Counter Capturing no longer a thing?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheRunDown, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. TheRunDown

    I've noticed you can capture a base even if your base is currently being captured..
    Or Start capturing a base linked to your base to prevent the enemy from capturing your base..

    Been looking at the map, and bases with one link to each other can capture each other regardless..
  2. BlueSkies

    Can confirm as of last night... nope. Was sitting on the point staring at red text telling me to **** off until our connected base was resecured.
  3. Diilicious

    this has to be the most annoying part of the game for me.

    yes its tactical, yes it makes sense in the grand scheme of the games current design, yes it gives smaller squads a objective

    but jesus christ it just throws massive spanners into the flow of the game play at almost every base (Speaking from NC perspective) because lord knows NC arent clever enough to 1 defend the base they just capped, or 2 send somebody ahead to cap the next base pre-emptively so that nobody can back-cap you to begin with.

    nor are they clever enough to send anyone back to the previous base when the back cap-begins, so a lot of the time its just the most frustrating and irritating gaming experience ever.
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  4. TheDarSin

    As frustrating as what you're describing might be, back capping is one of the only ways to counter zergs and I'm glad its part of the game.
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  5. Taemien

    Let me ask this... Lets say there is three players on your side, player A, player B, and Player C. You are Player A.

    You wish to push forward and begin capping the base. But can't because you're being back capped.
    Player B wishes to push forward and begin capping the base. But can't because you all are being back capped.
    Player C wishes to push forward and begin capping the base. But can't because you all are being back capped.

    Who should pull back and guard against the back cap? Player A, B, or C? And why should whomever you chose have to do this over the others?

    Point I'm trying to make here. You're complaining about your faction not being clever enough to do something you yourself do not wish to do. They are in the same boat as you. They think that -YOU- are too stupid to pull back too.

    That's the problem, there's no coordination. Its a zerg, everyone thinks what they are personally doing is more important than their peers. You all aren't working as a team.

    The system isn't throwing massive spanners into the flow. You are. You are by your inability to cooperate, or stubborness to with the rest of your team. PS2 is a three-legged race. You can win it, but only if you work with your partner.

    Here's a place to start:
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  6. Diilicious

    who the hell said i dont go back to try and sort it out? pretty sure i didnt say i didnt. so why are you assuming i dont?

    having spent 40+ minutes at a base, i no longer want to see this base anymore, i want to see the next base, the next challenge, the next set of terrain. but i cant, i have to spend even longer attempting to sort out a problem that i potentially dont have the strength to sort out all alone, you think i can get players B and C to come and help me? can i balls, these crack heads do what they want.

    we just finish capping a base i pull a lightning like i almost always do and then i move over to the next base, after skirmishing with the enemy armour or air if im a skyguard, im like 'why the hell is this taking so long' and of course, lo and behold, the enemy is back at the base we just came from.

    YAWN, its ******* irritating. but im not saying i dont understand why it is done, or its importance.

    also who said anything about a zerg? and again why is everyone only assuming this ever happens to a zerg? honestly.
  7. Taemien

    I actually don't give two craps if you do or not as far as this discussion is concerned. What you do or don't do isn't in question, but your attitude (and people like you).

    There's the problem I said in my post you didn't want to quote for other's to immediately see.

    Its about what -You- want, not what is good for the team (you know, the people in your faction). The issue is, everyone else has the same mentality. No one's working as a team (That's a Zerg by the way, an uncoordinated mass). So while you, Player A is complaining about getting back capped. So is Player B, C, D, and so on. Everyone's complaining about their own teammates, calling them names (like crack heads, your word, not mine). But no one is actually heading back, expecting someone else to go.

    The attitudes of people like you needs to change. It ain't about going to the new base. Its about helping each other secure the win. Well that's the idea anyway. You're free to make any decision and play how you wish. But don't whine about the consequences for doing so.

    If you want to go ride in your lightning off by yourself and not secure against back caps. Don't complain about backcaps. And if you feel that you can't doing anything on your own (IMO you shouldn't be soloing, its a MMO, but whatever). Then use the tools at your disposal. Use a squad, a platoon, or outfit. Its not that hard. I personally use a squad, I send someone back to gank the ghostcapper and once its secure, drop a beacon down so they can join us.

    But I'm a squadleader with certs spent in beacon. I can do that. I can do alot of things. I also don't complain very much. I don't think that is a coincidence.
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  8. TheDarSin

  9. ModsFreeAreForTV

    I will forever not understand why people are so against the Zerg. Can someone enlighten me on why you people hate them so much and every update that helps them?
  10. Diilicious

    well since you arent actually reading what i say, guess theres no point in reading what you say, i mean seriously you wrote all that with seemingly your eyes closed.

    one part of the many problems on this forum.
  11. Taemien

    There you go again thinking the world revolves around you. Sorry, it doesn't. And you don't get to go cry in the corner when someone disagrees with you, or calls you out on your BS.
  12. PlanetBound

    I usually see a few people trying to break out for the connected enemy base. Might not be able to cap it but temporarily disabling air / ground vehicles can be a huge help. Always good for a chuckle to see air limp in to a hacked pad.