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  1. Finious

    While it may seem worse than what it was before, how many games actually give you this much extra with a sub to begin with? Most F2P games with a sub option are riddled with no access blocks and half game usage unless you pay. This is a game where you get THE WHOLE GAME for free! If you pay you get bonuses. Let me say that again....


    Look at the F2P EQ2, Half classes half races etc...
    SWTOR, Hardly half the game for free..
    Champions online, Stuck with premade classes and 1/4th at that...
    NeverWInterOnline, Half bags, half companion slots, etc.
    These are only a few games I have played for free recently to discover its not much of a game without the sub.
    Majority of my outfit plays for free and they do just fine but SOE rarely gets a dime from them. If I didnt give my 15 bucks a month to these guys I would be giving it to one of the games above or maybe a game that doesnt have F2P like FFXIV. If you have fun playing the game then you should support it. If you dont, then do like the majority and play the whole gd game for free!
  2. Torok

    Well now that I see you're taking this matter very seriously about our feedback I'll see If I can get some good suggestions and proper thoughts from those I know, I'm sorry If it has been posted already from someone else but as I haven't read through all the pages I'd like say that if you are to go through with these changes I'd love to see some new bundles made especially (with items already ingame ofcourse) for this new Feature, like rotating each month for premium members to choose from, like camo bundles or specific vehicles bundles, nothing major but that would be a nice addition and also uniform many players, to be more specific and provide an example what about:
    a Sunderer Skin pack, with 2,3 appereance slots in it,
    a Player studio Camo bundle for Armor/Weapon/Vehicle, just like those that are ingame already but with different camo than those already available.
    a Class bundle (1,2 Primary guns)

    It's up to you, but if you take away the 500 SC bonus I'm reading a lot of players are complaining on other forums too about how they would remove the subscription and all, I know it's overreacting from them but as you said that you'll offer us something up to 2000 SC why not making specific bundles or reworking the current ones? I know for sure new players especially would love them.
  3. Piestro Community Relations

    I'll add that to the idea pool. :)
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  4. PWGuy93

    I would try to impress on the execs something very simple, treat the players well.
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  5. Coolerking

    You can add my name to the more 500sc= no subscription.
    And I feel the way you dropped this on everyone with no explanation about how it affects those who have recently purchased a membership is pretty lousy, all things considered.
    The monthly SC I get with my membership is the ONLY reason I have one.
    I really think that you should reconsider, why mess with something if it ain't broke?
    Anyhow, there you go, you lost another customer, one with a deep pocket I might add...
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  6. Torok

    Thanks, I'll have you know I updated my post a little.
    Wish you guys the best for this year and all the way till 2025 and beyond!
    Do keep in mind that if you go through something like that it might be troublesome in a year or so and you might have to change it again eventually and this whole thread might repeat itself one day. No problem at all just something to be kept in mind i guess, but It's your work I don't want to annoy anyone.

    You guys are the Pros I'll watch and I can say I'm content with what I have altough I can't recall how many SC I wasted last year, but that was my fault and you guys needed time to develop tools like the VR to test cosmetics and stuff.
  7. Finious

    While we are tossing in constructive criticism now, I would say that there should definitely be some better incentive for the 1yr subs. Something that everyone can agree on and will not be changing. Unless you find ways to pay back those who have already paid the cash.
  8. Gammit

    Allow us a choice when we buy a subscription: 500 SC per month that stacks, or one free item up to 2000 SC. Or something similar. Perhaps one player-made item and one item up to 2000 SC per month if the issue in this game is player-made items.
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  9. Ollobik

    I'm just pulling this out of my, hat, but, if a significant portion of the reasoning behind this decision is the commission provided based on the sale of player made items causing some hiccups in your revenue stream/stomping, screaming bean counters, why not focus on a long term remedy for that specific issue?

    We've had suggestions relating to PS specific currency, but, it seems that you'd run into the same problem with other games (EQ Next will also have player made items for sale?) and wind up diminishing your investment in the SC system. How about creating a separate currency specifically for player made items? Do it across the SOE library and you provide some increased accountability and can really judge how much you're taking in on player made items versus paying out. Do it per game and you have an increased level of granularity allowing you to drill down and see what each game's player made items market is bringing to the SOE bottom line.

    Or, we could all get together and frag the bean counters.
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  10. BloodyG

    Why not make item's cheaper so less people think when they look in the cashstore "no $'s for ur greedy ***'s!!111"
    The magic word is "MICROTRANSACTION'S" with more people willing to spend some $/€ or whatever.

    You don't get much money from Whale's in a game like PS2, that kind of stuff is for MMORPG player's , you need to make it more apealling for the F2P crowd to get SC (I would buy this gamecard's but as an EU player i have to use PayPal to atleast get some SC...). I bet you sell 2x more SC to US then EU players just because we don't get any bonus for purchasing.

    I played LoL some time ago and it looks like it works for them, no matter on what side of the pond you live.

    So make item's cheaper, make all player's equal and give thouse who want to support you every month some special thing's that will look badass.
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  11. Taemien

    Would you be able to clarify how this all will work with All Access Passes? Are we going to be limited to one purchase a month for each game or all of them total?
  12. that_darn_lurker

    I have my membership for the boosts and queue priority, plus I like supporting this awesome game. The 500sc a month is great too, but I'm fine with the changes.
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  13. Tittus

    Again thank you piestro for taking the time. Here is a productive suggestion that goes beyond this current SOE/player snafu. Get smed or whoever it is that calls the shots to be honest and explain what it is that SOE is motivated by right now. I don't think there is a single player here that gives a rip about their executive salaries but they do care (quite a lot for some of us) about the success of their game franchise. If SOE is seeing they are struggling to justify new development in PS2 or some other game because it is not profitable enough, say so. Tell players "we need more we need to change how SC is given we can continue to bring new development...etc.". Dont piss us off by (as another poster said) pissing down our back and calling it rain. Look and learn about the success of Chris Roberts and Star Citizen. The players trust them...and reward them with money..because they are HONEST with their fans. Believe it or not HONESTY in business is actually GOOD for business.
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  14. moooosa

    The most expensive items in the game are 350 SC when on sale. That means any smart member would get significantly more value out of the previous system. It's far worse if the player was interested in using membership bonus on less expensive items like cosmetics and such.

    By the way, get rid of the whole "if you cancel your membership early you lose your SC bonus" crap. I was not impressed to encounter this after already paying for more than I intended to. You should be much more careful about how you're choosing to treat the players who've already paid you significant sums of money. Thanks.
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  15. Mordgier

    All I want is a 2000SC 1 month XP boost.

    That way I would just blow my 2000SC 1 item on the XP boost and be happy.

    Boosts are the only thing in the game that you can buy over and over and over.
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  16. Piestro Community Relations

    That is definitely the goal.
  17. Piestro Community Relations

    I'll forward this suggestion on.

    I can give you an abbreviated version, mostly because it involves complicated issues that I can't speak to well enough as it's not my area of expertise (even though it has been explained to me several times, accounting and business stuff makes my soul hurt).

    1. The 500sc grant is difficult for accounting and business reasons. Business law and accounting practices are not designed to make things good and easy.
    2. We want to offer something similar, with significant advantages to players so you guys are happy as well, that doesn't incur the same sorts of difficulties.
    3. It has to be a system that's fairly simple, so people can understand it and developers can implement it.
    4. Ideally it's a system that works well across multiple games. Not necessary, but highly desirable.

    Right now we're answering questions and gathering up feedback about issues you folks have raised with #2. The next step will be to present that feedback and get more answers.

    Honesty and transparency are pretty key values here at SOE. It's a core part of my job, to help enable that. It's something I take as a key value, not only professionally but personally. One of the central tenets our philosophy is that educated players make better and happier players. That way when we have to occasionally make unpopular decisions, you may not be happy with the decision but you at least can understand why.
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  18. Piestro Community Relations

    Here's the text:

    Dear SOE All Access Game Pass Member, We regularly evaluate our offerings at SOE to ensure we are consistently delivering great games and products, while also offering exceptional value to our players. As an All Access member you have premium access to all our games and now we’re adding even more value. The week of February 3rd, 2014 we will be making a very important change to the All Access Game Pass.

    The current benefit of receiving 500 Station Cash (SC) monthly will be replaced with the following: For EverQuest, EverQuest II, and PlanetSide 2: A new benefit allowing you to select one single item valued up to 2000 SC each month in each of the qualifying games -- EverQuest, EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2. Nearly all items within the games’ Marketplace will be available for this selection. Player Studio items, bundles and additional exclusions may apply. This new benefit must be claimed each month that you are a member as it will not carry over to subsequent months.

    For DCUO: A similar benefit that grants a form of in-game currency called Loyalty Points. Each month you will be granted 500 Loyalty Points (worth $5 USD) that you will be able to use at a special Loyalty Vendor to purchase Marketplace items. Your Loyalty Points will stack – meaning you can save up Loyalty Points in order to make larger purchases – but you must log into the game at least one time each month in order to collect them. DLC packs will not be purchasable with Loyalty Points.

    We appreciate our customers, especially our valued members, and therefore are excited to bring you this additional value.

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in game soon. Best,

    Sony Online Entertainment LLC

    I've bolded the portion relevant to your question.
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  19. Mordgier

    SOE does not want you to give them LESS money.

    Quite frankly, I don't have a problem with the subscription price. My issue is just that the 2000SC is of such limited use.

    It's like being given a $2,000 voucher that you can use on any single item at Five Below.
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  20. Tolteca

    Good deal....... I'll take it!
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