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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Outake

    I think people are running out of items to buy on planetside 2 so they try to hold back spending without holding back sales with this, so people cant save there SC every year for 50% off sales to buy everything up, when really the problem is that they need to add more stuff to buy and stop being lazy. how about hiring a office full of nerds to make more weapons tanks flying **** and powers so ppl can buy more and not just ask the people who play the game to pump more helmets out for u
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  2. Mashintao

    "We appreciate our customers, especially our valued members, and therefore are excited to bring you this additional value."

    What a farce. Additional value? The only thing they've done is added the illusion of greater value while taking away the consumer's freedom of choice to use SC as they desire. Making a change like this without even consulting your customer base is horrible customer service.
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  3. Mormomboy

    Luckily they have a very active Admin here paying close attention to what we are saying. With the amount of lash back we have given in the forum, the only way they do this is if the Staff that keep commenting here are just trying to shut us up, or ease our fears.

    Hoping they listen to their customers...
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  4. Desirsar

    This would be more effective in all other games affected by this change, due to those mechanics and store items compared to Planetside 2's mechanics, but...

    All consumable items need to be made into packs that total the most possible for less than 2000 SC. Revives in Everquest, crafting XP potions in Everquest 2, resource boosts in Planetside, whatever. If I can buy as many as fit (with no discount) into 2000 SC, to most effectively use the redemption each month, I'd better tolerate the subscription change. More useful consumables in Planetside 2 would help as well, but you'd probably get more angry replies to a thread announcing consumable vehicle acquisition timer resets than even this thread got, and I have no other ideas for what could be added.

    If the issue is Player Studio payouts, split the currency and start giving out Dev Cash or whatever you want to name a currency that can only buy non-bundled, dev created items, and give us 500 of that per month instead.

    As it stands now, there is no way in any realistic estimate that the increase in Station Cash purchased for small item purchases could match the amount of revenue lost from the canceled subscriptions. It probably won't even equal the amount of subscriptions lost that won't come back even if they announce a retraction of their plans to change the subscriptions benefits.

    Game subscription marketing follows the same rules as balance in design - buff, never nerf. Any nerf will always cost you a fraction of your customer base.
  5. Jeslis

    It's very easy to speak with our wallets everyone. We've definitely given enough feedback... and it leaves very clear and defined choices for us as consumers ((for anyone who reads up to page 38 anyway! lol)

    A. This new system is released.. the value is believed to be good (perhaps not by someone who owns almost everything, or perhaps not by new players, for whatever reason XYZ).. and members stay members.. and perhaps more people become members because of the new value.

    B. This new system is released, the value is not what current members want (most likely those that own almost everything, and would be the ones WANTING to save up 500SC a month for NEW things that come out later [PS2 specific in my case].. And therefor we cancel our memberships.

    If option A (due to whatever the system becomes).. they may gain some memberships.

    If option B, the question becomes.. how many old members will they lose ((again, because they own most stuff they want)).. versus how many new members will they gain.. (Because arguably getting an item a month, if smart about it with what WAS 700SC purchases, IS more then 500SC a month)..

    Unfortunately.. it's very likely due to them WANTING to get rid of this SC balance saving issue on their business//accounting end, that they will end up with some sort of option B scenario, which will, as I said, unfortunately still make them equal or more profit via memberships.

    That being said.. One of my bigger issues with this proposed system is the lack of.. *save ups* ? ... the FORCED per month purchase..
    Why force it? Why not allow us these... *tokens*, 1 token a month, for any item under 2000SC..?

    To be clear, I GREATLY prefer 500SC monthly, or 500 *Planetside 2 only points* of any type, that is SAVEABLE and usable at MY discretion... but if we're forced into some new system because *you have to change this*.. please don't force a monthly use it or lose it.
  6. Jeslis

    Why do they need to exclude Studio items?
  7. Ixiawn

    This thought is constantly at the back of my mind so I have to ask.

    If our feedback really matters at all then why were subscribers of all SOE games not asked about the changes before a decision was made?

    I can't help but feel like either you guys, us players, or both are being fed a rather pungent pile and nothing we say or do is going to make a damned bit of difference to the suits.
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  8. Hatamoto

    If they are gonna continue to treat their customers like dumb kids then maybe we can pay them in monopoly money? Feel sorry for these soe guys and girls who have to clean up these things.
  9. Cafric


    I am sorry, but these answers are not conclusive :

    That's true accounting can be hard, but I like to point out that the current system was in place for a fairly long time so unless you where doing something wrong with your accounting, I don't see how it suddenly become difficult.

    Obviously there is a failure here, 38 pages of "I quit" in this thread does imply something is wrong, or we don't have same idea about happiness.

    Was fairly simple before, "you get 500sc a month to spend as you whish" simpler than that, can't do. It's already implemented, and understand by the community. Why reinvent the wheel now ?

    Was it not working well before for the players ?

    All the excuses given are probably true but one thing they are not is "for the best of paying customers", only SOE is having an issue and try to sell it to us as for our advantage.

    Ok, every company has to make hard decision from time to time, I think that if you (SOE, no you personnaly) would have explained the decision honestly there would not have been so much negativity, the way the change was sold to us was just like taking us for idiots, just bad PR.

    What's wrong with honesty in big corporations ? say that your are reducing part of the advantage a paying member is having because you are loosing money, but get creative and give something in compentation, what about daily Certs without need to login everyday to cash it for examples ? Don't tell me SOE do not have peoples on their payroll able to think about solutions that could look good for the players ?
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  10. Cafric

    If that's the reason, then I would be quite disapointed, if they did not think about that before implementing the Player studio, then they have a serious problem, and I would doubt their professionalism. A big corporation like SOE surely has consultant and specialists in accounting who should have picked up the issue before hand.
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  11. Kunavi

    I'm sorry but right now what they really need to do is either A) Come out and say what REALLY happened and why, instead of telling us it's all for our interest and all that BS, so we can decide whether it's worth our financial support(Hardly from what I see so far) or B) Really improve Subscription; Making passive Certs actually passive, giving us PS2 specific SC equivalents and more than a measly 500, allow us to hoard them and so on.

    Having all I need practically, I see no benefit in paying. I'll have more SC if I cancel my Subscription and spend that money on SC.

    Qeue? I'm not in a hurry and there is never large enough a qeue.
    XP+? Nice, but now I don't need it and with the skills and gear I've managed to gain I feel I'm not missing much. Plus I can throw in XP Boosts by using the extra SC I'll be able to afford by cancelling my Sub.
    Resources+? No thanks. I'm at a level where I can keep my rides running long enough, plus the Resource changes don't look like they will entice me to keep paying to have more. The opposite in fact! I won't even be able to stash items!
    Sales? Nah. I have most of what I need except some cosmetic items and I can get those even at full price, it will be cheaper than paying Sub for me. Same for Player Studio cosmetic item flood, still a better $ story than Subbing.
    Premium Early Access? I can wait.
    More Certs passively? Not really, if I don't log in I forfeit them. So no point.
    500 SC/Month? Nope, I can have more by NOT Subbing now! And if you're taking that away too, then F this. My Sub's money is enough to buy me a 2K SC item / Month! :p Well, just about but still so close it's a non issue.

    And I get all the above absolutely redundant stuff for.... 10~ Euro! Sorry no, I prefer to spend it on beers or the occasional SC purchase as far as PS2 is concerned. Worst part? I can help my friends by letting them ride with me, giving them a chance to generate a lot of XP even with no XP Bonus. Because I've set my vehicles by now and they are not the default junk no new player can rely on for consistent XPing.

    Who are they kidding? Most players who are in the same position as me do want to support PS2, are prepared to throw money at SOE but not if we're treated like idiots, if we get even less benefits and if we weren't asked. And how will those that bought 12Month Subs be compensated if they don't like it? They won't. That's low. As I said earlier, add in all the problems PS2 has at least IMHO like recurring and breaking population problems on all Servers(4th Faction ETC) and... Why should I pay now?

    The answers provided so far by SOE officials are generic, lacking, deceptive and pretentious. They need to stop, take a breath, sit down and start over.
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  12. Kunavi

    They need systems that reward Veterans and players who go for the larger Subs like 6/12Month, at the very least.
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  13. BuddhiBadugi

    Immediately after I read the changes and how they impact me, I cancelled my 6 month subscription, that was running out just on January 9th. It was already the 2nd 6 month subscription and I would have continued it even if I can not play in the next 6 month and only collect the daily certs + 500 SC. Although my decision to cancel was made quickly, I still stand by it, as I find the new deal much worse for me. However, as I love the game, I would like to explain my reasoning a bit, hoping you (SOE) consider it in a change for the better.

    It will have been written before, but the new model really screws the more veteran players like myself. I am BR 82 and basically have all the weapons I need. There are some, I find interesting additions still, but none is really necessary for me (2nd Pounder, Flash Basilisk, Lightning AP...). All of those, I would have picked up if on sale, but really only then. Therefore for me, the new 1 item per month plan leaves me around 150 SC short every month. As I am not interested in Black or Gold versions of weapons I already have and as Bundles+Player Studio items will not available, the membership is definitely becoming worse for me. As stated in my first post: what if Max Flamethrowers come out? Under the old plan, I would just throw 1400 SC and get them both immediately. Now I would have to wait for 2 month? Sorry, I don't like that at all!

    I sincerely hope enough memberships will be cancelled, forcing you to change your decision. I understand, that the free SC causes problems in your business model in connection with the player studio items. That's fine, I appreciate the Player Studio. There's good stuff in there!So if the free SC has to go, so let it be!

    But then: Don't tell me the new model is beneficial to me, when in fact it is absolutely not! If you don't want to give the SC, then give something different in addition to the new 1 item per month plan. My suggestions: put a 1 month 50% boost into the depot, which can be purchased under the new rule. Or increase the passive certs per day to double what it is now.Or lower the membership fee (jk!).

    I don't know if this would be fair or if there are better opportunities to compensate for the worse subscription as it is now, but if you want my subscription again (and you will get it if you change appropriately), then don't make me worse off with the new deal!

    I won*t pay the same for a worse deal!
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  14. Orbitalshock

    This is not a good idea for the premium member. So instead of saving up to buy a bunch of things like helmets armor and guns you get to buy one item up to 2000 SC? So you could buy a gun for 700 and the other 1300 SC is just gone? That is very stupid. There are better ways to get more revenue guys.
  15. Gargantor

    Well here*s another subrcribtion ending because of this change and the explaination above.
    Alpha Squad + 2x 6 Month Sub was good till now.
    Iam not even sure if i would subscribe again if this change would be taken back but i guess this wont happen. (normally this would be a very rare thing)
  16. Souwest


    Why this model?

    Because this model is working for PWE. PWE is a games company much like SOE. Multiple free to play with microtransactions and a stipend for premium membership as well as secondary 'minor' in game bonuses. PWE games changed the 'company currency' model when they realised that Neverwinter Online was going to be a success. I no longer had the ability to use the currency stipend from other games I had paid subs for in their new game nor any other game. Simply put where there was once one company currency that could be used across all game platform they were now all walled off separately.

    By doing what SOE have done it means people who play multiple games can no longer take advantage of their subs in one game to play another. Forgot the fact that SOE is trying to dress this up as a good thing for us. That's simply doesn't matter. What does matter is I have a contract with SOE that is effective until the date my contract with them expires. In the event SOE decides to alter the contract during performance, even if the contract says they can, it is considered an 'unfair term'. it is worth challenging. Any current subscriber needs to contact CS and tell them that you do not accept the change of terms. You then need to contact your regional/federal Consumer Protection Agency.

    SOE this is simply really bad. if this new walled game system will be your preferred model then that's it. We part ways once this action is resolved. And not just with SOE. I buy other Sony products but will cease to do so. I will also be sure that this most recent development in my life makes it to my social media circles. As others have said this is just ****.

    In parting I just want to add:

    "We respect our players, and feel that every opinion matters. We strive to build lasting relationships with our global community through meaningful feedback and two-way conversations." - Source <>

    Where was the discussion SOE? I mean advertising fluff is one thing. But to try and put something forward as core company values and then to just disregard it when you feel it's in your financial interests leaves me wondering if any of your other statements are anything but an advertisement.

    You know what, my outfit is large enough we could take our subs and deveote them to a FPS server and get to play multi-arm FPS's in a large environment with a multitude of players. There are a hell of a lot of gaming companies that are competing for our dollar. Your SC model did make you different. I played in quite a few of your games and throoughly enjoyed the versatility your business model gave me and my friends. I was happy to support your new games like I've supported your others. I've been around these traps on multiple accounts since Mith Marr and the most awesome Battle of South RO. But this, this latest stunt, if this is a done deal I'm off.

    Your philosophy SOE, what is it again? Remind me, it's simple yeah? Something about a trademark on the words "Your Way" and if I want to buy it's on my terms? well SOE this latest ****, this is YOUR terms, not my terms. My terms were what we agreed to when I hit the button that sent you cash and you accepted my offer.

    Utter crap...
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  17. MasterMagnus

    Player Studio is in Everquest Everquest 2 and FreeRealms, Planetside 2 is actually the most recent addition to player studio. SOE station cash is NOT just for PS2 and this change is affecting all their games. Everquest and Everquest 2 forums are blowing up over this too.
  18. SHOCK_and_AWE

    The reason for much of the backlash seems to be from a perceived dishonest claim that the changes are a better deal than the old membership benefits. I think it's helpful to list the pros and cons of the changes relative to how things work now:

    • Potentially 2000SC of value is granted instead of 500SC, a fourfold increase
      • More realistically, 700SC for most guns or 1000SC for expensive cosmetics, a twofold increase.
    If players strictly use the membership to purchase expensive stuff that is not on sale that they would have purchased otherwise, then yes, the new system is a better deal. However, there are some rather troubling drawbacks:

    • No ability to bank benefits
      • Use it or lose it for item grants, unlike the current 500SC grant
    • Restrictions on types of items available to be granted
      • No boosts
        • Especially detrimental to highly established (read: loyal) veteran players who bought/certed most everything they want or need already
      • No player studio items
        • Terrible loss of selection of a slew of excellent cosmetics
      • No bundles
    • Little to no synergy with daily and membership deals
      • 500SC grants could be used toward daily and membership deals, further increasing the perceived value by utilizing two membership boons at once
      • [Disclaimer: this is a particularly opinionated viewpoint] It would seem that players might view the membership deals as a loss of opportunity now; you can get that item since you have a 2000SC limit (no eligible items exceed that price currently) with or without the deal whereas with the 500SC grant you could potentially split up the SC to spend on multiple daily deals
    • Value decreases as more time/real money is invested in the game
      • This ties in with points #1 and #2: you cannot bank your item grant for new content and if you have already purchased the high-cost items you want you get much less value
    • Less items are likely to be unlocked/purchased overall than with the current system
      • This ties all the previous points together and is what most people seem to be upset about
      • The current system rewards purchasing any items on sale
        • Players could potentially purchase two 500SC weapons by waiting for deals or be prompted into using their SC by seeing an item they were on the fence about go on sale
          • Players could purchase the most expensive (non-cosmetic-enhanced) guns in-game (700SC) if they went on sale and still have 150SC left over
      • The new system rewards purchasing high-cost items that are not on sale
        • Most of these high-cost items are cosmetic
          • The lack of player studio items limits this selection
    I apologize if many of the points in the Cons section have significant overlap, but I believe it was necessary to separate what I perceived to be the main issues with the change.

    I have a couple suggestions for increasing the value offered by the new system:
    • Retain/expand the synergy between the membership benefits
      • Allow members to purchase one item that is not on sale and one item per month from the membership deals
        • Allow players to bank their membership deal grants (not necessarily their standard item grants, although this is also desirable) to avoid pigeonholing members into end-of-month membership deals they may not want but are compelled to use their item grant on in order to avoid losing it
    • Mitigate value loss per unit of time/money investment
      • Offer high-cost, high-value boosts (perfectly priced at 2000SC and perfectly timed for one month)
        • Note this has been suggested multiple times in this thread
        • This will restore membership value to your most loyal players
    • Release new awesome/valuable items
      • Offering new desirable items for 1000SC or more would equalize or increase the value of the new system versus the 500SC grant of the old one
        • It goes without saying that these items must be fairly priced and balanced
    • Lessen the restrictions!
      • The loss of player studio items is a large factor for the perceived decrease in value for membership benefits
    I believe that these suggestions would alleviate most player concerns for the changes.
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  19. Fara

    This fine gentleman said it best, specifically logged in to post my disapproval of the change. The reason I sub consistantly since launch... was to bank Station cash even if I stopped playing for a month or so. A stockpile of SC allowed me to buy new items upon my return, this new system particularly stinks and I wonder if its even worth re-subbing.

    I already have all the weapons I will ever need (unless they release new uber versions) the only purchases left are cosmetic for vehicles or camo/player made. Not sure if SoE are short on cash and have dressed this up as a good thing when its clearly bad, or if someone just made a huge blunder.

    This is bad, let me keep old system or at the very least the choice to keep old system or I stop my Sub.
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  20. Koduza

    Sony - the problem here is the blatant disrespect for the intelligence of your paying community. Your treating us like we are idiots or ignorant of what the word "value" means. Just because you use those words doesn't make it true. Its more like wishful thinking on your marketing/sales teams part.

    Maybe you havnt noticed but this kind of thing is getting pretty tired in today's political/economic climate. We are lied to every day through almost every channel and I dont think any of us really appreciate taking this kind of overt manipulation/untruth as to how this is "good" for the paying customer from the provider of the thing most of us use to escape the lie soup. There is something honestly direct about blowing **** up without covering it with greed dressed in a shame cloak.

    PRO TIP: Try being honest with your community. State the real truths behind the change and the real impact on the marketplace and why you believe this to be a good thing. So what if you make more money - thats your job as a company and why the game is free to play, but dont do it at the expense of insulting your customer base. Ditch the lies so we are at-least on grounds deserving mutual respect and informed debate. No need to insult or alienate.
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