Crosshair Overlay allowed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DangerMeat, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Megalegs

    Really, if you can achieve the same effect by sticking some tape to your monitor, is it worth trying to ban this?

    (As someone who hates cheats)
  2. PetriLaiho

    I just think the general attitude of this thread is pretty hilarious.

    "I found this thing that I think questionable, is this really allowed? I dunno..."

    "Actually yes, it is, and that's been verified by multiple DBG reps."

    "Oh yeah? Well, I don't like it so **** PETRILAIHO ANYWAY YEAH."
  3. DangerMeat

    No. More like this.

    I found this questionable thing.

    DBG says overlays are great.

    Overlays with stat tracking, that is.
    Overlays with fixed crosshairs? I see no evidence at this point that they approve of them.

    Also, Petrilaiho gives himself advantage over others in a shady manner, and we can all welcome him to 5HI77ERVILLE.
  4. DangerMeat

    Also it is right in the End User License Agreement
    Sec 2.3, b:
    2.3 Responsibilities of End User
    You agree that you shall not, under any circumstances: [...] (f) use, post, host or distribute macros, "bots" or other programs which would allow unattended game play or which otherwise impact game play, including without limitation any program which enables or facilitates character kills or level increases
  5. PetriLaiho

    Overlays with fixed crosshairs? Oh I already thought you saw the link which shows Radar_X saying it's okay, but here it is again: . There's so much crap on this thread, I can understand if you didn't see it the first time.

    Also, don't take it personally, but I'm starting to think you're Pointman.
  6. DangerMeat

    "Overlays which do not modify the client should be fine."-RadarX

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I wonder how much thought he put into it, considering they give the following advantages over other players:
    • Crosshair while affected by EMP
    • No Shaking Crosshair while affected by Conc
    • No Shaking Crosshair after hit
    • No Shaking Crosshair after nearby explosion
    • No Shaking Crosshair while stepping on slope
    • Center dot or cross on various weapon types or scopes (Sniper Rifles, Rocketlauncher, ...)
    • Crosshair while affected by Flash
    • Crosshair in Third Person view
    • Crosshair with other weapon types (Grenades, ...)
    • Crosshair or dot visibility of various weapon types (AV Mana Turret, T9 Chaingun, ...)
    • No Crosshair sway
  7. Shanther

    Your point? They are expressly allowed. You just don't like them. End of story. Contrary to what you may think a crosshair overlay isn't going to make you a good player or do anything for you really. A bad play will be bad. A person who can't aim still wont be able to aim.
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  8. ColonelChingles

    But what if you have two good people who are otherwise equal, except that one of them has the overlay and one doesn't?

    Under those listed conditions, would it be safe to say that one player might have an advantage over another player?

    If one player is gaining an advantage over another player, might we say that this has an "impact (on) game play"?

    And if this impact comes from outside Planetside 2, then couldn't this qualify as an "other program"?

    So if a player was using an "other program" that "impacts game play", wouldn't that violate the EULA?
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  9. Shanther

    By this logic TS and Mumble chat overlays should be banned because I have a better understanding of who is talking then people not using them. As a result I can better coordinate and have a impant on the game as a result.

    Crosshair while affected by EMP -> You shouldn't be trying to fight someone while EMPed, ergo the person who isn't EMPed has an advantage no matter what.
    No Shaking Crosshair while affected by Conc -> You aren't going to be really hitting anyone when Conced even with an overlay. By this logic you might want to ban DPI buttons because those can overcome the Conc slowness.
    No Shaking Crosshair after hit -> This is an issue? Battlehardened
    No Shaking Crosshair after nearby explosion -> Battlehardened
    No Shaking Crosshair while stepping on slope -> You would lose a fight in this instance anyway.
    Center dot or cross on various weapon types or scopes (Sniper Rifles, Rocketlauncher, ...) -> Not an issue.
    Crosshair while affected by Flash -> Okay?
    Crosshair in Third Person view -> You really need this? Besides tank gunners are poised to get this already.
    Crosshair with other weapon types (Grenades, ...) -> You really need this?
    Crosshair or dot visibility of various weapon types (AV Mana Turret, T9 Chaingun, ...) -> Okay?
    No Crosshair sway -> This is an issue for people?

    So no. By and large people use crosshair overlays for none of the above reasons. They are mostly used for cosmetic reasons.
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  10. ColonelChingles

    My point is this.

    In a game, things are supposed to be fair. Ideally, players do not have a non-skill based advantage over each other.

    This certainly might include things like communication software, hardware, internet connections, tweaking graphics settings, and of course crosshair overlays.

    Each of these things gives a player an advantage that another player who does not have access to these things.

    And that seems unfair as to the point of the game.

    The difference between a crosshair overlay and a wallhack is just a matter of degrees... one gives a small advantage and one gives a big advantage. But in both cases they both function to give some non-standard, non-skill advantage to players. And that's bad.
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  11. Shanther

    Here is the thing you fail to understand, crosshair overlays provide no substantial advantage what so ever. You can claim all you want they help here there or somewhere but at the end of the day they aren't going to actually do anything for you.
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  12. DangerMeat

    LOL! Really? Then why did (obviously your buddy) Petrilaiho bother to use them?
    Of course they make a difference. The biggest two probably being centering COF from hip to ads and 3rd person vehicle.
    Make sense, and stop blindly trying to defend your friend.
  13. Shanther

    "Obviously [my] buddy" are you serious? I don't even know who the hell he is. I don't even think he plays on Emerald. He's explained in this thread why he uses them. He was bored with the normal ones. Centering CoF from the hip isn't even a thing. People don't concern themselves with this. Secondly 3rd person vehicle is far from a big deal, furthermore this is something that is being worked on by the Devs so they are going to get it anyway.

    I'm not blindly defending anything, I am simply telling you that your assesment is widly incorrect.
  14. DangerMeat

    Because he was bored. Bored with crosshairs. Right. Ok. Makes perfect sense.

    You aren't providing facts. All you're saying is "none of it makes a difference." Which is false. Punkbuster banned people for using them. There are many examples of how they are useful. ColonelChingles' reasoning is correct in his above post: "But what if you have two good people who are otherwise equal....".
  15. Shanther

    I couldn't careless his reason. I've used one before and I found it to be entirely uselss and too annoying to turn on everytime alone with RST.

    Punkbuster is a horrible thing that generates false positives for things like crazy and shouldn't be used as a basis for any argument. ColonelChingles reasoning is horrible at best. A crosshair overlay isn't going to make a single bit of difference in a fight. You have this false idea that they somehow add an aiming advantage. You tried to provide examples and I explained why they are all either wrong or complete non issues. If you lost a fight and the literal only reason was crosshair overlay you are bad player and were going to lose anyway. Plain and simple. If you don't like them, don't use them. They are 100% allowed. Deal with it and move on with your life.
  16. Quikloc007

    My 2 cents...its not cheating but it will absolutely give you an advantage. To say other wise is just foolish IMO.
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  17. ColonelChingles

    Two equally skilled and certed HA's suddenly meet in a room. Some Infiltrator throws in an EMP 'nade. Both Heavies lose all their hipfire crosshairs. Each one opens up with hipfire at close range.

    You're telling me that the one who still has a crosshair, due to an overlay, does not have an advantage in landing shots on a target? In a situation where the TTK difference is an extremely low margin?
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  18. FLHuk

    Apt point.

    "Allowed" is being used in place of "Can't do **** about".

    No one could argue it was the intention to be able to negate smoke or emp or etc etc etc.
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  19. stalkish

    Clearly we have 2 seperate opinions on what cheating is, might aswel call it quits on this one..

    Although I wonder, at the high end gaming competitions, you know those FPS tourneys where people win real money not a £1.99 trophy, i wonder if these overlays would be 'illegal' to use within those tourneys.
    My guess would be yes, but i have no idea tbh.

    LOL, 'my skill is greater than yours' was that really an argument you just made, wow, now im defo done.
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  20. DangerMeat

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