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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by user13806, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. user13806

    I just purchased the Armistice for my infiltrator, but I'm not sure about which attachments I should use. So far I've bought Reflex Sight 1x and the Extended Magazine.

    The recoil is pretty bad, so I'm not sure whether to buy the Compensator or the Suppressor.

    Also, is the Soft Point Ammo worth it?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. CNR4806

    Soft point ammo is a straight upgrade for SMGs, which reduced bullet velocity doesn't mean a thing to its optimal engagement range.

    Compensator makes your hipfire less accurate (which is a major feature for SMGs even without laser sight) in exchange for less vertical recoil, which is not that difficult to control yourself. It also makes your gun louder and easier to detect on the minimap, which is counter-productive for an infiltrator. I'd not recommend it.
  3. Topher

    Suppressor, softpoint ammunition, a foregrip, and possibly a 1x reflex, though iron sights feel better to me.
  4. ZillFattak

    Been using those 2 possibilities. Suppressor imo is essential for infiltrator and allows for longer killstreaks.
    I am a hipfire person with smgs. So without advanced laser you need to aim more carefully and burst more. Still, advanced mag isn't a bad option too. I find myself changing between the two quite often.
    Armistice is a nice weapon and auraxiuming it was ok even though i hate spray and pray. (Side note: I hate the Hailstorm).
  5. Topher

    No thank you, you need to aim for the head and click one with this fun and you have a kill. The minimized recoil is essential in that case, so the list I provided will get you the most out of your Armstice, as that playstyle is really the best.
  6. Leivve

    SMGs are not intended for ADS, some of them are actually less accurate while ADS. the only choice is extended mags or adv. laser, I recommend extended mags, so that way you can 2v1 when **** hits the fan. Softpoint is a must and a silencer is strongly recommended; though not a must get like other people claim. scope is personal preference, but 3.4x up is bad due to the recoil, also you'll get less use out of it as you should not be engaging enemies from that distance.

    Side note, don't use the Armistice with you're light assault or Engineer the Jaguar and Lynx are better then them in almost every way while still having better effective range then them.
  7. ZillFattak

    That playstyle is the best for you :) I dont really like getting slowed down by ADS.
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  8. Topher

    Out of all the methods I've tried, it feels like for anyone they would get the most out of it, though whatever works for you :p
  9. zaspacer

    I agree with Leiwe here. Suppressor is not always a "must" use.

    Suppressor is a very powerful ability for Infiltrators, but it comes at the price of a slower Time-To-Kill at various ranges. The TTK decrease for a Suppressor on the Armistice is between ~0-14% at varying ranges.

    I DO normally use Suppressor, but there are some cases where I just want the fastest TTK and run with no Suppressor. I run without Suppressor in situations like:
    * an almost empty base with me going heads up with 1 or 2 other people (especially if one of them is a Heavy Assault)
    * a massive zerg on zerg battle on a Tower where there are so many enemy markers on the opponent's map that you showing up on their map doesn't matter
  10. ZillFattak

    My bad. I was thinking about wiping out smaller groups or reinforcements on flat terrain.That's what I use the armistice mainly for.
  11. Mustarde

    In my humble opinion, if you are ADS'ing routinely with a SMG, you couldn't be more wrong. Every advantage granted by an SMG hinges on the fact that you can hipfire, strafe and accurately fire at close range, maximizing ones own damage output while minimizing incoming damage through evasive strafing. Once you ADS, you become an inferior carbine user. Sometimes you have to ADS, however it is not a very good use of the weapon - in general -

    There are some who use the NS-7 PDW with a compensator/foregrip and make it work, but that is certainly the exception as that weapon has a long (15m) range where it maintains maximum damage output.

    My armistice build is 1x reflex, extended mag (always), suppressor, soft point.

    A weapon with 896rpm means NO MATTER WHAT you will fire a few extra rounds as the target dies. Extended mag lets you have enough to kill two people in a single mag. It also has enough forgiveness so you are not stuck reloading when facing a NW5 HA with shield up that you snuck up on and have to hurry up and finish.

    My advice with this SMG (Which I prefer over the Hailstorm) is to remember that it's max damage range is within 6m. So get in real close before shooting. I now am more patient and wait to engage targets once they are close to me, and they drop very fast. I used to start shooting at targets too soon, and they would be able to tank the damage and get to cover and/or kill me. If you treat this weapon like a shotgun, it will behave like one.
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  12. Sworaven

    I run mine with Iron Sights, Extended Mags and Soft Point Ammunition. Most of the time I don't bother with a supressor. It's only in rare cases when I know I'm up against decent players that are situationally aware that I equip it.

    Just thinking about a foregrip on the Armistice makes me feel dirty. You really need that extended magazine to consistently take down multiple targets per mag. Before the SMG's were released I had this bad habit of always trying to ADS, whatever the range. I really had to work on hipfiring with the Armistice instead of this reflex I had to ADS. About 4.5k kills later, I still feel hipfiring is the way to get the most out of the Armistice.
  13. Topher

    Personally, I really love the RMB+Aimforthehead+Click, then release RMB, then RMB+Aimforthehead+Click, release RMB and run away or pull out the Commissioner, which provides great practice for aiming to the head. Iron sights are just a preference of mine with SMG, and of course these methods work best for me when I used the Armstice, and may not be the best for everyone else. I do agree, though, that at points it detracts from overall effectiveness when ADSing. I do what you describe with the Hailstorm, but with a laser sight because it already has a built in extended magazine. All in all, with the Armstice I have a unique playstyle to say the least that is very effective when done well. As for shooting too far away with the Armstice, I still have a little bit of that problem, xD, but that's just my impatient, rash nature.
  14. Topher

    If you can aim for the head consistently then ADSing is very effective. Though it arguably has it's big drawback from the more "effective ways to use SMG, it is unique and effective in its own way in the right hands.
  15. Hoki

    soft-point and advanced laser all of the things

    soft-point and advanced laser make you more deadly while hip firing

    barrel attachments all make you less deadly

    so for maximized hurt, laser and soft-point
  16. redsevenski

    I preferred this weapon over the hailstorm (but maybe just because I used it second so was more used to SMGs by then) and found the set up for me was:

    Soft Point Ammo (a straight upgrade for SMGs)
    Suppressor (that's just what I find works for me)
    Extended Mag (tried the adv laser sights but found the advantage negligible so found this option better)
    IR/NV sights (not for ADS but for spotting enemies in difficult terrain like fighting Vanu on Amerish)
  17. Stinneyt

    I like:

    Extended Mag
    2x Reflex

    I only just got the Armistice and GOD DAMN! what a weapon.
  18. IamTheRyaN

    I have Armistice since it was released and since then I was using : 2x Reflex, suppressor, ALS, SPA and I have almost 700 kills with it. Mainly using it on Infiltrator.
  19. CaptainAmeda

    This gun has a lot of side to side recoil, getting the forgrip will help both hipfire and ADS for this gun. Get soft point for sure. This gun has very little upward recoil, so compensator is worthless, go suppressor and use it when you need it, aside from that, don't use anything on barrel.
  20. gh05t

    I've got my Auraxium Medal on the Armistice today.

    I've been using it with extended mags, suppressor, and only hip firing, I sometimes wonder if I'd have been better off with the advanced laser, because of that.

    many times the bullet just spews off target, so I think the laser may give a better TTK, but be less likely to kill a 2nd opponent.

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