Crouching Infiltrators

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  1. snu

    Why are there so many infiltrators just crouched against walls? I can still see you. Sometimes I trip over them and they think I still cant see them. What are you guys doing lmao? They dont even attack, I just shoot them. Are they afk bots? I saw a group of 4 friendly infils crouched in a group next to a couple of enemies in several occasions, and they dont attack? I've shot enemy crouching hiddenbois and they continue to just sit there not even moving? Is this the new hiddenboi meta? What am I missing here?
  2. FLHuk

    I would hazard a guess that what you're seeing here is other player playing the game the way they want to.

    Even if that means badly by your standard. I too can live with that, being bad is nothing.... Bad :D

    Have fun o/
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  3. Werkitten

    Big ping. In many regions of the world there is no good connection to the servers of this game.
  4. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I've encountered a few like that. Often it's because they're new to the game. That said, I've bumped into a few older players doing it too. Some people behave like we're playing TF2 where cloak is completely invisible and think nobody can see them... except we can.
  5. Liewec123

    A crouched and stationary infil (with as few cosmetics as possible) should be almost invisible,
    I don't know what potato-mode ultra-contrast shenanigans you're up too that is letting you see them.

    when I'm playing stalker infil I can quite confidently sneak to the enemy backline.

    The way I see it, if you're careful not to move when someone is facing you then the only people who spot you
    Are the try hards running ultra low (when their rig can handle ultra at 200fps) with contrast/brightness cranked to disgusting levels.

    Ofcourse, this is aside from the bugs, weapons/heads not cloaking.
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  6. snu

    K but like tbh, I play on stock gamma/contrast ultra mode at 80 fps and I can see crouching immobile infils. They are only like 80% invisible it seems. They still warp the FOV behind them, even if it's just by 10-20%. If you are against a wall, with straight edges, corners, and an opaque texture, and the silhouette of the edges protrudes in a certain spot, best believe I'm going to shoot at it. Albeit I'll only notice this within 10m at a full sprint.
    I've never seen the bug you are talking about where parts of an infil dont cloak.
  7. Liewec123

    if you play on ultra then they should be borderline invisible when crouched and stationary.

    it mostly happens with weapons when it occurs, but sometimes it can happen with heads.
    here was one bug that i recorded a few months back, the weapon is still casting a shadow while he is cloaked!
    cloak is quite buggy in this game.
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  8. Scrundle

    You expect someone invisible to do something?
    I'll let you in on my opinion of most infiltrators;
    "If you've got a friendly infiltrator with you and there's an enemy around the corner, prepare for a 1v1"
  9. SarahM

    Stalker cloak infiltrator is a nice way to just run around and explore places without being lolpodded out of the landscape by random ESF or headshot by other infils sitting somewhere else in the landscape.

    I've also went and gone to the far side of the map to watch the other two empires fight against each other without intervening.

    Cloak is still visible when stationary, but less so in front of organic structures like rocks, trees or plants.
  10. snu

    Everyone keeps telling me infils are borderline invisible on ultra :/ especially the rage-whispers after I get called a scrub for "playing on low", then get told "you must be hacking" after I tell them I'm on ultra . I'll have to start recording my sessions
  11. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    A stationary, crouched infiltrator is the least visible he can be, but not invisible. Not even with Deep Operative. Although DO really brings it to another level. Additionally, as has been mentioned, there are LONG STANDING GLITCHES that good players avoid. Such as? NS weapons don't cloak AS MUCH as empire specific weapons. Often NS weapons will appear like translucent floating static. More geometry = more refraction so a helmet that looks like a melon, no fancy "composite" armor that adds geometry, and hold your knife unless you intend to use a pistol and then switch back when you're done. Stand on/in front of bright surfaces in daylight, most people can point a darklight flashlight at you but won't see you because the back-lighting washes out your glow. Avoid surfaces with straight lines that will refract around your cloaked geometry. Move behind someone when they're sweeping the room with gunfire. Stand in the middle of a room NOT IN THE ******* CORNER. etc. Also, there used to be a bug where on some graphics settings, stuff like empire flag holograms and computer displays would disappear when looking through an infiltrator. Don't know if that still exists but avoiding it is usually part of my play style.

    I'm of the same mindset as Liewec123, evasion is trivial.