CTF / LLU and Jump Jets

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Neurotoxin, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Neurotoxin

    (I understand that CTF mechanics are still a long ways out.)

    If there is an item that must be grabbed for Capture the Flag game mechanics (such as the LLU run from PS1) should Light Assault have their Jump Jets disabled?

    On one hand, this prevents players from trolling their faction by putting the flag on a roof where enemy ESF can keep it under full protection. Dying on the roof will make it so the item will only be obtainable by another Light Assault. As well, Light Assault is already the fastest running class in the game (with Adrenaline for the suit slot) so jump jets would further push the disparity between Light Assault ground movement speed and all other classes.

    On the other hand, CTF mechanics could easily be the thing that makes Light Assault a more heavily-used and functionally tactical troop (not saying they aren't already) as well as giving them a special niche. Basically if you wanna capture the flag, you'll need a few LAs to grab it from weird locations or carry it past enemies by zooming over their heads with drifters from a rooftop.

    Should jump jet usage be allowed for CTF flag carriers?
  2. Iridar51

    It would be only natural to allow JJs to work. If you're gonna disable class abilities, might as well disable all of them.
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  3. Sandpants

  4. Zorro

    If that is ever implemented, jump-jets should be allowed. However, the LLU may be heavy enough to slow down movement.
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  5. Kayth

    They should be allowed, its not like it's hard to kill a flying LA.
  6. DeadliestMoon

    Actually ZOE VS MAXs can run faster than LAs with Adrenaline Pump.
  7. Sandpants

    Actually, yes, that was my point.
  8. Neurotoxin

    I'm pretty sure MAX units will be restricted from any sort of CTF carrying mechanic, since they can't even capture a point.

    If we're including other abilities, Drifter + Adrenaline flies hexagons around ZOE, doesn't it? (I'd say "runs circles" except that isn't how Drifters are used...). In a flat ground race, ZOE beats LA + Adrenaline with no jump jet usage, but any environment where there is terrain that isn't as easy to traverse, LA will always be faster.

    Bulljive, all you did was quote me and say "nice" with no further context! If you wanted to point out that ZOE may move faster than LA + Adrenaline without factoring in jump jets, you should have said it.
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  9. FieldMarshall

    Trolling with the LLU will always happen. Jetpack or no.

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