crashes after GU09

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Camycamera, May 24, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    i have hardly crash before GU09, but after, every 5-min-2hs it crashes.

    and i lost 100s of certs because of this. why? (this happened today, btw, during the DOUBLE XP) first of all, i was in a anit air turret, about to take down a galaxy, with us winning the indar alert, with 2:55min left (i was present for the ENTIRE ALERT), and the game freezes. then crashes. i try to log back in quickly, then when the game is loading it stops at 98% for 30 seconds which is a bug i have heard of but i have never experienced untill now, and then i pressed login, and it did NOTHING. then it went back to "play" and it wouldn't work. i logged out, logged back in, then it showed a black screen with a hud, and pressing esc showed my name was "nub nub" or something. i quit, and the alert ended. the entirety of my platoon got loads of certs. i didn't get any of them, or not that i know of anyway.

    i love this update, but this is the most gamebreaking bug so far. YOU OW ME 100 CERTS, SOE

    also, you should add a system that gives you points after winning a round even if you leave the match just like in Tribes Ascend, and gives you xp depending on how well you had did.

    i can't believe the damn game crashed 3 minutes before the alert ended.