Cougar is garbage

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  1. Revanmug

    Bahahaha. I'm not even listening to the discussion, that damn flip is just too awesome.

    I've had that done on my lightning but a it's way more hilarious on a Vanguard
  2. current1y

    nope! will check it out though.
  3. doombro

    I absolutely adore the cougar. Its only real issue is the first shot multiplier, but if you can account for it, it's a very strong weapon.
  4. Kirppu1

    Plus the AMC looks good and it's a good series company( Breaking Bad HEEHEE)
  5. Epic High Five

    Not only have 87 people auraxiumed it already, but one person even has 7,000 kills with it

    It's a very, very good gun just like the Razor is a very, very good gun, and for the same reasons.

    edit - link in case you have DA stats
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  6. Maljas23

    Wow. Only 87 people after all this time? I was kinda expecting a lot more. I personally adore the Cougar over the other TR carbines(Other than the Jag). Like someone said earlier, as long as you aiming for head shots, you can still win CQC fights pretty easily with it.
  7. Epic High Five

    It's still relatively new and, most importantly, it's a premium priced gun that hasn't been on sale yet. I expect this number will go up as it becomes more accessible to people.

    Frankly I think most TR are happy enough with the TRAC-5 and Jaguar
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  8. Peebuddy

    I love this gun, rounds go where I want them to aka peoples heads.

    And who cares if it sucks in close quarters, pop em a few times and go for knife kills. It's so fun to do that to people.
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  9. Epic High Five

    This guy knows what's up

    I've got the same methodology with guns and prefer them to be hard hitting and slow firing because of it. Have you tried the Reaper/X11/SAW? I think you'll love them if not
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  10. Axehilt

    *perks up* Hmm, I think I'll have to give it a try then. I've always been a fan of the T5 AMC because it was fairly close to the Razor too, but if there's a weapon that's even better in that "long-ranged carbine" role it's definitely something worth checking out.

    I'll have to look up the VS one too I guess, as they were always the faction where it felt like their long-ranged carbine options were much worse than the AMC or Razor. (I think I had settled on the Solstice SF as their best carbine for sustained accuracy at range? And it really didn't compare due to the significantly worse dmg/magazine.)
  11. Paragon Exile

    Our long range carbine is the Pulsar C.

    It's mediocre :(

    You're better off using the Zenith.
  12. minhalexus

    Long range guns are generally less fun to use than close range guns.

    Except for Tross, which is so much fun.
  13. z1967

    Its worth a trial. If you like the Razor for the NC you will probably like the Cougar just as much. Unsure of how the VS think their Pulsar C performs. I think it is ok, but that is just me and I have only been on the end that the bullet comes out of :|
  14. Celeris

    Don't you dare bad mouth the Pulsar C, I love my Pulsar C.
  15. Paperlamp

    All longer range carbines are varying levels of bad, Cougar just happens to be toward the bottom of the heap.

    I'd rank them something like:

    #1. ACX-11
    --- Best TTK at mid ranges, most accurate short bursts, most devastating headshots
    #2. Merc
    --- Most all-around easy to handle with fairly balanced TTK, great accuracy
    #3. Pulsar C
    --- Hindered by the poor recoil recovery but still solid
    #4. T5 AMC
    --- Poor TTK, largest starting CoF, somewhat made up for by sustained accuracy/ease of headshots
    #5. Razor
    --- Tied for highest TTK, but good velocity and accuracy both sustained and burst
    #6. Cougar
    --- Tied for highest TTK, no significant velocity advantage, extra bullets on a gun that doesn't need it
  16. GoEErs

    I think the T5-AMC is better too. Many people don't. It's not stellar at any one thing. It is good at most things and that's why I like it so much. The low recoil plus the higher accuracy and decent ROF means for me I have a weapon I can use with confidence in every situation. I have the Cougar and it did well at low-mid to medium-mid ranges. I didn't use it for CQC. Kind of hard to beat the Jag, Lynx, and T5. IMO.
  17. FatherVanu

    "oh this weapon is crap" if your going to slam on a weapon have the stats to prove it. It's like saying NERF IT, IT KILLED ME!!! or I CAN"T USE IT MEANS IT MUST BE CRAP FIX IT!!!

    Everything in this game is personal preference some people dominate with a gun but others hate it because it just doesn't work for them. For example the Scattercanon is a heavy hitting killing machine. But I hate the low pellet spread and semi-auto fire mode. I use hacksaws as I like being able to drop as many rounds on a target as fast as possible. I also like the Hacksaw because of the wide pellet spread so I can fire into a crowd and hit more than just 3 people, But I do pay a cost as I have a lower damage than the scatter cannon pellets. Everything is personal preference there are no "bad guns" if it's "bad" is just doesn't work for you, so go and try a new carbine that works for you.
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  18. Takoita

    That would be people like me, I guess. After the sound update I have no reason to trade TRAC-5 for anything until I finally get the purple medal for it.
  19. Tentakewls

    I auraxiumed the Trac-5 already, cause it's awesome, and I'm thinking of getting the Cougar. I trialed it and even with no attachments I found it to be great, especially since I just finished auraxiuming the Corvus.
    That being said, I think this gun could use 40 rounds or higher RoF to feel more "TR"-ish.
  20. bubbacon