Crossbow ammo types

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Daigons, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Daigons

    So do all three Crossbow ammo types reveal you the same way on opposing player radar? I was just wondering if I should be using the explosive bolts all the time so I can take advantage of burning vehicles.
  2. CuteBeaver

    Detection occurs up to 10 meters away from source. It won't show a signature beyond that. Detection bolts are like weak recon darts. (Like rank 1. One pulse every 3.2 ish seconds) The first dart always gives an instant pulse. All the darts share the same scan timer so surface area is ideal instead of stacking them on top of each other. Not to mention the scan rate is so slow a wider area is more likely to detect something.

    Last i checked the explosive tips not being silenced beyond 10 meters was fixed. They should all be 10 meters now. Explosive ammo generally isn't advised for infantry play. However they do the same damage as standard. A portion of their damage is converted to splash damage which can be a pain for shot knife combos. Not to mention Flak Armour reduces the weapons effectiveness.
  3. SilentSueRia

    Then dont have the radar animation making a pulse that looks like 25 to 45 meters like an Infiltrator recon dart!
  4. Maecy

    blackhand or crossbow for stalker infil?
  5. ParakeetLord88

    Both. Different usages. You don't really need any other weapons though - I don't like close range work as a stalker. If you must do it, try an emissary, but avoid getting right next to a target as the TTK is a bit subpar. Even better, flank with it, don't assassinate (meaning have the target shooting at someone else).
  6. Anteep

    nuclear bolts

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