Could NSO guns be worst ? is it possible at all ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dgim, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. Dgim

    NSO need improvement on the guns...

    1st accuracy is terrible for most.
    2nd dmg is normal compared to others but if u add fire rate your gun is under most of the guns in game.
    3rd guns have no flavor whats so ever and average to low on the ammo count.

    Last and more important why NSO dont have accces to the faction guns they are freelancing for ... that way no one woudnt be ******** about anything and it would be all perfect and no time and money would be wasted on improvement and developpement.

    Plz upgrade NSO to the standard the other faction have so we can really use it as a efficient filler to the outnumbered side without being undergun on top of outnumbered...
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  2. RRRIV

    1.) accuracy and recoil patterns are actually pretty good. thats why the starter LMG is one of the best in the game and NSO carbines overall are really good
    2.) they actually have better damage at range. built in soft point on all weapons.
    3.) refer to #2 and add pew pew blue lazers for your faction flavor.

    and WHY would they have access to lashers/T7s/Jackhammers? if you want to use those weapons, play VS/TR/NC. An argument can be made for NSOs to have a faction specific heavy weapon.
  3. Liewec123

    my main gripe with NSO is the lack of a decent AA weapon.
    i can't even pull a pair of NS bursters on the NS faction...
    if i'm on NC we finally have masthead to offer some AA, TR have the good ole faithful god of AA, Striker,
    even on the rare occasion when i play VS its easy to swap air with Lancer, but NSO just don't have anything.

    lock on launchers are useless, as are those hilariously bad lock-on-grenades for the half-arsed max.

    also the NSO launchers are terribly designed with that useless side scope,
    so the rocket launcher blocks the entire right side of your screen...
    i don't know whether to laugh or cry that this awful s%%t was designed this way.
    was any testing done with the rocket launchers? ANY?
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  4. JibbaJabba

    w/Liewec on this one. The AA options are horrible.
    The normal AA rockets sucks on all three factions and have since CAI. TR has a special exception. And now NC Engies have one. Not so for VS or NSO. So just pull an A2A esf right. LOOOOOOLLLLL. No. Find a friend and have a hitbox bigger than a lib.

    And was it too much to just give the NSO max bursters? The hummingbird sucks.

    The Clip sizes on the Carbines (and some others) is really a joke. It means NSO is forced to have slower weapons switch and no option on an attachment because they are forced to use extended magazines. It means they miss out on a lot of the new attachments that came with the recent update. Some of the carbines are strong enough to just overcome the limitation. No lie the cbx75 and newton..

    The LMG directive weapon is still meh even after the buff. It reloads like next tuesday if you're lucky. Getting it is a complete chore. Couple good LMGs, stacks of NS-15s of course but not five that's for sure. That slow firing chunk of crap still haunts.

    Accuracy is generally a strength though. No real complaints there.
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