Cycler TRV..sup with it?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by KnightCole, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. KnightCole

    Ok, so I got the TRV from the quiz mo bob today.

    I always figured it would be a powerful CQC weapon, so I outfitted it with SPA/ALS and x1.

    Yet I get it into battles and it just seems to suck utterly, In CQC I seem to get porked pretty bad using the thing.

    Does it have really bad hit detect or something? I know my aim isnt that off. ALS its pretty accurate Hipfire. I usually ADS anyway....but dayum. I dont get this gun for sure.
  2. ripped0ff

    SPA and Grip turn it into a faster firing version of the stock Cycler. You get even more CQC power than the stock Cycler, and with the help of the SPA you can engage mid-range targets even better than the Cycler with burst fire.

    If you want a CQC weapon, just go with the TAR, SMG, or shotgun.
  3. Epic High Five

    Definitely slap a grip and SPA on it, and it turns into a kitted out machine of terror because it has really good accuracy at medium ranges for the first 7-8 rounds of any burst (as well as good damage thanks to the SPA) and will still pick people up and slam them against the walls in CQC.

    Basically, you know all the terrible things the 7F can be made to do? Now, imagine the class doing that can heal themselves and the gun gets 33% more ammo for zero downsides. It's a rock solid gun.
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  4. KnightCole

    Dern, now if only I could get my 200 certs for the ALS back haha.
  5. kadney

    Why do people prefer the TRV? Only for the ROF? The TAR's hipfire seems to be way better on paper. You loose 45 RPM and get another 20m/s velocity + hip accuracy.
  6. KnightCole

    I only have it cuz the quiz gave it to me. Well, I chose it on the options it gave me.
  7. Rogueghost

    The reload speed makes me die a little bit on the inside however.
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  8. Regpuppy

    Honestly, it has the same relationship with the TAR that the GR-22 has with the Carnage for NC. It fires slightly faster than the TAR, so it should do more damage... but the controllability difference between the two makes the TAR a more attractive option.
  9. Epic High Five

    It's bad, but at least it's bad+10 rounds unlike the other guns in its tier :)

    The TAR is way less viable since the 0.75x nerf. I used to love that gun and generally consider the TR river of tears re: horizontal recoil to be eye roll worthy ("Oh man this h recoil is just unbearable!" *full auto CARV snipes someone at 60m*) but on the TAR it's just rough as hell compared to the laser of a gun in the T1 or the death hose that is the TRV
  10. Brenold

    i think its pretty good IMO, I use the sabre most of the time but when i know that I'll be indoors I use the TRV
    Still working on it but when I put a grip and compensator on it in VR it seemed to be quite a beast of a weapon and it stretches the range out a bit.. Currently just have the grip, and as long as you aim down sights I win most of my 1 vs 1 fights. Even with heavies if you aim for the head well. Hipfire is spray and pray but the fire rate is so high that if you spray for the head just right you'll get enough bullets in to kill him. reload sucks though. almost always die reloading.
  11. IamnotAmazing

    it takes some getting used to just like every other weapon, but when you do that rate of fire to anyone's head make them go down scary quick

    also the hit detection is garbage in this game
  12. Llaf

    At 845/143 it has the same damage model as the GD-7F with higher velocity, better damage dropoff, and 10 extra rounds, all this for worse hipfire, but it does just fine ADS anyway. If you've used the 7F, the TRV works much the same way, just without the jetpack.
  13. squarebug

  14. Hoki

    Tar err day bro, tar
  15. redshirt

    They are both nice, but I prefer the TRV, running with adv laser, SPA, flash suppressor and x2 scope.
    TAR I prefer to run with the forward grip over the laser sight *shrug*
  16. BobSanders123

    Pro Tip from Life Long Terran Republic Veteran:
    ALWAYS aim down aights with this baby. The hipfire just sucks but with ADS its purely amazing with its crazy RPM and 40 round mag
  17. Epic High Five

    TRV+grip+SPA = ADS murder machine that has no right to be as good as it is at all but the longest distances.

    Recoil got toned down a bit this patch, too.
  18. RHYS4190

    All soft point ammo gives you now is a bit more range I think that it, I tested the Cyler against a target in VR training took 7 rounds 5 m away TRV was the same with soft point ammo not sure if that a bug but it seems soft point ammo does not do very much any more.

    as for the TRV it one of those guns that can bite you real hard if your not ready to handle the recoil.

    T1 cyler on the other hand does very good damage and is reliable got a bit of a nerf but it seems like a lot easier gun to use plus the recoil is vertical so it easier to control.'

    TAR used to be very good but now on paper it handles worse then the TRV
  19. Dietre

    TRV is a great weapon for being free. Tar has better hip fire control and accuracy is better further away then the TRV. You don't notice the slightly lower rate of fire however. Is the TAR worth 1000 certs compared to what you get in the TRV... NO but if you are a player like me that LOVES iron sights then the TAR has great sights over the TRV, but im an odd ball like that.

    yesterday during a night battle I put a night scope on the trv and went 32-3 with her. bio lab farms ill use the tar with ALS, iron sights and SPA and get a lot of kills from the hip firing.

    both are solid weapons but they are UGLY lol
    (new sound effects are great on them)
  20. Paulus

    I have more kills with the TRV than any other gun. I fell in love with it a long time ago, but those were the days before the SMGs. It's not the CQC beast it used to be, that crown is now in the hands of the PD7W and its brethren.

    Yes I think there is some hit detection issues, which seem to affect TR quite badly as we need more bullets to land to do the same damage (the down side of dakka) but for a hard hitting mid to close range rifle, I wouldn't pick up anything else. That unique sound like a book being ripped when you fire it, and the chunky but smooth looks, no TR medic can honestly say they don't have a soft spot for the TRV.

    I run mine with 3.4x HDS , Soft point ammo, Advanced Laser Sight and Flash Suppresser.