Crash when redeploying

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ManualReplica, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. ManualReplica

    So I've crashed 4 times in a row when attempting to redeploy from NC Indar WG to Regent Rock.
    For the first couple of times I thought it was just bad luck, the PS2 client is sure as hell not known for its stability (and its a miracle of you can play on for 3 hours without crashing a couple of times), but after the third and then fourth time it became pretty obvious that something was wrong.

    Humorously enough, my buddy (and others I'd guess) could redeploy and get to Regent Rock without problems, and yesterday (2013-04-21) I redeployed all over Esamir without issues or crashes, and prior to this I barely if ever crashed on spawning.

    So yeah, does this happen with anyone else?
    Does it happen more often to you on specific continents and bases or is it just random?
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  2. EvilJollyT

    Yes, I am also having this problem. Screen freezes after redeploying forcing me to Task Manager out. 3 times in 2 hours.
  3. MajiinBuu

    Happens to me lots
  4. asteldian

    Yup, since GU7 I deal with crashes every day after death - I don't get as far as redeploying. Game locks either on me dead, or load screen.
    Then again, everything related to Planetside seems to struggle - even these forums seem to take an age to do anything
  5. AmazingBob

    After the patch that was released soon after GU7, I guess it's been about a week since that, I could finally redeploy without worrying about crashing. Now, after today's 28mb patch, I've already crashed twice in just a few hours, immediately after logging in. I guess good things don't last.
  6. Karles

    Me too. The bug is than ever!!! Please fix it
  7. Threat

    My friend seems to crash anytime he goes to the deploy, anywhere or from anything.

    I crash every few hours when deploying, or sometimes 2-3 times in a row. And after GU07 sometimes on death I grow through multiple loading screens, or an infinite loop, before ctrl+alt+delete or it finally brings up the deployment screen. Then it sometimes still freezes on 100% or it loads.
  8. KHAN3689

    I am not ale to play it . Since yesterday when ever I die and do redeploy, my game crashes.
  9. Duskwind

    Yep...sometimes I can redeploy fine, and at other times it'll freeze me with a grey screen at the spawn location, forcing me to task manager out 3 or 4 times in a row.
  10. Suchy101

  11. ArcKnight

    this started after GU05 and its getting out of hand, technically its already gotten out of hand

    I spend more time trying to redeploy than anything else in-game and its infuriating :mad:
  12. control-z

    Me too, I get 1 or 2 crashes every time I play upon redeploy. I can still hear my squadmates talking but keyboard is totally non-responsive except for Control-Alt-Del to get to Task Manager.

    Also, the game seems to load a lot more from hard drive now. It takes a good 1.5 minutes to settle down when I first load after I reach the warp gate.
  13. Zynex

    Absolutely amazing how long this has gone unfixed...
  14. HadesR

    Yup was ok for a few day's now it's back again .. and bringing it's friend the flashing screen bug
  15. LibertyRevolution

    I don't know why so many people are having problems.. I play for 6 hour sessions everyday without crashing once..
    I have not seen the flashing bug, looking at sky everywhere, since GU03...

    People that are crashing on redeploy.. Please check your planetside2 folder for "outofmemory.txt".
    I would be willing to bet that your running out of video memory when it has to load it all at once on redeploy.

    Also, disable phsyX... There are known issues with the particles causing crashing on deploy...

    If you have not deleted your UserOptions.ini after the latest update, maybe you should, as that fixes a lot of issues.
    The game will make a new one with the default settings when your run it.

    My rig ain't nothing special either... AMD x6 1090T overclocked @ 3.8GHZ, 8GB ram, GTX570.
    Running Ultra textures. Shadows, Flora, and PhysX OFF. Everything else on high.

    My other rig here with an AMD x2 555 overclocked @ 3.8Ghz, 4GB of ram, and 4870 1GB, also doesn't crash...
    Running High textures and lighting. Shadows, Flora OFF. Everything else on medium.

    How many of you people crashing have less than 1GB video cards?
  16. Ubikuuu

    Fact is it did not happen before.

    Only since GU7 I too keep on crashing at redeploy.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    Check your planetside2 install folder for "outofmemory.txt" ?
    Have you deleted your useroptions.ini and had the game give you a fresh one?

    These are the first steps in solving your issues.

    It is also useless to post that your crashing and not give us specifics on what is in your system.
  18. starlinvf

    Someone pointed out that waiting for spawn timer to finish counting, then pick one location, THEN double click the "point on the map" where you want to spawn, it seems get around the problem.

    I've been doing this and it seems to stop it from happening on all but the most rare occasions.