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  1. Carnage

    The current system of resources is absolutely ridiculous. we were WAYYYYYYY better off having separate Resources. Seriously when we asked for a revamp we didn't say, how about you take away the ability to stockpile deployables and grenades, Make it so if you pull a tank you cant pull a max or lib, make it so if I run light assault and use c4 a few times i cant spawn any vehicles ETC... Worse system then before, this revamp feels more like a slap to the face! It will also make it so people want to play your game that much less.

    Lets say you were just defending a bio-lab (for about 2 hours) used 6 of bouncing bettys in the last 20 mins, pulled a max for the last stand and got creamed. Now lets say that every person there did about the same thing to try and defend... Now everyone spawns back at the warpgate to pull vehicles and now have no resources? F No man thats a baaaaaaddd system!

    If your going to have limited resources then they need to be limited to the current territory not you, the warpgate should have lots.. bases a good amount etc, but making it so now everything is based off of one pool of 750 (comparatively where we used to have 2250 combined) is absolutely fin retarted. Either change the number of resources it costs or rethink the system because this will just piss us off!
  2. Scr1nRusher

    ah forumside....... once again.

    BTW...... the RR is nearly done and its only phase 1.

    Also its abit better then having 3.

    it took abit to get used to it, but man its hard going back.
  3. Carnage

    Also to the trolls that will say this has been discussed already blah blah blah Dont care, This system wasnt a revamp it was a shortcut. Its not good for the game, its not going to improve battleflow and will just turn the game into a zergfest for the loosing faction... Not fun, not good
  4. Elrobochanco

    6 bouncing betties in 20 minutes would be nothing , then the max, then vehicle would be nothing since you are accumulating between them all constantly.

    The resources are the opposite of limited right now. You get full "tick" amount every minute no matter what. And you can't really directly compare the 750/2250 just because of the different prices and income rates.

    Not saying it's perfect, but it's not a bad thing if you can't just chain pull tanks that get blown up immediately.
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  5. Carnage

    I disagree, its more limiting and should be rethought. I actually just was on test for a few hours and with the new spawn system you can accidentally spend all of your resources by spawning a max, dieing and then hitting space. it will subsiquently spend 700 of your 750 and leave you no ability to spawn a tank. Which im guessing will happen frequently and make multiple people want to smash the hell out of their keyboards and ragequit
  6. Carnage

    When you pull a sundy that gets ambushed and instagibed, you should have the ability to pull aircraft or a max, seriously it makes game-play **** for those on the loosing side. When you go all the way back to warp you should have a different pool if this is how its going to work
  7. Carnage

    Also if you pull a max that dies within a minute you cannot pull a tank at sanc for quite some time
  8. Scr1nRusher

    you haven't actually tried out the system in a major battle/playtest have you?
  9. ThePropain

    Don't be too hasty.... This is only Phase 1 of the Resource Revamp. Malorn said the main goal of the resource revamp was to add strategic depth and metagame, which the game is heavily lacking, and that will come for Phase 2 and 3 of the revamp.
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  10. Phyr

    Consolidated resources are way better. 90% of the time I have maxed out vehicle and aircraft resources since I never use them, but the instant I do pull vehicles those resources are gone instantly because of my disposable attitude towards vehicles.
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  11. 4Unruly

    I played some huge battles on the test server when it was up the last two days.

    The new resource system works great for ghost capping, following a zerg, and other non-risk endevors.
    It is also ok for better players that do not die often.
    Newer players will be decimated. I'm guessing loose two tanks and log will become common.
    Players would be silly to fly or drive anything that is not fully certed out, since they would just end up on foot anyway.
    Due to the cost, much of the present grenade / C4 spam will be removed.
    Max crashing for a breach or last ditch effort will no longer be viable since a max costs more than even a lightning tank.
  12. Gorganov

    This phase really only reduces the options you have. Although I haven't tested it so I guess I have to wait.

    Now if ANTs and resource nodes come into play, then I can see this change actually making sense. So when you run out of resources, you can gain a huge chunk very quickly by physically going to get more. This will allow vehicles to get more involved with battles, and increase incentive (hopefully) to fight around the base and not just inside.

    I also think that allowing players to spawn at ALL sundies should make a return. Makes you fight for better positioning.
  13. DeadliestMoon

    I wouldn't say "heavily lacking". More like minor lacking in strategic depth, and that's only because people are just tired from the same old strategies they've been using since launch.
  14. Runegrace

    Not being able to chain vehicles together is actually much of the point. Keep in mind that your resource gain is constant regardless of territory, meaning that an under-pop faction with no territory is not further handicapped with an inability to pull vehicles to fight the majority zerg. Pop means territory, and territory means resources in the current system. This change will hinder zergs while helping the underdogs. Also don't forget that the 60/min is the same as 300 per 5 minutes, comparing to current resource income.

    The infantry resources likely need to be reduced in cost a bit. I think the current balancing is the designers thinking that you should only use a grenade every X seconds, C4 every X seconds, etc. But really, normal infantry consumable use needs to result in a net gain so that players on foot can build up resources to pull vehicles after a while. I also think that nothing should cost more than half of your maximum resource pool, as otherwise you're forcing a certain vehicle play style to require players to never die, which is a bit strict. Having the ability to pull a MAX then a MBT, followed by 15 minutes (or more) of downtime doesn't seem very spammy to me.

    Final numbers will likely see tweaks, even after release I'm sure. Hopefully it'll end up in a good place quickly.

    That's actually coming in the following phases. You will pull up your resources from the territory you are in, and the warp gate will have infinite resources. Factions pushing out of their warp gates will have an easier time of it, but a large zerg across the continent will eat up a territory's resources and require resupply from ANTs moving nannites to the front lines. This means that big outfits will need some supply lines to move further out, and the longer these lines are the more vulnerable they will be to interception from air and harasser squads, giving small squads ways to impact larger battles.

    Short term, sure, the only real change is that population is less of an advantage and capturing individual territories is less meaningful. This system is an important first step in a very interesting direction, though.
  15. ZephyrBurst

    No that's a good thing. This actually lets a faction stall out an enemy for awhile. This is exactly what the resource revamp is supposed to do.

    In the scenario above, the winning team now has a short-term advantage in resources. This can lead to bigger impacts on the grander scale, especially when base benefits in some fashion come back. An entire squad or platoon losing most if not all of their resources could mean losing a base, even if they have the superior numbers. I'm hoping that's the case anyway.