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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Fafnir, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. kukuman

    get the max bullet proof / cert to be bulletproof . thanks by anticipation devs .
  2. xboxerdude

    Maxes need to bee buffed in some way they are way under powered atm
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  3. Fafnir

  4. Marinealver

    Big problem with MAXS is that they are so soft to small arms. I mean an HA rocket should be the only thing a MAX needs to be worried about but it is also headshotting sniper rifles, LA SMGs in the back (which isn't that hard) and jsut about everything.

    What they need to do is increase the MAX resistance to Bullets and Grenades but make them more vunerible to explosives and C4 should still be a one hit kill. Also MAXs don't need a headshot hit box. If you want to make a weak spot then put it on the back. The headshot weakspot is nothing more than an Aimbot hackers dream.
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  5. Marinealver

    Just saying the MAXs do not need a lasher,

    But then again I really don't see why they need 3 diffrent quasars?

    One of my biggest complaints of this game is yeah I like the fact they got a larger selection of weapons then the last game but does making more similiar weapons mean more variety than a few distinctive weapons?
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