[Guide] Cyrious Advice: Infiltrator

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Sarmane, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Sarmane

    Today we start some advanced training. It won't cover everything, but it will get you past just running around aimlessly as infiltrator.


    Feel free to critique Cyrious Gaming's guide on Infiltrator or add your own pointers. Hope it helps!
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  2. voidreaperxx5

    I like it, but he could have gone much more in-depth with SMG infiltrator, and I disagree with some of his choices. Maybe I should make a guide on it now that I've played that exclusively and finished off my smg directive after a brutal drudge through using the PDW.

    If you can get it, Nightmare is a huge boon to SMG infils, as it allows you to clear rooms while cloaked and using your smg at the same time, as well as offering you a near-instantaneous cloak upon killing someone to then make your escape before using your actual cloak with its phase-in period. Biggest downside of it though is that for, I guess, coding reasons, you are pushed OUT of your nightmare cloak to start the phase-in period of your actual cloak, which in effect will uncloak you for a brief moment. Would be fantastic to where I can activate my hunter cloak while still in the nightmare cloak time period without uncloaking in between.
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  3. Sarmane

    Valid points about the Nightmare implant and yeah, the cqc mentioning could use a few more examples but the overall pointers and mentality is in the right place.

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