Curious, has Daybreak every given an explanation why NC consistently underperforms?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ThreePi, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. PKSpark

    At least, they'll have to give up their battle hardened. Convulsion bullets here we come !
  2. Moridin6

    nc have some of the best weapons, scat maxs, stupid fire and forget magnet missiles, rockets you can guide right to target from the safety of a spawn room, tank shields, TANK ***** SHIELDS..
    get better, youve got the tools use them
  3. 1Tap2Tap

    Fun fact:

    The average VS teamkills more than the average NC or TR.

    Time for you to leave the VS for TR now, I guess.
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  4. 1Tap2Tap

    Another fun fact, dear VS elitist:

    The average "unique player skill" is the same across all factions.

    On another note, what´s the name of those "fire and forget magnet missiles" you talk about?

    I am just an average, stupid NC, maybe I missed something? :confused:
  5. Moridin6
    they may not magnet track you but it sure feels like it.
    i fight competent nc all the time that wreck with nc weapons, and would trade many of our es stuff for nc's, so im not sure what the problem youre encountering is, its not the gear.
  6. Taemien

    Shouldn't have trolled in proximity playing j-pop.
  7. Vurvu

    Any explanation shorter than this sentence, probably doesn't need explaining.
  8. DeadlyPeanutt

    "NC consistently underperforms"

    I don't buy your premis... I play all three factions and NC's weapons and such are just as good as the other two.... I enjoy the GD-7F and Blitz SMG for instance as an engie main

    My NC character has won alerts lately and I don't see any particular difference in how the tools (weapons and vehicles) perform...

    NC players tend to be less serious and more casual... another reason why casual players need more choices in this game, like small balanced TDM and CTF maps....

    NC players are generally out to have a good time, not beat the world.

    and in a computer game, that is arguably the most sane perspective
  9. St0mpy

    Perhaps people who vote for freedom have more difficulty following rules, thus teamwork and camaraderie suffer?
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  10. lothbrook

    I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say here, as the enforcer has the same velocity as the saron and has drop, so its definitely not as easy to hit as the saron, the only difference really between the two is controlling your fire with the saron is necessary on long shots because of the bloom, but this leads to it being more useful up close than the enforcer.
  11. Thardus

    I honestly believe this is part of it. Also why Vanu always got a reputation for being very coordinated.
  12. TombsClawtooth

    Do you understand what platoon leadership is? That's what sets factions apart across empires.

    Some factions on some servers get the shaft because they have terrible leadership. That's the only possible way you can lose an alert. Even if the entire faction was stuck using pistols, with decent leadership they could still win an alert.

    I only play NC these days, I don't see the problems you are. If I get tired of faction traits, I pick up an NS weapon and carry on.
  13. Taemien

    Friday on Connery the NC brought it. They won alert after alert after alert. They were even taking continents not in alert status while winning an alert. With only a slight pop advantage (35%).

    Today (Saturday), it seemed to be TR doing the same.
  14. CorporationUSA

    Confirmation bias anyone?
  15. ThreePi

    See, that's the thing, its not "some" factions on "some" servers. It is very specifically "NC" on "all" servers. The stats are consistent amongst all servers and have been for years.

    The game is three years old at this point. At this point a significant portion of the population are dedicated veterans, so to just assume that NC are just all around less coordinated and less skilled seems like a wild stretch.

    Fact of the matter is, there are three ways we can understand game balance:

    1. Stats
    2. Anecdotal reports from players.
    3. Report from developers.

    The problem is, all we have to go on is 1 and 2. Frankly, 2 is completely useless. Anecdotal reports are an insignificant sample size and their tendency to be biased.

    So really, all we can look at is stats. But even stats can't tell a complete picture and can be deceptive. They only paint part of a picture since you can't really tell how useful a weapon is to the overall meta of the game. So you need to look at stats and how, when, and where those weapons are being used. And that's the kind of analysis Daybreak could provide... but they don't. Daybreak has been remarkably quiet on where they feel overall balance is at and instead largely defer to tiny little tweaks here and there that fail to address larger issues.
  16. Taemien

    Well said.

    One thing I'd add, and I've said it in this thread already, is that Daybreak is not afraid to release stats or opinions when they feel there is a point to doing so. Examples include the myth behind fourth factioning, they released that less than 1% do it, and that the population shifts are due to people logging off. The other report is the 10% new player past 10BR retention rate.

    I think eventually they'll release a faction stat analysis. But I think it could be a while. The reason is like ThreePi said, raw stats don't show the whole picture. I could show you an alert where NC came in 3rd in every relative stat that Forumside posts on a daily basis... yet still won the alert. That was the World Record event. NC died the most, had the worst KDR on infantry and vehicles, but still were able to win when it mattered. That alone proves two things:

    1. Forumside doesn't know what the hell it talks about when it posts charts.
    2. Kills, unique kills, kills per hour, kills per day, kills to death ratio, and every other stat relating to kills is irrelevant in PS2.
  17. zaspacer

    1) You should add in usage rates to reflect where the volume of players for each Faction sit.
    2) all guns below the top guns for each Faction have compromised stats: the best players use the top guns, so performance with lower guns is skewed down due to the overall skill level of the pool using them being lower. Even more so for Free guns like Orion/Carv, where you are having the numbers skewed down by the volumes of new/low players using them.
  18. Littleman

    NC lose alerts because their players are less interested in winning. Every alert on Emerald, the last 30 minutes turn into a hailstorm of bullets between the VS and TR (yes, bullets, outside of the Orion, I swear VS use NS weaponry the most) and the NC are off pulling numbers from both the TR and VS to some other fronts but never actually getting anywhere.

    Walking around as an NC and listening to chat, these guys are pretty laid back and more likely to royally burn you with your complaint than to actually take any inspiration from it. They have smarts - they just choose not to apply it because it's too much work to try and win.

    As a rule, it's a good idea to play NC only with a "F*** it, YOLOMT!" mentality. You might walk away unscarred when you log off. Maybe.
  19. Liberty

    I'd argue that they did actually come out and say the NC are worse or more specifically goof off more than the other factions. Remember that stat Higby released a while back saying how NC players use their sunderer horns 2 times more than other factions.

    That was simply the nicest way it could be put without outright saying "this faction is bad"
  20. Taemien

    You're reading too far into it. Besides, back then the TR and VS had to ally with each other to even get out of their warpgates. And Higby also said that VS only use things that are blatantly OP.

    They have no problem telling bad players they are bad. They've done it in PS2 (with the VS) and in EQ (with the Casuals). But they've yet to do it with the NC.

    Why would they? NC TK's the least, and won the World Record Event. Sure NC doens't win most of the alerts, but you could attribute that to late night population imbalance.

    Lets not forget one of the best outfits across many servers is Recursion (yeah the guys that brought you the stat tracker) and they are NC. They had to make alt outfits on other factions to get a decent challenge.
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