crashing game (The return ???)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by henrickbr, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. henrickbr

    Hello guys.

    Well, I'm in trouble again in the game, this time, the game crashes and dies, I need (ctrl + alt + del) to close the game.
    The latest updates are really crazy, solves a problem, another one appears. LOL

    Win 8.1 64x
    8 Ram
    fx 6300 (CPU)
    GTX550TI (GPU)
  2. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Many different things can cause the game to crash. Please be sure to read the kb article for suggestions:

    Answer Title: Suggestions to Resolve Crashing and Freezing
    Answer Link:

    If you still have issues, please submit in a support ticket.
  3. henrickbr

    I checked, everything is Ok.
    My system supports the game, the problem started after update

    Your not on your own mate, lots of us have it too, check the Steam forums to see more complaints over persistant CTD for months.
    I had one night were i played for about 3-4 hours straight but thats the best i have managed in over 2 months, usually crashing within 15-30mins.

    Its just something you will learn to put up with this game, bad patch after bad patch, issue after issue. Fix CTD with one .exe then 2 weeks later we get a new .exe and a new CTD and so the cycle continues.

    Sucks but its true and its been this way for a long time now. Good job theres no Friday night ops anymore, that would be embarrasing for them, CTD on air constantly, lol.
  5. dfury73

    For all the people who are CTDing and hitching and have windows 7 and an older amd cpu (Athlon X4 or older Phenoms)

    Go here:

    Download AMD Dual-Core Optimizer install and the hitching and freezing is gone.
    Might work with windows 8 but did not try that.
    Also fixed UTGOTY CTD on windows 7 for me.

    NC Regards from Holland :D
  6. Lazzar2

    lol Thanks. Now my launcher wont even start. Proceed with caution on this one.
  7. Baduser

  8. AshHill07

    As much as I'd love to blame my recent forced update to Windows 8.1 for the sudden increase in crashes I can't. The game functioned perfectly fine for 48 hours on 8.1 and only since the update on Saturday Afternoon has the game started consistently crashing. Whatever that update did it now means I can't play the game for more than 20 minutes without crashing ...