CrashSide 2

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AdamPA1006, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. AdamPA1006

    Wat do? Game crashes allllll the time, so annoying.

    i7 4770K
    R9 290X
    16 RAM
  2. cruczi

  3. AdamPA1006

    No, never seen any of those. And its always completely random when it happens, sometime loading, sometime looking at map, sometimes just in battle, etc. etc. also window 8.1
  4. FleurDisLee

    its not about our comp its the servers! its always the server!
  5. Chivalry

    If it were the server, wouldn't I get crashes too?

    As it stands, I don't get any crashes.
  6. kirinohana

    Yeah the game runs horribly, and it gets worse each patch since PU2. When I started it was 2-3 hours between crashes and gotten only worse from there, with this recent one its gotten to be 20 min till crash. I pretty much wont play like that.

    Now as far as suggesting its our computers and not on there side, why does performance get worse, around the same time as patches, but computer specs dont? This coupled with the bugs make it at this time one of the worst running MMO's I have had the pleasure to experience. So yeah OP its them not you.