Crossbow sniper ?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Targanwolf, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Targanwolf

    I was wondering if any had been successful playing a crossbow sniper from unexpected locations that only an LA could get to ?

    Yes I know the bolt is incredibly slow...but sniping medics.....engineers then dropping down some c-4 on a vehicle/max .

    Good idea...bad idea ?
  2. Iridar51

    Don't know what's easier, to get 2 headshots with Blackhand or 2 body shots with Crossbow.

    It's an interesting idea, as the crossbow is a relatively stealthy weapon, so even if you don't hit anything, you can stay in one position for a long time.
  3. Plastikfrosch

    drop yourself out of a valkyrie while playing crossbow stalker. rooftops, top of biolabs (fun to hunt hostile snipers with the crossbow), top of towers (snipe the snipers on the pads) and so on. got a good amount of kills this way on my crossbows that are on aurax.
  4. 0fly0

    The few time i find the crossbow interesting on la was inside tree or very well hide location, shooting at 30 meters target, after that range i think you need a lot of playtime with the weapon for doing anything good (at least i can't, people start running and the velocity is so bad...), if you really want to go long range with your LA just go for the 2 hs blackhand it's really easy to control.
  5. Daigons

    All the work & reload time for using the crossbow at short range, it's probably quicker to just 1-stab-kill with a deployable knife. At least with Black Hand you got some decent range.
  6. MrMinistry30

    i sometimes play that way but suitable situations are quite rare because you often get spotted anyway. i like to have the crossbow with me when i am tower stomping and the tower gets too crowded or when i run out of ammo for the carbine. For a real "sniping" experience the Black Hand seems better.
  7. Targanwolf

    I can hit 100 % at 50 + m (w/crossbow)...Problem is in real world people don't stand still for 2 seconds. Bolts are just too slow to hit moving targets.
  8. Daigons

    That's why there are so many Xbow terminal campers.
  9. LaughingDead

    Xbow does not want to kill on headshot for me. Wonder why.
  10. Iridar51

    Because it has 1.5x headshot damage multiplier. 650 * 1.5 = 975 - not enough to OHK on full health even within maximum damage range.
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  11. LaughingDead

    That. Is. ********.
    I didn't know an arrow to your head was nonlethal.
  12. Partl

    Playing a Stalker, it is the way to go, imo. Just use enchancedTargeting to find out, whom u can ohk ;)
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  13. CuteBeaver

    Crossbow is not a weapon you should be using at range, unless your running enhanced targeting implant (default implant which allows you to see enemy HP bar without having to spot.) Only with that implant is it possible to see which targets can be killed with a single headshot. Scoring that headshot from a distance is another story entirely... The crossbow does not do enough damage due to a x1.5 HS mutiplier kill a player in a single headshot if they have full health (1000 HP). A single headshot does 975 dmg, so it CAN kill enemy infils (900 HP) if they are not using NAC ( Nano Armor Cloaking)

    Unfortunately when the patch drops crossbows performance at range is only going to get worse. Instead of Double Body shot kills (which are possible vs moving targets) we are looking at situations where infantry wearing Auxy + Nanoweave will require 3 body shots to kill. (New Heavies will come standard with this loadout) This will further push the crossbow towards indoor work / rooftop / tree only work in CQC setting.

    The crossbow is a point clearing weapon. Paired with EMPs it kills in a single body shot. Paired with a quick knife it has near instant executions. Sadly its skill requirement is rather punishing due to the chamber time and risks involved CQC. However its really fun in those roles.

    For distance related work your much better off using the Blackhand, and even having spent several years ONLY playing with the crossbow I cannot possibly even come close to hitting moving targets as easily. Blackhand is just straight up better for that job. Crossbow really does need a velocity boost if DBG intends us to use it beyond 35 meters against moving targets. I say this because Daybreak seems to have made no comment on adjusting the crossbow around Auxy Nano changes. I still love the crossbow for what it does well. I hope my criticisms are not misunderstood. It can be used at range, but it does not excel in this role.
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  14. Ghoest

    Both the backhand and the cross bow work for close to mid range sniping. The slug guns work too.

    But for the most part you cant get away with it as light assault anymore because there enough smart/veteran players around who know that you have to clean out any light assult who fancies himself a sniper. I used to do it a lot.

    If you want to pistol snipe the name of the game is figuring out how to put an Inf in a place that is normally reserved for LA.
  15. Steza

    I've had some fairly good ones with the Valentine day crossbow tower stomping infiltrators only time I use it to kill. Other then that you can be annoying by tossing recon darts onto it and shooting it from weird places for your team.
  16. SarahM

    I've been using the crossbow with explosive bolts for the random vehicle encounterd along the road. E.g. not gonna waste C4 on a flash.

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