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  1. thearcticzone

    Hey! So I quit playing the game a while back because of the grind and pay2win tendencies of the game. My brother convinced me to try it again with my new system. I have 32 gigs of ram, a quad core fx4100 cpu, and 2 radeon 4600 series gpus way overclocked. (800 core and 1000 memory and 700 core and 900 memory if i remember correctly.) So basically, it says that my gpus are bottle necking, but I get better framerates using only one gpu than i do using both. The plot thickens however. I can turn shadows up all the way to ultra without it really affecting my framerates while i'm using crossfire, but if i turn it up to high with 1 gpu, it really screws up fps. Time for some problem solving.
  2. SierraAR

    If I recall (Someone correct me if I'm wrong- It's been awhile since I've seen this mentioned), SLI and crossfire are more or less broken in planetside 2 right now.
  3. frag85

    I just checked things out after several months. Same as before (at least on Catalyst 13.11, 14.2, 14.4RC1, 14.4, 14.6,14.7, 14.9,14.9.1). Even the x86 EXE is broken now. It stutters just as much, or crashes on loading into the world when trying to change the crossfire profile. I haven't been able to play PS2 at a playable framerate on a single GPU, or smooth enough framerate on crossfire in about 9 months now. Pretty ridiculous.

    Those of us running high resolutions are pretty much tied to multi-GPU setups.

  4. Irathi

    Turn of crossfire / SLI - it doens't work last time I checked. Yes the HD 4600 series will probably bottleneck you now.

    I had the HD4870 (also crossfire) and switched it out a long time ago.

    Idk why shadows would act that way as it affects the CPU the most and not the GPU.
  5. BlackDove

    Crossfire has never worked with DX9 games. There is no fix. Get rid of one card and it will fix it.
  6. thearcticzone

    I have dx11.

    That sucks about crossfire. I wonder if there's a way to transfer the load onto my CPU instead. I plan on overclocking the fx-4100 to 4.5 ghz.

    Apparently in PlanetSide 2 shadows affect both CPU and GPU:
    "Shadows work both the CPU and GPU." -Nvidia PlanetSide 2 Tweak Guide

    Thats simply just not true at all.
    This game is DX9 game, crossfire has in the past been working with this game, its just that there is sometimes stuttering, its far from good i admit and even dont use SLi becasue of the stutter i have experienced myself but to say crossfire has never worked with DX9...psssht.
  8. BlackDove

    See my posts there. It is true actually. AMD admitted it in 2013 and fixed crossfire partially in dx10 and 11 but not dx9.

    See any Youtube video for proof that crossfire must have worked in this game at some point. If it worked at some point then its not right to say its never worked at all.
  10. BlackDove

    Youtube and FRAPS cant do hardware frame capture. Just read the articles. There have been many page discussions on this forum about the subject. DX9 is so old they wont likely patch it either.

    The fact that Crossfire didnt work has been known and extensively discussed since 2011. It has software frame metering for DX10 and 11 now(Nvidia uses hardware level) but it still gives worse performance than a single card in DX9.

    Just read that thread.
    Interesting stuff, i have to force SLi using Nvidia Inspector as it wont work by default.
  12. BlackDove

    Yrah Forgelight is a pretty terrible engine and ive basically given up on it after playing PS2 for a couple thousand hours and Landmark until getting 5-10 fps on a 660ti. I only bring up the Crossfire thing because, while neither SLI or Crossfire seem to work for many people in PS2, Crossfire cant be expected to since this is DX9.

    After they removed PhysX and did OMFG to make this game work on weak hardware like a PS4 it got even worse.
  13. Lord_Mogul

    Before my system upgrade last year I used a HD4870, too and it was "playable".

    Yeah, one strong card has always been better than two weak cards. (If not performance wise then on terms pf things like mucrostutters)

    Even at 4.5 GHz don't expect too much of the FX-4100. Most people are complaning that they are bottlenecked by their CPU, even if they run highly overclocked i5/i7s.
  14. thearcticzone

    That's odd cuz my fx-4100 practically never bottlenecks. Even with everything maxed out, it's the gpus that bottleneck. I haven't tried super big battles though, so who knows.
  15. Lord_Mogul

    THIS might be, because your GPUs are weak too ;)
    (My HD4870 was able to maintain stable 30-40 fps with renderquality 85%, medium-low settings)
  16. thearcticzone

    Yeah that's true. Anyways I'm getting a new heatsink and an r9 270x 4gb card so i should be able to max the game out. Gonna OC to 4.5 ghz i think.
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