious honestly, I'm just da messenger
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  18. Sarmane

    New video! Topic of Discussing Planetside 2 and Warframe's mutual history

    "Today we are discussing why Warframe has found so much success, and why Planetside 2, a F2P competitor, has struggled to keep its head above water."
  19. Sarmane

    And another new release: Not directly on the state of Planetside but an interesting 'interview' on another gaming company's practices and mentality towards consumers

  20. adamts01

    I've boycotted EA, CoD, Ubisoft.... If people keep buying **** then we keep getting ****. When Daybreak does well, they get some money from me. They haven't gotten any from Critical Mass yet. Hopefully they fix that stinking pile of **** and take my money next patch. But yeah, EA..... LOL.... way to pick an easy target.
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