[CRC] Calamity Ravens Corps, Recruiting both new and experienced players.

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    Outfit Name: [xCRC] Calamity Ravens Corps

    Server: Miller and Emerald

    Faction: New Conglomerate , (The Blue Guys)

    Specialization: Competitive, Combined Arms Squads, while Infantry at it's core. SQUAD Play is a must and is expected at all times. If you can't put your Squad above yourself as a Individual, don't bother to DM or Apply.

    Website: At https://www.guilded.gg/Corps (Your Discord works as your Log In on Guilded and is very well Intergrated into Discord as well)

    VOIP: Discord, at Calamity Ravens Corps
    (Our Discord Link goes trough our Guilded, for assurance to who joins our ranks and Server)

    Contacts: FORCE , [CRC] FORCE#9392 (On Discord)

    Description: Calamity Ravens Corps is a International, Competitive and Organised gaming community, no we don't have 1000 or 2000+ Members but we do have over 70 Members who are a tight knit cohesive unit and mean more to each other then our In Game Name's. We founded 3 years ago on PS4, as a Planetside 2 Outfit originally, now we have moved on to PC and expanded to other games as well, returning to the PS2 Scene once more.
    Join us into the fray!

    Minimum Requirements: Have a mic, and a Team/Squad Play based mindset with the Orientation on the Objective.

    We lead Public Squads lead by our capable Squad Leaders every two weeks on Saturday 8PM CET, so if you want to check us out and see what we are like, feel free to hop in!
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  3. FORCE010

  4. Zap97

    You guys still active? The guilded page appears empty.
  5. FORCE010

    Bump #3 and yes we are active as always @Zap
  6. Koro

    The site shows PUBG as Game and one single Member, who are you trying to fool ?