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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Fafnir, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Fafnir

    During last AGN Squad Beacon Higby said, that they are happy about the spot MAXes are in right now. Average stats show, that they perform better (get more kills) than any other class.

    Did anyone try to play exlusively MAX during the beta? Is gained power high enough to justify resource cost and timer?

    I'm still on the fence, cannot decide if it's viable to be dedicated MAX player. Probably because have two issues with it:
    • MAXes are overshadowed by more verstatile Heavy Assaults.
    • Single MAX weapons aren't good at performing their role at all. I'd need dual Bursters or DCs to have chance killing anything.
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  2. Captnstudy

    maxes were silly in beta...atleast around end of aug beginning of sept (last time i really had a chance to play)...they required no resources and had no respawn timer, so i am very glad to hear they added both....any idea what the respawn timer/ resource cost is on them now?
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  3. wtfhax

    Cost was 200 infantry resources during the last days of beta. I think 15-20min timer
  4. Citizen H

    Actually, IIRC he said on average they performed "about as good" as the other classes.

    I facepalmed when he said that.

    For one, if they're going to cost resources and have cooldown timers and other classes don't, being "as good" as the other clases isn't good enough. MAX have to be much better than all the other classes to justify their costs and all their drawbacks.
    They aren't. In fact, I'd say they're inferior in every important way compared to a Heavy Assault.

    Second, the few people even playing MAXs, especially by the last month of beta, wasn't giving them any useful data. You need a larger sample size, which I hope they get now the game is live and new players try MAXs.

    Third, comparing MAXs to all the classes? You can't do that and draw meaningful conclusions.
    On average, Engines will get less weapon kills because most of them are in vehicles, and thus would be getting vehicle kills. On average, Infiltrators will be getting fewer kills because that is the nature of their "sit back and wait" playstyle. They bring down the average for all classes. Compared to them, yeah I bet MAX kills per minute or kills per life seems OK.
    But comparing apples to apples? MAXs compared to the other front line fighting class, namely the HA? I'm not believing MAXs stack up favorably to them in actual combat. Not enough to justify the MAX's costs, many drawbacks and insane weapon prices.

    I'm hoping players get together and raise their voices enough over MAXs to get them some real buffs. And if Higby wont buff them to justify their costs, the costs need to be reduced.
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  5. Tallon

    I played max quite a lot during beta
    AA max is going to be essential once the aircraft start certing rockets and stuff

    Depends on what faction you are

    VS max seemed the best if I was VS sure it's worth putting resources in.
    The other maxes I'd get AA only as you'll find aircraft being a real challenge and AA max being the best ground counter.
  6. anaverageguy

    I agree. Only the VS max seemed decent, largely because of the lack of bullet drop.
  7. Zedek

    Yeah... they were HEAVILY nerfed after you played. It was to the point where I could stand directly in front of a MAX with my Heavy Assault, turn on my Resist Shield, and shoot him in the face and I would survive.

    Then, when Infiltrators had shotguns I would regularly hunt then down and kill them 1v1. It was pathetic. Towards the very end of beta they've received several buffs... so I need to play a bit more to see if they're finally in a good spot.
  8. Zedek

    This is absolutely correct. There was a point where dying in my MAX just meant I could upgrade to using my HA, lol. They got a couple of buffs towards the end though... so I'm going to hop in and try them out :)
  9. JesseJames61

    I really REALLY enjoy the MAX class I would say though that you have to double up to be able to kill anything. That's a huge downside if you are playing solo. I can run double AA and I"ll be ok so long as I have a heavy to cover me. but if I try to split with scatercannon or the AV gun. I'm just wasting time. It would be nice if they had some higher damage and the cost of the guns wern't crazy high
  10. JoCool

    Since Taylor specialization has always won the battle at the end of the day!!
  11. Blackfire1

    At the last minute of beta they gave MAX's an HP buff... But thats it.
    Here was the status of the MAX last patch.
    -nerfed AA (Our only good weapon)
    -Never Fixed AI (Still horribly inaccurate and runs out of ammo quickly) (Scatter gun not counted because its a shotgon)
    - AV now only fires a single, slow moving, low damage shot. HA Rocket reload is better in all areas.
    - Slight HP buff.
    - Armors and regens didn't work at all.
    - No special styel of max suit (all vehicles get a combat or runner "version)
    - Charge still worthless
    -No Speed ramp up on sprinting (No auto run like in PS1)
    They are still nothing compared to the HA or PS1 Max.

    I'll try it out tonight and see how it feels. But I'm not very hopeful. All these things were as of last weekish.
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  12. Fafnir

    Lack of versatility is their biggest problem. HAs always can effectively attack both infantry and vehicles. MAXes on the other hand are mediacore at best, if they have anti-infantry weapon in one hand and anti-vehicle in the other. This is the most important issue with them right now - to be 100% effective in performing specific role they need two weapons for it. There is no point running around with 2 different ones.
  13. Siilk

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  14. Jonny

    Yes I facepalmed too. They are supposed to perform better than any general infantry on average as they are between infantry and a vehicle - resources/timer and all that. Totally disagreed with what Matt said in the AGN, did he even read any of the threads on Max's and our feedback on why they need certs that DO something, not just a 4% boost in resistance (ie 1 bullet, wahey)

    Otherwise I feel like i'm wasting my time giving feedback on this subject.
  15. FA_Q2

    I used to like MAX but, as others have stated, they are now worthless. Because if the timer, you cannot die often as infantry can and instantly respawn. They use resources that are much better off becoming bricks of C4 and grenades. They are not tanks, they die in a firefight quite quickly. You need SIGNIFICANT investment before they are able to perform at all. Stock weapons are worthless because you have one of each instead of dual. All around, there is ZERO reason to use a MAX unless you simply want to give your opponent the MAX kill XP bonus.
  16. RoosterNE

    I play mostly LA, and during the last month and a half of Beta when I saw a MAX on the field I went out of my way to attack them. They were easy kills... especially for LA (jump over and behind, shoot, rinse & repeat).

    I felt bad at first, but continued seeking out MAXes in the hope SOE would see that they are way too weak in their current form and fix them. That didn't happen. Yet.
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  17. FA_Q2

  18. UberBonisseur

    MAXes were quite miserable in beta; not that you could not get kills, but it was incredibly easy to take down a Max using light infantry weapons and past 15 meters the accuracy of the AI guns turn you into a giant battlefield-piñata

    And as far as AA stands out, they were still viable only because of the render distance issue

    A MAX can be fairly efficient only if:
    -You fight a single enemy at a time
    -You stick to doors with your engineer
    -You only play Indoor

    In other words, good in biolabs and pretty much terrible anywhere else
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  19. Fafnir

    Well, look at all those players complaining. I hope Josh and Higby don't look now at stats they have and say "they are wrong, data we aquired says MAXes are fine, nothing to see here". :mad:

    Devs, if you can answer those two questions with reasonable answers, MAXes are fine:

    1. Both vehicles and MAXes have a timer and resource cost. Why vehicles can kill infantry by dozens, while MAXes have to play safe and avoid getting attacked by LA/HA in open areas?
    2. Why Heavy Assault has no resource cost and a timer and is always effective against both infantry and vehicles, while MAXes do have resource cost and a timer, but they have to fully focus on specific single role to be 100% effective at it?
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  20. Zedek

    Yeah... if you don't have double of the same weapon you're going to have a hell of a time killing anything, lol. Each MAX weapon on its own should at least be on par with its HA counterpart...
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