current range of strikers is simply not enough

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VeryCoolMiller, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Skraggz

    He's right you know, it's how I killed him.... Although I seen you with your pink camo yesterday got you a few times with my carbine.

    I... I don't know if I can take you serious.
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  2. VeryCoolMiller

    well... for me shotguns are bad... too situational... a carbine can kill you 80% of the times
  3. HippoCryties

    Wait how comes I don’t remember you. What’s ure name again?
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    all a matter of loadout realy .. the biggest problem shotguns have however is the RNG upon RNG thing they have going with them .. one "imaginative" bullet goes out in your cone of fire and the actual bullets get RNG placed around that bullet instead of just having the bullets be RNGing within the cone of fire .. also bad is that the actual bullets can go outside of your CoF cycle because that cycle indecated only were your imaginative centerbullet will land making aiming vague
  5. Skraggz

    Swabbi been playing vs a good bit after (imma butcher his name I'm sure) acylone? Said give it a try.
  6. adamts01

    I've been hit with a Striker from 1,200-1,300m. I've told that North Indar story a couple of times. So their range was absolutely absurd. If the weapon was hitting past render range, that means hit detection for that mechanic must be server side, which is maybe why some people have such a difficult time leading with it.

    This is a great change. I played a little for the first time in a few months and thought I was missing Striker shots from being rusty. But I didn't miss hits where aircraft were actually a threat. This explains it. I haven't been able to log on to NC in the past two days because of their over-pop, so I haven't flown against the new Striker. But from the TR side it feels pretty good. I've long thought this was the most OP weapon in the game which gave TR more overall capability than NC and VS. NC Maxes come in a pretty far 2nd place. So it's great this has gotten some much needed attention. I have to say that they've made some great improvements in the short few months I've been away, from the game at least.
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  7. Villanuk

    Very few people will be hit at that range, as im sure you know. Even at 800 meters, its simply not a click and shoot, you still need a level of skill to use this effectively, even Wrel made the comment as have other "you tube experts" its not a done deal for hitting ESF's, even at close range, you still have to an element of skill.

    The issue is, what is it now effective for, what will i use it for now? Since its nerf i dont think its been usable at all, it has no benefit over the other options available.

    But we also have to take in mind what the other factions have.

    NC, can still hide in a spawn room or behind cover and use their launcher.
    VS Lancer, still HUGE range ( funny no one has mentioned this ) and a group of these guys on a ridge are near impossible at times to get past.

    So what has the striker got as a unique value now, that is actually valuable? I agree its range was to long, but as always with DBG, they seem to go to far with the striker. I would recommend going to 550 meters or up its damage to make it effective.

    But anyone who says the striker now is an effective launcher is talking out of their back side, its a pile of jumk AGAIN.
  8. Villanuk

    you mean like the lancer?
  9. OgreMarkX

    Former striker range was indeed too far, but at least gave a way to combat Libs hovering out of normal fire range for all other weapons. But DBG often (and as SOE before) over nerfs. Just ask the now extinct VS ZOE maxes.

    Current striker range is too short.

    Given history, here is how the next Striker "fix" will be implemented:

    NEW NS WEAPON, AVAILABLE TO ALL FACTIONS = UPGRADED STRIKER. TR still gets no lasers or hard hitting gun.

    <--<--{ D E S I G N }-->-->

    Have a nice day.

    (oh hello TR directive LMG Butcher that still has ZERO role to play and oh hello M1-TRAP)
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  10. Pacster3

    Sure they are situational. But as a LA you can usually pick the fight(there are some cases when I switch to carbines, but those are rare.) even without ambusher(they obviously make it easier in 1on1 but I prefer the stock ones due to versatility). With a minimum of strategic thinking you can swing most situation in your favor....and when you are close it's really just point, click(I prefer auto or it's click twice ;-)), dead. Not much a carbine user can do about that. Combine that with a quick-detonation flash grenade and an extended magazine and you can kill 3-4 people in like 2 players before having to reload. With shotgun it's all about positioning...but getting into CQC is really not hard to achieve in PS2. Avoiding CQC and still capturing a point on the other hand is borderline impossible(at least if the other side is not full of idiots). That's why shotguns are so darn strong...they are situational but situational for the most common situation in the game and with LA you can "create" that situation basicly at will if you play it smart.
    In case of most classes you can, thanks to ASP, anyway have a shotgun and a longer range weapon in your loadout. Only exceptions are LA(which have jumpjets to get up close) and for some factions Heavy(infiltrators can't run shotguns at all).
  11. adamts01

    The reason the Striker is still the best AA launcher is because you don't have to wait for a lock. Good A2G pilots simply limit their exposure time, and there's literally nothing the other factions' infantry can do to fight back without pulling a Max or vehicle.

    Yes, this is still a big problem.

    The Lancer has the same or similar range since CAI. I want to say it's right at 450. The entire point of these changes is to give infantry the ability to reliably engage vehicles at the range where vehicles can render and shoot infantry. That's a great way to tackle balance with such short render ranges.

    Libs won't render infantry outside of Striker range. And vehicles have long range AA options. I don't see the problem.
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  12. Skraggz

    Oh? So lancer had a lock system like striker where you just fire in the general vicinity and hit the target? Striker has hard damage fall off like lancer does?

    No not like lancer, nice try though.
  13. TobiMK

    This week's worst of Forumside: Shotguns take skill to use and getting more than 3 kills with them in a row is basically impossible.

    This place keeps on giving.
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  14. TobiMK

    I'm gonna print this and hang it to my wall for when I want to have a good chuckle on an otherwise bad day.
    Shotguns are literally exactly that. Automatic weapons are literally not that. With automatic weapons you have to track, aim for the head, compensate for recoil... I can't believe I have to explain this honestly.

    And why should I, when I could just link you two videos that explain the issue perfectly in a slightly, but reasonable, passive-aggressive way.

    And I'm gonna reply to VeryCoolMiller as well, just so that he too gets to see these videos. Because his reply is basically just as deluded as yours...

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  15. AlcyoneSerene

    The lancer I've used, and in squads calling out targets, with zero success. The projectile velocity is quite low, there's no real zoom to the scope, the damage output is low, and the ammo pool is low. The Archer in comparison is a good anti-vehicle and anti-max weapon that can even damage infantry and it has significant bullet drop. I really don't see the 'heavy' and 'ES-Specialty' flavor in the lancer, but meanwhile the Striker remains (on the receiving end) a menace to anything low slow flying (not to mention striker valks), and the Phoenix continues its spawn-room camera scouting and damage of anything behind cover.

    The NS swarm was buffed a little, but the only player feedback about its effectiveness so far has been that it remains mediocre.

    Also been considering to work towards unlocking the Butcher, but seeing this weapon was left neglected since Feb 2, 2017 in an unfinished state due to complications, that kind of says a little about TR's priority in the scheme of things.

    TRAP is indeed a cert trap. Seems like a terrible scout-sniper by design.
  16. Trigga

    Simple minds are easily amused ;)

    Im curious, if this is the case then why, may i ask, do you imply in another thread that 'aiming' is almost non existent in this game?
    Post #54
    Can i also ask, those 'super dooper competetive, 1% builds used on Jaeger' how many of those contain a shotgun?

    Id also say that at the range shotguns are effective, there isnt much recoil comp or tracking needed with any weapon.
    The 'skill' in using a shotgun isnt wielding it, its getting there without being killed.
    If your answer is 'with LA this is easy' then your problem isnt shotguns, its the LA jetpacks.

    Cant help but feel people bring a prejudice misconception about shotguns into this game, and bias just confirms this for them when they use them.
    I also find it curious that some1 who has 'practiced this game a lot to get very good' doesnt realise they have a distinct advantage in getting around in fight, moving without being seen and engaging at the ideal moment. A skill youve learned and even hinted at learning but now pay 0 attention to.
  17. TobiMK

    My comment there is in reference to people implying that handling guns in this game is some kind of magic ability that is only granted to the best of players. Yet a simple bit of concentrated effort can get you very good results in regards to that issue. This actually leads back to the topic of shotguns in this thread. People do not make the step of actually improving with automatic guns (which as I said isn't a matter of 1000 hours of training), but instead they pick shotguns, since they are the primary skill gap compression tool. The already easy step of getting competent with automatic guns gets undercut again, by choosing a gun that requires even less effort.

    Zero, first of all because they are banned for being crutches and make for unbalanced/un-fun gameplay. And secondly because there is no necessity for them. The players there actually take/have taken measures to improve at the game, so as to not rely on a weapon designed to make up for lack of shooting skills. Furthermore on Jaeger the "skill" of having to get close to the enemy falls away, because most formats are centered around singular buildings and close spaces. The availability of targets, much like on live, comes automatically. On live the only difference is that you have to avoid vast open spaces and use some sense when moving from cover to cover. Which, by the way, is needed to almost the same extent when moving around with automatic weapons.

    If anything, it is the combination of the two. Especially now with Free Positioning Jumpjets, aka Ambushers, it has become easier than ever to skip one of the main drawbacks to shotguns. Why does a range limitation in a 30m engagement matter, when a press of my spacebar closes that gap, only for another press of the LMB to grant me a free kill?

    That ability is a reward for actually making the effort to improve. You're making it sound as if the distinct range limitation of shotguns is somehow unwarranted. Thank god it exists, or otherwise we'd be running into the current close range issues that shotguns have, but up to 15m or more.

    In the end I can simply reiterate my stance from before (that shotguns are a skill gap equalizer and make for frustrating gameplay on the receiving end) and direct you to the videos I posted in my original reply.
  18. Trigga

    Ok so you say 1 thing but mean another.
    Youll have to forgive my confusion.....
    I dont agree less 'aim' effort is required.
    You have to deal with double RNG, and as already pointed out, at the range shotguns are effective you dont have to lead your target, or account for bullet drop, and really you dont have to bother with recoil on any weapon.

    Seems to me like the organisers of these events are as prejudice as yourself, which isnt something i find suprising and is why ill never ever take part in anything on that server.
    Saying, 'this is the pinacle of the game' and then not allowing all apsects of the game is narrow minded, arrogant, and completely self absorbed. Its also a little cowardly, nothing is this game is breakingly OP, nothing.
    Its no-where near to the same extent, dont lie.

    So you have a problem with the ambusher jets (lets call them what they are, not put a negative stigma on them to emphasize your point, its childish)
    You seem to think they allow closing distance on your enemy to be too easy, i agree, so does evey vehicle driver whos ever been c4d by them.
    Again, dont take that out on the weapon, lobby for a change.
    Are LMGs OP or is it the HA class that allows them to perform so well?

    I think you mis-understood me, your last paragraph makes no sense.
    You have a great time with shotguns, as youve said earlier in this thread, tell me, do you also have a good time with assualt rifles, carbines, LMGs? Could you own with a pistol?
    Your ability to move around the map, take positions of the most advantage, move when its ideal, stop when its not etc. etc.
    That is what gives your shotgun its power, not the weapon itself.
    Could we argue that once you have a good understanding of your surroundings is an LA+shotgun a bit too much power, perhaps maybe, but i think you could do the same with a high DPS SMG, or even carbine.
    Remove that understanding and movement ability and youre left taking shots from carbines at a range which you cannot respond.
    I dont think its at all fair to imply that a shotgun user shouldnt get rewarded for their knowledge of the map and game.
  19. Demigan

    Allright guys, since you are all so knowledgeable about shotguns, can you explain the following:

    PS2 is all about cheese. The cheesier the weapon, the more it's used.

    If shotguns are OP easy cheesy murder machines, then why is no one using it? Why can you spend entire multi-hour playsessions without seeing a single one (or at least, murdering them before you notice them), while you can't help but trip over just about any other weapon? It should be an obvious thing with how OP shotguns are right?
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  20. CplRDaWiggy

    Could've sworn this thread was about the Striker...
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