Crash on close - "Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by murfshake, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. murfshake

    This is the same crash I have had for 2+ months in the beta.
    Anytime I close the game this happens. I have tried updating the drivers but that did nothing.

    My Hardware is listed below:

    And here is the crash:

  2. Auduin

    I'm getting the same exact error. Most of the time its when I close PS2. But once, it was in middle of a firefight and it said "Server error" and then gave me the stackhash error.
  3. TSR-JoshuaM Customer Service

    This crash only occurs when attempting to close the game? Go ahead and submit a DXDIAG/MSINFO in a support ticket and we'll dig in to the crash logs.
  4. LouCypher

    This happens for me every time I Exit the game. I opened a support ticket but considering it happened all through beta and now "release" I'm not holding my breath waiting for a fix.
  5. WeEdNL

    Same here, happens every exit.

    I can't be arsed to post any details, my pc and overclock are stable, tested ram, tested prime95, tested occt, no problems detected.

    Exceptions added in Anti virus, tried many different drivers, all the same result, how hard can it be to trace the exe code that causes crash on exit? check the code or whatever it is that needs to be done, I have a general idea that nothing is being done about it, because it has been in there since the beta.

    Posting DXdiag's and other logs will not help this issue, those who compile the game files need to check the code.

    Also many players are getting the same issues, the largest portion will remain silent and never play again, I doubt that "ALL" of our computers are broken.
  6. Fatalbazooka

    This used to happen to me at every exit, but now it has started happening in the middle of game play. I'd say at about 10 - 20 minutes in it'll just just force close and say "planetside2.exe has stopped working" and there will be a StackHash #### as the failed module.
  7. LouCypher

  8. LouCypher

    Doing a Google search for "StackHash" points to problems related to DEP under Windows. The recommended "fix" for other programs with StackHash issues is to disable DEP for the offending program, but that can't be done for Planetside 2.

    I know you've gotten error reports with DXDIAG and MSINFO reports, how long are you going to let this bug go without fixing it?
  9. JesstersDead

    I get this same error every time I close the game. Got it intermittently during alhpa and beta as well, but seemed to have been cleared up with a patch at some point late in beta. Have had it consistantly when closing the launch build however.
  10. JoCool

    I get this every time I close the game.

    Asking on Clan's comms, I got 20 responses as "yes I do get that too" out of 30 people online. People just never mention it, they do not seem to care. Neither do I. But I'd never say no to a fix.
  11. KaosWarMonk

    9/10 times I crash on exit as well, same as reported above.


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