[Cynical Comedy] Hossin Rant

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Yamiks, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Yamiks

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  2. pnkdth

    I like Hossin.
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  3. Hatesphere

  4. Yamiks

    my favorite...and yet i am sad how they threw a good concept idea in a meat grinder!
  5. Bhudda V1

    i like hossin and amerish it's just indar and esimir i do not like hint tree's op... their amazing also i agree about nexus but i have a raging... interest in a urban anything in planetside so i can't give them any **** for that

    i know this video is for laugh's and comes from an area of annoyance about things being slowish but the dev's got some interesting things coming down the pipe for me customizable reticules and colors for scopes know the reflex's are getting them that and player studio scopes

    also on the most recent higbly pls he gave us a listen of some nice new voice packs (hint nc has the most interesting one in my opinion)
  6. \m/SLAYER\m/

    i like Hossin too, looks like the only continent, where you can proud of being infantryman, vehicles doesn't annoy too much.
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  7. Shadowomega

    I just love Hossin Fights. Yamiks it comes down to what bases you fight at, a good deal of them can have excellent fights for infantry. Then again it could be part of the server related and numbers.
  8. Hatesphere

    despite what the dedicated tankers say, I have had a lot of fun pulling tanks on hossin.
  9. DatVanuMan

    Hossin was worth the wait, but Indarside will always be my favorite game:p
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    maybe, i dont pull ground vehicles because of ejection but
  11. Hatesphere

    yeah that bug is a bit annoying, being sent into the air when you exit a vehicle at speed needs to be fixed
  12. eldarfalcongravtank

    hossin still has huge potential but right now it is rather mediocre for me:
    - bad performance compared to other conts
    - bases still look and play the same. fighting in a tower or biolab makes no difference whether you are on indar or hossin
    - aircraft are pretty powerful there, especially anti-infantry ESFs with ppa/banshee/rocketpods because they can go in, get kills and then escape quickly hidden by tree cover

    they need to fix performance, improve base design and finally implement new large bases like the interlink facility. i was also hoping for a techplant that consists of two of these huge cathedral buildings connected with each other. that would certainly be something new and iconic for hossin
  13. LibertyRevolution

    Amerish was my favorite map.
    Then Hossin came out, thought I love it, but it turns out I can't stand it..
    Somehow Esamir is my map of choice most days now.
  14. Matt879

    Yamik videos are like crack to me, so gud...
  15. KnightCole

    I totally wanted to see the Interlinks. atleast they looked cool, though in the PTS I fell through the energy bridge...that was annoying lol. But the base design was actually kinda cool. I would trade them for all the bases in the game.....well, atleast they were new.
  16. GhostAvatar

    There wasn't enough curse words to do Hossin justice.
  17. Snorelamp

    I mostly hate how difficult it can be to see air at many bases through all the trees, plus they have tons of effective cover. It always feels like a bit of a paradise for A2G when I play there.

    There are other issues as well, but being killed from above by things I can't see is the reason I avoid playing there most of the time.
  18. S7rudL

    At 2:29 I saw a image of Original war, one of the best PC games i've played I must add imo,..

  19. DFDelta

    I agree with Yamiks actually.

    Visually I love Hossin. The swamps looks great, I love the glowing plants, the atmosphere, the battles between roots, in caves and in the water look awesome. The more interesting.

    In terms of gameplay, game flow and base design I consider Hossin to be the biggest disaster since Wallamir. No, not hyperbole.

    The lanes themselves are far to funneled, which is ironic considering were inside a swamp with large open bodies of water. Especially in the less swampy areas, which are surprisingly full of vehicle chokes.
    In the swampy areas you have more room to move and less chokepoints, but jumping lanes or even just getting around often takes far more time then reasonable anyways because rocks/trees/fallen trees block anything bigger then a flash or people willing to abuse tank physics so hard someone should call social service.
    Bases follow the same old routine of too many chokepoints, with little to no alternative ways to avoid the meatgrinder that developes. In some bases it goes as far that there are only 2 reasonable routes from either spawn to the objectives. 2 routes. I don't have to mention how fast those are overpopulated and become stupid meatgrinders, do I?
    There are a few others that are mostly built vertically or on top of the trees and which are so horribly designed (only accessible via a few elevator beams or jump pads) they make Mesa Skydock and Vanu Archieves seem reasonable.

    The bases that aren't are often more or less generic 3 point towers or other usual big facilities. That doesn't mean those are bad, some of my favorites to fight in are amongst those.
    And then there are a few that are neither of those 2 categories, for example that sunken biolab, which I think is extremely fun if not overpopulated.

    Still, as someone who used to be an amateur mapmaker myself (although in a different "era", haveing made maps in the times from Doom 2 to around Quake 3 up until 2004~ish) it kind of pains me to see so many bases created with... put bluntly... so little concern for actual gameplay.

    I liked Hossin when it came out, but after the hype wore of I actually find myself prefering even Wallamir. (Indar and Amerish are so far out of its league it does not even count as competition)
  20. Verviedi