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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leidz, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Leidz

    Now we have NSO defector with shield. Yeah its cool. It can unlock some door battle, help to push... But...That shield is far better than NC MAX Shield.

    If find out the NC MAX shield are now a bit useless now.

    If you want to secretly delete the NC MAX do it now. Dont do it step by step.
    Or allow us to use only one weapon instead of two when the shield is on.

    We know NSO is youre new baby, but please dont forget other factions.. And dont forget NC max. It's like NC max are just some guy on cosplay now lol
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  2. Liewec123

    NC max shield still remains the only good thing about NC max XD
    of the three abilities (shield, ZoE and lockdown) shield is easily the best, i think it only takes rank 3 to stop a c4.

    but i do agree that a shield that can cover your allies with a massive bubble is really useful.
    its similar to the Prowler's Rampart shield which not too many people seem to have discovered IS INCREDIBLE yet.
    i have it maxed out and abuse the hell out of it!

    the NSO shield bubble looks like it has a ton of interesting uses, but do not underestimate Aegis!
    i know i yell alot about the devs idiotic over-nerf of NC max shotguns, but Aegis is one thing that NC max has that is really good.

    also the NSO bubble needs to be good, because the other ability is pretty terrible
    "imma c4 myself so an LA doesn't have to!"why spend 350 resources to c4 yourself?
    if you want to play "Allah Hu Akbar" its much cheaper and reliable to just play stalker with proxy mines.
    or the good ole ambusher jets c4 suicide.

    so yep, i think the shield bubble is good, but so is Aegis
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  3. Scroffel5

    NSO goes to the losing faction, does it not? They need the assist. When NC is losing, you will be thankful to have NSOps there to help you with that massive shield, but when another faction is losing, sure it may be annoying. The NC shield max isn't useless. Thank you, Liewec.
  4. Trigga

    Its really not.
    All it does it help your prowler to die from targets who you would otherwise have broken LOS to.

    Its 'Allahu Akbar' 2 words not 3.
  5. Liewec123

    That is why you don't use it in combat, you use it to defend sunderers, which I've done to great effect!
    I gave some examples here!

    I think you mean "It's", not "its".
    "Its" denotes ownership.
    "It's" = it is.
  6. waystin2

    The Aegis is a life saver at times. Nuff said about that. Orbital strike? No problem. LOL
  7. Nubm_again

    NSO goes to the faction with the least players. And afaik they stay there. Also while aegis shield looks good on paper, its good for retreat but much more harder to use in a push. Reasons are the slow speed and the directional protection. You cannot turn to flankers or you expose yourself to the main force in front of you.

    Also shield was kinda a NC thing. I never understood why of all they gave the prowler a shield. Makes some sense for NSO since they already got a mini-magrider. Lets see what they steal from TR in the future.
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  8. Trigga

    Shorthand, it was quicker not to type the ', but if you dont believe that then i just look a little stupid.
    You however wrote more letters than you needed to, so wasted your time time whilst also making yourself look stupid.
  9. Vanguard540

    I hate this shield with a passion, it just prevents your teammates to shoot at targets.
  10. Liewec123

    But you chose to be a Grammar Naz!,
    And made a grammatical error while doing it.

    Who looks more stupid? XD

    If you're going to be a Grammar Naz! then you better make damn sure that your grammar is perfect.
    otherwise you just end up looking like a hypocritical idiot. :D
  11. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Interesting use of a comma.

    No flame.
  12. Liewec123

    Not really, a comma is commonly used to denote a pause.

    I.E. "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

    I used a ! instead of an i because the forum censorship is ridiculous.
    (in case you were referring to me following ! with a comma.)

    But i don't want to derail this thread anymore with Grammar Naz! BS. ;)
  13. AllRoundGoodGuy

    That's a good point, it didn't cross my mind that you used the ! instead of a i. That's what I get for posting without having my cup of coffee.
  14. Trigga

    Wow i really did hit a cord with you didnt i.

    I think the pople who post idiotic gifs and throw buzzwords around in a vain attempt to get a like are quite stupid myself, theyre defo childish but i also think theyre stupid.
    (notice my intentional shortening of the word definitely to defo)

    Youre so eager to throw these words around that you spell them incorrectly, and when thats pointed out to you, you go on the defensive and throw another one out, that you then use incorrectly.
    Face palm alright, man o man.
    Just so you dont look even more stupid in later threads, i did not correct any grammar, i corrected your spelling.

    And in any case, no1 was being a grammar anything you want to call it. You mis-spelt a foreign word, its completely normal to be corrected on that and most normal people are happy to receive the correction.
    Get over yourself man.
  15. JibbaJabba

    The NC Max shield is essentially invulnerable. Put just two of them side by side and you have a sufficient phalanx to breach a room. You can reload while invulnerable. It's the best special weapon of the 4 maxes by FAR.

    The NSO shield is a novelty. It shares the health pool with the NSO max itself so basically just gives an infantry a hitbox the size of a MBT. Everyone and their mother just hipfires a decimator and it drops leaving anyone protected by it in for a surprise. Good idea but stupidly implemented. I would trade ANY MAX special skill for an Aegis shield. ANY. Do you actually disagree here? You think the new NSO shield is better than the Aegis? LOLOLOLOL.

    I'm done with the whining about the NC max. It's fine now. If you missed out on all the years that it was ludicrously overpowered, then sorry about your luck.
  16. Trigga

    Pfft, NC maxs have never been overpowered, no MAX has evern been overpowered (well, maybe increasing their movement speed was a bit much).

    MAXs were designed to blast through multiple squishy opponents and absorb damage, if a MAX squashes 12 players in a point room then good, working as intended imo.
    Id rather theyd buffed the other 2 AI maxs, or given all MAXs shotguns (shotguns are not an NC trait), then buffed all 3 AV MAXs to crub stomp AI MAXs, and nerf AI MAXs against other MAXs.
    Now you have a tradeoff, and a way of crippling the opposition AI MAX.

    But, forget all that, lets just nerf the lot because the infantry only players are getting frustrated that they have to learn somthing other than twitch aiming.

    /end rant....ignore me.
  17. Liewec123

    Hello pot, meet kettle.
    You literally just said that most people are happy to receive correction,
    But you don't seem to be very happy that I corrected you...

    You were being a ******** correcting something that didn't need correcting, everyone in the world knew what I meant.
    And you made a mistake while doing it.
    Did you really think I'd let your mistake fly?
    is it only obnoxious when YOU are the one being corrected?

    Again, if you're going to be a ******** then you had better make damn sure that everything you type is freaking PERFECT.
    Otherwise you just look like a hypocritical ***.

    Which part is fine? The fact that they aren't better at anything at any range than tr and vs,
    But have massively more damage dropoff at range, far less accuracy due to pellet spread, far less sustained fire, longer reloads and less reserve ammo?

    (They have a similar TTK in cqc and literally EVERYTHING else is worse about them.)
    You call that fine? Are you Wrel?
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  18. Campagne

    No, it isn't. Sufficient damage can cause the shield to drop prematurely. It also cannot protect against explosives like C4 or mines. It only covers a single direction, disables all offensive capabilities, and has an activation delay thanks to the animation. Two of them side by side would require a lot of coordination, as any deviation from the plan would break the shield formation. Strafe to dodge a rocket? Move to avoid a mine in the path? Both would have to move at the same time in the same direction, and would mostly just be changing who gets hit. This is not feasible.

    It protects allies by increasing its own hitbox. Support. You call it infantry to devalue it when it's much more akin to a vehicle with small arms resistance.

    As always you're free to have an opinion but reality does not alter to conform with it. Don't make things up.
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  19. JibbaJabba

    Let's not debate how the thing works when we both know how it works.

    I said "essentially invulnerable", not "invulnerable".

    For all practical purposes it's invulnerable. The amount of sustained fire to get one to drop is so high that if you are receiving that sort of fire you're likely going to die before the shield drops. It can be treated as invulnerable for any plausible scenario.

    And no, two of them side by side does not take a lot of coordination. Just two people, TWO, showing teamwork. easy peasy. And yes it protects against C4 in the front. They finally fixed that. No dice on the sides/rear though.

    But let's cut to the chase: Which would you rather have, the Aegis shield or the NSO bubble shield? You pick only one and you permanently give up the other. Which one you want for your Max?
  20. Campagne

    If we both know how it works, why are you making things up? :p

    Yes. It's not "essentially" invulnerable or literally invulnerable. It goes down fast under heavy fire or rockets, tank shells, explosives, the usual. It can be treated as invulnerable against one or a small number of enemies with only small arms, but more than that would be a stretch.

    I don't think you realize just how difficult it can be to cooperate with someone when the two of you can't communicate. Obviously in a live-fire situation typing isn't possible, and I can probably count the number of voice chat encounters I've had on one hand after thousands of hours of playtime. Using something like Discord requires pre-planning, a relatively quiet chat room, and removes the possibility of working with randos.

    This is especially an issue in this situation, where the two MAXes can't even look beside themselves to see the other's position, behavior, or status.

    Think of it like coordinated driving. Both MAXes must move in the same direction at the same degree while moving at the same speed and must start moving at the same time, otherwise they will open holes. At that point they might as well just alternate between shielding and firing between the two of them, because they could at least see tracers ad hear shots without requiring communication, and would both be free to move around as they saw fit.

    If this is so easy, one ought to have no difficulty demonstrating this.

    Honestly? Neither. Both are pretty questionably useful at best. Personally I'd rather just take Emergency Repair for the flat survivability boost without preventing firing or affecting movement. If I had to take one or the other I'd use the bubble shield, because it would actually help someone other than only me.

    As far as the shield protecting from C4 now, [CITATION NEEDED].
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