[Suggestion] Crossfaction Proximity Chat

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  1. DeitaChan

    You know the satisfaction that comes from utterly dunking on someone and your both laughing your *** off, you hear their anger or surprise, the enemy flaming you and you flaming back. It's great. I feel like adding this would breathe some more life into player interactions as it allows for more funny or silly moments. I think it would also help temper cross faction anger as it reminds peoplee therers still a person on the otherside. Tell chats are okay I guess but they take way too long to get out and only one person can hear it.
  2. VV4LL3

    Hard pass.

    It's already hard enough to block or report people for toxic, trolling behavior. Not going to introduce a much harder way to prove and enable more people to ruin the game.
  3. Demigan

    Some phrases that can be checked by a language filter and then added as personalized radio messages? Sure. Full speaking? Nope. If I want to have toxic children **** my ears I’ll go play something like COD thank you very much.

    I’m sure that many will defend it with “oh noes its not toxic” while in the background the playerbase becomes increasingly hostile to each other and the culture (as far as it exists in PS2) is degraded. But at the end of the day if you want to throw insults at one another you can use the chat.

    There are plenty of games where full open comms can be a great boon to the game, PS2 is not one of them. I just use radio commands like thank you or sorry. Thats enough of a taunt for most people and there’s no need to throw insults along with it.
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  4. oOHansOo

    Proximity Chat was cross faction back in the days, but the insults grew out of control, so they changed it to the current system, where only your own faction can hear you.