Creepy/Suspicious low BR people.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Earthman, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Earthman

    I'm talking the almost-always Heavy Assault guys with the starter LMG, typically BR 1 to 5 or so, that seem to take out squads at a time, and yet in spite of this remarkable feat, always seem to be in this low BR range.

    I don't buy that they just started, and alting can't be all THAT common.

    They tend to appear late nights, and often have names like DJFGSG123.

    Is this a Connery thing, or anyone else see these guys? I'm assuming making "hackusations" will cause reactionary responses, so I'd like to know if I'm the only one getting this experience.
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  2. Shadowyc

    Probably pros alting out of boredom.
    Of course, Forumside will probably just say you need a swift ***** slap upside the face and L2P. :p
  3. Thovargh

    A wild guess would be that they are trying to pad off hour WDS scores
  4. Earthman

    I don't get the alting out of boredom thing.

    MAYBE it does happen, but it seems weird, especially in the numbers I have noticed. Such as 4-6 of these guys shutting down an amp station while standing on high perches with their starter LMGs headshot sniping from each approach trajectory of the generators, each with those creepy UJHFWIHFG56 names.

    I'm assuming it's "hee hee I have scripts but dont wanna lose my edgy skull mask account" people. I highly doubt "new" people'd be quite as kill-heavy and seemingly never get to BR10 or beyond.

    And I expect a good deal of "ur bad" in this tread. Likely from some people doing this very behavior.
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  5. Shadowyc

    That's the most likely thing, especially if they're sniping with starter LMGs. Which is itself something I don't know of any heavy who's ever done that ever.
  6. Earthman

    By "sniping" I mean long range shots with multiple DINGDINGDING impacts and quick deaths for me and those around me, again and again.

    I guess sniper rifles aren't fast enough if you have "assistance".
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  7. Shadowyc

    Also, perhaps what Thor said...or worse; the lack of patches mean hackers have finally caught up on the anti-hack and are just testing them. :eek:
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  8. Earthman

    Sadly, yeah.

    And even if caught, I don't see any reason they'd want to stop making new "free" accounts.

    I wish there was some limit to the "free," like having to register a valid name with a credit card, even if no expenses are charged.

    Quality of life and player retention of online games depends largely on how "clean" the game feels. Giggling cheaters with endless capacity for cheap wins can kill it for the rest of us.
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  9. Regpuppy

    Guess I've been lucky enough to fight some really bad players at off hour times. By bad, I don't mean new. I mean mid BR players that are just fodder to anyone who's not brand new to FPS bad. Every once in awhile you'll see the occasional duo farming early morning ghost cappers hardcore

    Granted, I don't go slumming in off hours much. Too much boredom and ghost capping for my blood.

    This never works. Think of the connotations of something that's free requiring you give your credit/debit card number.
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  10. Commissar Penitus

    I'm a long-time reader, first time poster.

    I've been seeing a lot of this on Connery. I play TR mostly, so its Orions and Gauss SAWs with these low BR squad-destroyers.

    I logged into my NC and VS alt, and noted there were some CARV users of the same low BR, doing similar things. And yes it seems to be a past midnight thing.

    I don't buy this being skill or whatever. Its very suspicious and I wish there was some way to stop it.
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  11. Kunavi

    I notice that too on Woodman occasionally. Kind of sad, I really doubt it's skill.
  12. Earthman

    I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this.

    Besides late-night it also seems to gravitate around alerts. It seems sort of like: "Well my faction needs some momentum, so time to make some trash alts and turn on my scripts!" Of course it defeats the very purpose of playing and makes the game less fun for everyone else, but that's pretty far from the mind of the emotionally challenged types that do this.

    I can believe a higher BR getting some long range consistent LMG headshots. This is very low BR, supposedly "new" people we're talking about. And if they're "alts", what are the alts for, exactly?
  13. Earthman

    I may not represent many, but I do know 4 former players who have all left due to this sort of frustrating "how did that really low level guy suddenly kill me really fast, and do it again and again?" quasi-farm behavior during this preseason event. I'm skeptical they will come back.

    Yeah, I hold out the possibility that this has nothing to do with scripts/cheating and is just bizzare behavior that for some reason involves unnaturally "good" very low BR alts with creepy quasi-haxor names. In any case, this game'd be in much better shape with a lid put on this. And some more regular GM attendance on each server. And some way of limiting the infinite free account spam.
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  14. VSDerp

    i sometimes get suspicious than i look at their stats.
  15. Earthman

    What have you found when you looked at their stats?

    It can be hard for me to remember how to spell UGSEE231/whatever after one of those low BR slaughters that sometimes happens on Connery (as in, they slaughter us invariably with starter LMGs over and over). I have noticed a peculiar action that often happens immediately after half of my platoon was killed: they start shooting directly against walls and hillsides. I assume it's to make their accuracy ratio look more "realistic".

    Crap like this hurts the game's health.
  16. IamDH

    Don't think i've ever noticed this.

    I have run into people that seemed like hackers but nothing i can confirm tbh
  17. CrashB111

    There are some people on the leaderboards that you know are hacking like when you look at their stats and see a 90% headshot rate or some other such ludicrous number.
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  18. PapaMojo

    I have seen some fishy looking names late at night on Connery as well. I"m not saying they are hackers, but if American hackers were looking to test scripts, then late at night on Connery, when there is still population but very low chance of active GM's being on might be the best place/time to do so. *sigh*
  19. Stromberg

    check their accuracy. 20% is average, 30% is pretty good. everything beyond 40% is suspicious.
  20. FIN Faravid

    I don't remember seeing them before, but today i saw some low-BR decimating my sguad. It really got my attention, but when ever i saw him again he did not seem strong anymore, so in my case that guy might have been just lucky.

    It could have been just Matt Highby finding better shampoo tough.