[Cosplay] TR - Heavy Assault Armor (WIP)

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  1. Akachi

    DO IT! Don't forget the spandex.

    Haha /Heroic-pose

    Thanks, hoping to keep the steam going and actually finish this.

    Was a long respawn, but I'm back, lol.

    If only I had the same effect with all the ladies, lol.

    My goal is to create individual molds for the major parts of the gun and possible create copies. That is why I am attaching everything together with non permanent methods (Latex glue, magnets, etc)

    Haha I wish I could, but an object this size would cost more than a top end real gun.
  2. Takoita

    That thing actually comes together? Granted, this is not the most difficult shape we have, something like TRV with an oval directly fused with a rectangle would likely be more difficult, but this is still awesome.
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  3. deggy

    It's a shame that this talent is being wasted on fascist Terran scum :p

    Excellent work so far, I'll be following this.
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  4. Phyr

    Female VS next, please.
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  5. Blarg20011

    True that, the one I have access to cost $6 per cubic inch.
  6. Sulsa

    LOVE this kind of stuff!

    Please update that first post whenever you have new pics... I would hate to miss any of the WIP stuff :)
  7. IamDH

    LOL you just made this very awkward

    It would suck if they remodeled the TMG-50 now lol. You could just say that it was the Carv, all the guns look the same
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  8. TraatAdmiral

    Hey, I was wondering what happened to this. I was keeping an eye out for you at Dragon*Con, but obviously didn't see you. I hope you'll have it ready for next year. Good luck!
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  9. Dalek

    Cosplay is the greatest invention of all time except not for people who take it seriously. Nobody wants to see your fantastic imitation of a heavy assault when they go to a cosplay event thing. What they're really there for are the obligatory scantily clad women with huge natural assets. When you see videos on youtube about these cosplay conventions, what do you see in the comments 9 times out of 10? Comments about the scantily clad ladies.

    Sorry to burst your bubble OP and being blunt about reality. :(
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  10. Lord_Avatar

    This looks awesome! Keep up the great work!
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  11. OneRedBlock

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  12. Akachi

    Actually it would have been just as easy/hard. I would simply use a different method. Instead of pure plastic, I would use the same method I used for the handle of the TMG 50, and combine Epoxy sculpt with the plastic for the smoother forms and sand it down. Epoxy sculpt is basically a clay-like substance that hardens into a hard plastic-like form after it has cured.

    Haha, We only seek peace through unity. You should join us. We have cookies.

    I'll do my best to keep you guys posted with the updates.

    That would take alot of textile knowledge, I have yet to learn how to sew. Plus I only make things I can wear, lol.

    Yea, I wish I had easy access to one. You can save alot of money by creating hollow parts and attaching them together. with a 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick wall you can save up to 90% on a larger scale object.

    I would but SOE does not allow you to edit posts after 5 minutes. Be sure to check the latest posts each week or so for updates.

    LOL, I needed something witty to say and that was the best I could come up with.

    Actually it wouldn't be too bad if they remodeled it. I can easily transform this into the Carv 9 with a paint job, or an AMR - 66 with some barrel shortening. Alot of the individual pieces are use consistently across many of the guns.

    I went, but without costume, so many things happened at the same time that it became impossible to finish in time. I really hope to finish by this year, but it is possible that I may end up going to a family member's wedding instead. We will have to see. I now know better than to make promises that I am unsure I can keep,

    You are partially right, when you see videos and images of cosplay, people gravitate towards the sexier ones. However from personal experience after my first convention and first cosplay I found that people react far better to well designed costumes than sexy costumes when they see them in person. I went as a Vindictus character two years ago and I was literally stopped every 2 minutes to get pictures taken with me. No one had even heard of the game before, they just loved the costume, and I got more attention than most sexy female cosplayers. Here's what I went as:


    Thank you very much!
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  13. HLM

    That's pretty incredible for a DIY job. If that's the sort of quality we have to look forward to, we're in for a treat.
    Glad to see the project alive again. Keep up the good work.
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  14. Willpower157

    It's been 5 days short of a year since the last post. Please tell me this is still happening??
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  15. Bonom Denej

    It's the first time I'm approving a necro.

    I kinda want to know if this is finished!