Crashes in character screen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FleurDisLee, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. FleurDisLee

    since update i been crashing to desktop after i hit Play button! FIX THIS!
  2. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    This sounds like this may be client based. Please create a support ticket with both your Dxdiag/Msinfo so we can further assist you.
    In the meantime, please look over the tips and suggestions below:
    Answer Title: Suggestions to Resolve Crashing and Freezing
    Answer Link:
  3. FleurDisLee

    guess i ll wait for next patch, this always happens and 1 or 2 patch always fixes it, i dont think its my com fault here see you guys in month or 2 :p
  4. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Since many people are able to get into the game, it really does sound like it's client based. You are always welcome to submit a ticket :)