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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Fafnir, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. JackOfClubs

    Mecha suit fist fight.
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  2. The Shermanator

    MAX suits are just completely ridiculous right now. And I don't mean they're OP.

    When my friends call out a MAX suit, I just run up to it and unload eight shotgun shells into its back/gut and the thing keels over. This is pathetic. They're supposed to be exo suits. I should fear MAXes if all I have is small arms to engage them with. But here, I'm dropping them with a freakin' sweeper. And it wasn't just that; one morning a friend and I were running around as a two man group defending a base on Amerish. He was a HA with the stock gun, I was a field medic with the Gauss rifle. We were gunning down maxes like crazy. The Gauss SAW and Gauss Rifle proved to be all the firepower we needed. He didn't even bother whipping out his rocket launcher.

    Come the heck on, devs. What's going on? They're a bigger target than everyone else, they're a slower target than everyone else, and while they have a larger reservoir of health it's not nearly enough to justify their cost and their survivability is notably lower than an HA. They cannot be healed by the same people that heal everyone else around them, excluding them from infantry-level combined arms operations and their weapons are pretty lack-luster.

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  3. Kail

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  4. Chuupa

    When I first jumped into PS2 when it launched the first thing I wanted to get into was a MAX. I absolutely loved MAX suits in PS1 and how individual they where such as the VS one having jump jets, the TR that could anchor increase fire rate, and the NC with the shield. I know I missed the reasons on why that was changed for PS2 because I didn't participate in PS2 beta, but why oh why did they make them AI/AV or AI/AA hybrids? Like others have been saying, this just decreases their killing power and specialization. They at least need to bring back the three different type of variants (i.e. put two of the same type of weapon on them) to make them worth something. Plus fix the AA gun. To me that gun is nearly useless due to it's low damage output. It doesn't have enough DPS to actually kill anything unless the pilot is AFK and has it set to autopilot slow. It's only good enough to scare the pilot/engineer just enough to go land in a safe spot and repair. As it is now, aircraft have a higher chance of being destroyed just by poor piloting like crashing into each other or other objects as opposed to being shot down by a MAX.
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  5. Fafnir

    I got killed today by ADADAD strafing HA at very close range. It was my fault, but made me decide that once flamers are available, I'm buying both. I HATE how other playes see MAXes with big "shoot me" written all over. Dual flamers will teach them.
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  6. TwiceDead

    They COULD add shoulder weaponry...

    For instance dual-gats for arms, then a huge grenade-launcher/rocket-launcher/rail-gun(Heavy Sniper)/Flak-gun hanging over his left/right/both shoulder(s), which he switches to by pressing 3 (for right shoulder) or 4 (for left shoulder).
    Would work the same way as the other classes switch weaponry.

    I tried MAX the other day and I got a decent amount of kills with it, playing in CQC though. I consider myself an above average gamer in terms of skill though, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Or maybe I just got lucky...*Shrug*
  7. Kiddneey

  8. Neovius

    They are just useless... their AI weapons are so inaccurate that you have a hard time to kill anything and their AV weapons do like zero damage.
    Why would anyone play a class that has a timer and a resource cost, when you can just go HA that has no cost/timer and is better at everything
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  9. JojoTheSlayer

    Maxes are fine WHEN they face anti vehicle weapons, but vs none armor weapons they take to much damage I think.
    I Light Assault guy can just fly around and ***** shoot you a little while to kill your. That enemies can clip through you is also a issue when your turning is so slow.
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  10. VKhaun

    MAX = team version of heavy assault. Higher stats all around in exchange for helplessness. It's naturall that it seem underpowered to normal players who don't get real support or coordination. Throwing on a MAX suit and jumping out of the spawn room is like flying off in a lib alone. It's miles from full potential.

    That said, I think the cert costs for upgrades on them are absolutely absurd right now, and that's making the class very shallow at the outset. Why anyone thought it was a good idea to restrict the left and right arms was a good idea I will never understand.
  11. Zedek

    That says nothing about their durability, and the Quasar no longer has the certification...

    You comment is very telling that you haven't used MAX units much (if at all) since launch.
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  12. Zedek

    It's called using mines and HA rockets... I got instagibbed by an engie's mine the other night.
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  13. Zedek

    Easy fix. Either MAX units would need to use the AV weapons to kill other MAX units, or just allow their AI weapons to do damage to each other, and very light damage to tanks. Everyone else has access to grenades, mines, rockets... and I think the engineer turret should be able to damage the MAX as well. Hell, I think they should do some damage to tanks.

    You're completely right about their certs needing a lot of love though...
  14. Zedek

    Until you realize the flamers are as gimped as all the other MAX weapons :(
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  15. Sifer2

    If you know it's coming, and assuming all the defenders would actually listen to your yells for them to all spawn as HA to get rockets sure. But typically what happens is your first hint your in trouble is a sea of blue MAX's smearing their scat all over your face. You barely stand a chance right now with the current damage as it is. If they were above 50% resistant to bullets it would be a massacre.

    Don't get me wrong I want to see MAX kinectic armor get the buff it deserves but if they over do it the playerbase will just be screaming nerf MAX again.
  16. ghnurbles

    I hadn't had much of a chance to play, because Briggs and the launcher were mis-behaving.

    Quasars still the same as they were in beta, and are decent if not amazing without laser sights. They need a bit of a buff, but not much. I've ended up using dual-Blueshifts: same damage, better accuracy, the 10 less ammo per magazine is barely noticeable. MAX durability is perfect, it's only punishing if you play badly.
  17. Fafnir

    I did quick comparison to show how infantry, MAXes and vehicles can be customized.

    Regular infantry:
    • Primary weapon - a lot of weapons to chose from with many attachments.
    • Sidearm - 2 sidearms with 3 attachments each.
    • Tool - no options, but can be upgraded.
    • Melee - no options.
    • Ability - 1-3 upgradable abilities.
    • Suit - 5-6 upgradable suits.
    • Grenade - 2-3 options.
    • Utility - 3-6 upgradable options.
    Vehicles (1-seaters only):
    • Primary weapon - 3-5 weapons with a lot customization.
    • Secondary weapons (ESFs only) - 2 weapons with a lot customization.
    • Ultility - 2-4 upgradable options.
    • Defense - 3-6 upgradable options.
    • Performance - 3 upgradable options.
    • Primary weapon - 12 weapons with single very expensive direct upgrade.
    • Second primary weapon.
    • Melee - no options.
    • Ability - 2 upgradable options.
    • Suit - 3 upgradable options.
    Not to mention that none of suit or ability attachments are worth certing into now.

    To the devs: when are you going to finish MAXes and let us customize them like other classes or vehicles?
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  18. kukuman

    max buff detractors dont even fight in maxes :p

    quasar and its variants are total idiocy , they are effective betwen 3 and 7 meters wich is impossible to maintain due to max speed , even tho , quasar versions are so inacurate and their dps so ridiculous that it is impossible to time the bullet to have effective aiming against a moving target ... TR have the same problem but like in the case of quasar rapid fire variant ( nebula ) , their firerate masks the hideous unusability of the AI guns , av weapons are BETTER at killing infantry that those AI weapon jokes , and from a personal point , the reason why i use AI/AV config on my max to help my ***** quasar about range , damage , accuracy ... i often end spamming AV and keep the AI to kill very wounded targets .

    AV weapons in general : their damage is so low on every maxes that it doesnt worth getting the two exept for powerlevel purposes with an engi ammobox , or kill infantry .

    give us ps1 maxes back ! give us special abilities ! let us get killed by AV weapons only ! let us play !
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  19. Cryptek

  20. TormDK

    Fafnir - Max'es can be rezzed. Tanks not so much.

    It comes down to the team you're with. Biolaps fights were mentioned, but I've felt myself wishing plenty of times "I wish I knew someone that played a mean max, we need to push here!"

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