craftable Exceptional Implants

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  1. DarkStarAnubis


    Rejoice! We can finally build Exceptional Implants as well, ending forever the loot crate lottery!!!

    Now for the bad news: costs of crafting an Exceptional: 45.000 ISO-4 and you won't get anymore ISO-4 for participating in alerts otherwise it would be too easy :)

    Source: PTS gameplay
  2. Botji

    Im not sure the 45k cost is there to stay or going to get adjusted, you get like 225 ISO-4 when breaking down 9 basic implants, deluxe pack with 9 implants costs 750 certs.

    You would have to break down 200 deluxe packs to get enough ISO-4 for a single exceptional implant and those 200 implant packs are worth 150 000 certs, you can also get exceptional implants from the packs and a not insignificant chance from the ISO-4 recycler pack so Im a bit confused who these exceptional crafters are supposed to be? :confused:

    Only the old time vets that have already spent an ungodly amount of certs on implants + ISO-4 recycler packs without getting all the exceptionals? Who else will even consider doing this when it might very well be much better to spend the 45k on the recycler packs, 90 of them are a lot of decent chances at exceptionals.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    They really give and take. For every good change (here: craftable exceptionals) there is a dumb one (here: removing ISO gain from alerts).
    As if there weren't precious few reasons to care for alerts as it is...