Custom Outfit logo possible?

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  1. borgqueenx

    Did some googling and it seems it IS possible on on a really weird way of uploading it with the studio?
    I have a logo without text but i just wanna check if its possible to implement my logo for an outfit ingame.
  2. Diggsano

    i also want to know it
  3. Ronin Oni

    You have to get your decal approved by Player Studio

    and then anyone can buy it
  4. borgqueenx

    when i try to go to the submit page:
    Sorry, you must be over the age of 18 and a resident of a Player Studio-supported country to participate in this program.

    So basicly only US citizens are allowed to participate in player studio? That's fair.........not.

    Nevermind: When logging out i saw that france and germany are also supported.
    This is stopid. How do i change my country in my settings?
  5. Liewec123

    you could always send it to an american friend and ask them to try :)
    or even upload it here and see if someone will ;)
  6. borgqueenx

    How much effort does this cost to do? Its a pretty basic editabble PNG file i got.
  7. Mezinov

    The country limitations in Player Studio are due to tax law, and can not be "fooled" just by changing your country - if your decal gets accepted you have to submit tax forms to DBG.


    Because if people buy the logo, you get a check for "your share" of what DBG charges.

    They are not likely to approve, and add to the store, a logo for a "small" outfit. Expect to be denied unless your outfit has a known media presence or makes up a significant portion of your factions population.
  8. borgqueenx

    That is pretty sad to hear. So its not just guidelines to follow but a person at daybreak has to like it as well? I do think our logo is pretty awesome as we got quite some praise about it before.
  9. Ronin Oni

    It has to do with the legality of player sold items.

    Get one of your French/German members to submit the decal, they'll get the moneys but at least you'll get it in (Maybe you can get them to agree to buy DBG cash cards to give out to members for contests/whatever with any money made)
  10. borgqueenx

    sounds really easy...but is it? ^^ unfortunatly i do not own a outfit yet. I am the owner however of a guild with quite some history of leadership in other games as well with a nice professional website and TS server. I played this game for quite some "breaks" from other games, but i might consider making my own outfit here. To do so, i would really like my outfit logo displayed on facilities and vehicles etc though. If it's not going to be possible, then it kind of sucks that the part that makes us unique is missing from the game.
    This is why i'm asking already.
  11. Moridin6

    theres a lot of pics to chose from to be your outfit logo, but expecting them to Upload yours to the MARKET..

    i dont think theyd do that for Dapp or any of the other Giant outfits let alone whatever youll have.

    and even if they did all your members would still have to buy it or the outfit logo slot, which lets be honest most are freebie players and wont
  12. borgqueenx

    the outfit logo would be well enough for me.
  13. Moridin6

    but it would go on the market so unless they think Many people will buy it based on its Looks alone then theyre not going to add it
  14. borgqueenx

    hmmm, it will be 50/50 chance then. Many people like the logo because its mix of sillyness and a slice of seriousness. But in fear that someone might try to steal away our outfit name i rather not give it publicly yet. If someone could give it a go that would be highly appriciated and you can also have the profit of the logo, i do not mind.
  15. Ronin Oni

    It's certainly possible to get a logo added, provided it's not trash

    T42 got their dolphin decal added.

    Also, when you buy a decal for the outfit, I think all outfit members are allowed to equip it IIRC.

    I haven't really dicked with it much though, as I never cared much for it even when I did run an outfit.
  16. Moridin6

    they still have to buy the outfit decal thingy, which will change to whatever the outfits decal is set to.

    i mean id Pay them to have my custom decal added for our outfit and not added to the market but , not gonna happen
  17. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, seems like the outfit decal thing was half@ssed connected into playerstudio instead of done properly but w/e

    I'm just saying how it is, not how it'd be nice if it was
  18. borgqueenx

    is there someone who wants to give it a go? i could pm more details about the outfit/guild and the logo itself.
  19. Sovereign533

    We also have our outfit decal in the game. Since we set it as our outfit decal our outfit members can equip it if they have the outfit decal unlocked. I think it is possible to unlock this through the... uhm... mission system? no, that other one that gives stuff after completing stuff. Cant remember the system, but the outfit decal is one of the first things you unlock iirc.

    'Downside' is that our decal can be purchased from the store by all NC players. For us this wasnt that much of a problem since buying our decal would fill our coffers and pay for our servers.

    A warning, it takes a long time between submitting and putting it in the game. Because they need to check it, approve it, adjust it so it fits and then they it goes into a pipeline to be released into the game. And not that many get released at the same time.
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  20. Moridin6

    one of the directives is to buy the outfit decal