Crazy Performance Issues

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MuggieWara, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. MuggieWara

    Ive been playing PS2 without issues for 2 years.

    Suddenly there is extreme FPS drop in large fights etc.

    But the most annoying and gamebreaking issue is that when im looking at alot of objects rather than an empty spot,my characters animation's are slowed down and rendered at 5 fps or so?

    This started during the last 20 or so days

    WTH is going on?Do you guys have this issue too?Its totally GAMEBREAKING!
  2. MuggieWara

  3. LaughingDead

    This is doom mmo man, what do you expect? :p
  4. FateJH

  5. entity009

    Thats just a bug. I have gotten it before and it fixes for me with respawn. It looks choppy but the framerate remains high. It effects your run animation only. Notice how it looks like you are getting 2fps yet the TR guy runs out of that door way perfectly smoothly?

    all u need to do is redeploy when you get this and it normally fixes
  6. sebastian oscar post

    ive tried that and it still happens.
  7. MuggieWara

    We daybreak to adress this ASAP.
  8. entity009

    This is weird. Like I said earlier I get this bug on occasion. At first I thought my computer was hanging up then I noticed that my frames were still well past 100. I then noticed that even though my character seemed to be moving all 2fps-ish everything in the world was moving normally. It seems like this is a bug which effects the players character animations only. It does not actually cause a drop in FPS. Any time I have gotten this bug it lasted only until I respawned.
  9. S1ma

  10. FLHuk

    << Same PC since day one of this game, AMD 955BE

    This comes around every once in a while then gets patched out in due course.

    It is pretty dire atm but a quick game close and restart hourly gets me back to 50fps. Though bigger fights are vehicle only areas....
  11. Grievance

    same problem here, was running game no problem on ultra/high for 2 years and this just started for me a few months ago

    you can crank settings way down, but you will probably still get animation choppiness

    would be nice if they fixed it, but no news on anything yet. completely unplayable until a solution is found
  12. S1ma

    Same damn thing. Game was always running fine, but now almost unplayeble.
    Hope devs know about the problem
  13. Grievance

    well, more bumps would help visibility

    i havnt heard of any fixes yet, but i do really want to come back and play, just cant when game is in this state