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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Fafnir, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Fafnir

    MAXes are closer no normal infantry than vehicles, yet other classes have 4 times more customization options.

    I'm talking about lack of customization, not their stength.
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  2. James161324

    I think the max is still great. If you have an engi you pretty much can't die. I have go on 20-30 kill streaks with a dual grinder max. But maxes esp the nc max, is a situtional unit, its not an every fight unit, it is a cqc tank.
  3. MaxDamage

    Hooking up with twin Mercy cyclers on my TR MAX has been pretty satisfactory. The price of kinetic armour certs seem nuts, tho. I'd like my lockdown and/or damage boost empire specific ability again. As a dedicated MAX in PS1, I found them very useful. Especially with AA and AV, which are currently very hard to kill with. Lockdown rate of fire would help. Scythes and Reavers do take damage but the view distance ratio to ps1 means they have to be much closer, effectively. What I mean is you can see tththemseentttththemseentthemstththemseenttgtththemseentttththemseentthemstththemseentttththemseentttththemseentthemstththemseenttg oh god my tablets gone mental. halp.
  4. Dahak

    Repeating what I said in AA threads about a dual Burster MAX. I'm rather disappointed.

  5. Landtank

    I've personally pushed with my Scattercannon Max multiple times, including pushing through the doorway into the garage of the Crown, which brought tears to my eyes. Leading the charge, scattercannons blasting, engineers repairing, TR falling as wheat before a scythe!

    They feel pretty good to me, the Scattercannon is a **** fest at close range, perhaps I'll buy some of the guns for them, I've had a blast with them.
  6. OldMaster80

    Imho Max can be very good at smashing Infantry, but it takes a huge amount of cert points before you can be effective: you need to train Kinetic Armor or the Auto-repair, and unlock double weapons. But still 1 or 2 HA or LA could take you down, if you don't have an Engineer right behind your back.
    Imho they should at least give us back the Flamethrower, then add the old Max skills like Capacitor Shiled, Jump Pack, Anchor Deployment.
  7. kukuman

    yes , you are talkingabout scattercanon , wich can 3 shot another max where the other max wont be able to have the same ttk on you with AI weapons .
    here we talk about the fact maxes arent at the place they deserve : being bulletproof and enemy needs to pull out explosives to kill maxes instead of dancing around laughing how maxes are weak and deserve to be rushed.
  8. Landtank

    Hmm I guess, I don't feel that MAXes should be quite bulletproof, but two or three of them can definitely change the tide of a battle.

    I feel like a Terminator from 40k when I get in one.
  9. MaxDamage

    At close range, no, but dual cycler have

    an edge at longer range with better accuracy.
  10. MaxDamage

    The kinetic armour buff seems a waste of time, unless the description compared to flak armour is different.Something like 3000 cert points for 5 % resistance total. If this isn't the case then they need to fix cert descriptions. As the other one for explosives resistance doesn't add the percentage each rank but describes what the percentage is after buying all buffs to that point.
  11. Zedek

    An organized "crash" of any class like likely going to take over a base...

    People should be placing mines in enemy high traffic areas already, not just when they see a MAX. Also, HAs are already everywhere, and rightfully so, and a bunch of HAs VS a bunch of MAX units at any other distance but essentially point blank will heavily favor the HAs. Also, you don't think everyone who wasn't an HA wouldn't respawn as one when they got killed by a swarm of MAX units? Just grenades and rockets would make pretty short work of them regardless of bullet resistance... and with their cooldown it wouldn't be a continual influx of MAX units.

    We need to make the distinction between the strength of a class itself, and the strength of organized play vs pubs.
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  12. JDCollie=VX9=

    The problem is that some classes are far stronger with even a small amount of coordination than they are alone. The MAX is one of these. A MAX alone is dangerous, but awkward and possible to outmaneuver or simply blow up. A MAX with an engineer is five times harder to kill, and even more so if the MAX is conscious of their pocket engi and actively works to keep them alive. If that MAX has engineer support and a backup medic, they are nearly impossible to keep down without a significant numerical advantage or your own similarly equipped MAX.
  13. MaxDamage

    Kill the medic, then the engi, then the MAX.
    Took me all of 0.00000007 seconds to figure that out in game.
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  14. Kiddneey

    This is exactly correct. It's like WoW's PVP - kill the healers before going for the Warrior. Simples.
  15. Jibolta

    I do not think the max needs a buff. I think the certs on the thing needs to drop a big amount, but I don't think it needs that much of a buff. I am an big NC max person, getting up close and personal. What I see a lot however is people using there maxes way wrong. A common thing I see is VS/TR maxes clearing building and getting close. That's bad, there maxes are way better at range then close like the NC max with its scattercannons. Also I was getting about 10-14 kill streaks with my max when I had my single scattercannon so I really don't think is is impossible to do anything with a 1 armed AI max, I think people just need to get a little more better with there max. I really don't know though, this might be a NC max only thing where the other maxes are having a hard time due to the fact that there not in direct action and they might get there kills slower or some stuff like that. I really don't know, I don't play the other factions :( . The NC max is built for close action and I have no problem getting kills with it. (Also the charge and the 1 hit kill with melee attack really helps the NC maxes) :)
  16. Krrr8or

    Maxes should either get a cert cost reduction to some of the talents or they should give us more utility. As it stands now a heavy assault with a lock on launcher beats out a max in everything besides close/short-medium AI.
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  17. BadLlama

    Honestly I feel like MAX are more of a glass cannon then infantry. Sure you can put out ALOT of hurt but you are also a huge target and every infantry man will be dropping their standard ammunition into you with great affect. I honestly feel like MAX take too much damage from small arms fire. The fact that when I play combat medic I can constantly 1v1 MAXs without explosives is pretty ridiculous.

    I have spent over 1,500 certs on my MAX and unless I am getting babysat by engineers I will die just as fast as if I was running around as a medic.
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  18. Fafnir

    Good to know they acknowledge how lackluster MAXes currently are.
  19. Citizen H

    He could also mean they have a lot of helmets and cosmetic armor pieces for the MAX on the way.
  20. Vilmond

    Except you know the healers can be hiding out of reach, especially the medic. Oh you were able to take out the engie? Cool the medic grab it back it up 4 meters back from where it died, easily around a corner/behind cover. If the max is actively working to protect the support killing them in and of itself will often times be a nearly suicidal attack.

    The thing to remember is that unlike say a traditional MMO pvp, you can and WILL use cover. You will repair and heal from behind corners/cover. Most of the times where this setup excel is inside crashing a generator or capture point.

    The best most realistic answer to this setup is to meet it head on with your own MAX/support, or nade spam and rush them down to make sure you kill off the support, which is very nicely done by acouple of LA's. Basically the "kill the engie" or "kill the medic" are not as easy or realistic as you assume. Sure if you are fighting in an open field that works but most of the time MAX's are indoor tyrants being the heavy hitters where vehicles and such can't go.

    The main overlap here is HA vs MAX, and when you consider support MAX wins out vs HA since you can actually repair MAX's due to them having twice as much of a health pool to repair from. Where as a heavy will usually just blow there shields, and maybe get a slight patch up here and there from a medic if lucky. Because of this MAX's make much better organized choke point crashers.

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