[Cosplay] TR - Heavy Assault Armor (WIP)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Akachi, May 9, 2013.

  1. DukeFlash

    or sexy Flanders?
    I mean Vanu.
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  2. HLM

    Coming along nicely.

    What exactly is the procedure in making the helmet? From the pictures it looks almost like whatever 3D program that is prints off a 2D sheet (printed on to card?) whereby you cut and fold along the lines to turn it into a 3D model again. Is that far off?
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  3. Akachi

    Lol priceless

    Well That's a self contradicting statement, LOL.

    Close. First I have to remodel the helmet from scratch (because I have to create a topology that is specifically suitable for paper craft.). I then have a separate program which I export it to. In this program I make cut-seams and create a type of unfolding layout much like a opening up a cardboard cube. I then take measurements of my head and make sure the scale is accurate before printing off the templates.

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  4. Jkar

    It's called Pepakura which is more or less what paper craft is butchered into when written with the Japanese alphabet.

    The usual process is:
    - creating a 3D model in a program of your choice (Blender is a good starting point and it's free)
    - unwrap the 3D model to create a 2D texture as overlay in a graphics program (the GNU Image Manipulation Program for example, you only need this step if you intend to just print and put it together but not paint the model or otherwise modify the end product)
    - import said model into Pepakura, assign the right scale and cutting it up for distribution among pages of paper for printing

    For costume making you can then either use the paper prints as templates for cutting other materials or put it together and harden it with for example fiberglass and then paint it.

    It can be used for a lot of things and if you look around you'll find all sorts of templates to print out yourself. There are a few videos on Youtube from people that use it for costume making as well.

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  5. HLM

    Interesting info, thanks. I think I've heard of it before. I must remember to check it out later.
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  6. Wezdor

    bump for great justice
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  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    Dangit, I was looking forward to moar pics. You fooled me.
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  8. BigMacDeez

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  9. shannan

    Could you upload the templates for the body armour. I'm making a web series and I have just founds the perfects look for my Sci-fi theme, I would be very grateful if you could do that.
  10. -Synapse-

    Great, I think I just broke my jaw on the floor.
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  11. Blarg20011

    Did OP quit? It's been months... I want to see more. :(
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  12. HLM

    Stop replying to this thread - you're giving everyone false hope of an updat.- wait... ****!
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  13. Akachi

    I'm so sorry guys, after getting the harsh realities of life thrown straight at me, I had to put this project on the shelf until it was more feasible to pick it up. Right now things have calmed down so I have gotten back to work. First thing I'd like to show you all is my progress on my prop Gun, the TMG-50. It is compiled of over 25 individual pieces and made almost entirely in styrene plastic, the grey parts are either paint or Epoxy Sculpt, with wooden dowels for the butt-stock. So far the whole gun measures 42 inches in length (will be close to 50 once the barrel is attached). It is pictured next to a 12 inch and 18 inch ruler for size reference. It looks crooked because I have not fastened the whole thing into place yet.

    This was my first time working with plastic, so there is alot of sanding and cleaning up to do.


    Some of the parts prior to putting them together

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  14. Hicksimus

    I'm tempted to go put a bra on and make a thread about my NC Infiltrator Cosplay.
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  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    The legend returns! SWEET!
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  16. EliteEskimo

    Welcome back! It's also cool to see you're still going strong and chose to continue your TR Heavy Assault Project.:cool:
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  17. Blarg20011

    Awesome! He lives!
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  18. Gustavo M

    I'm having multiple nerdgasms.
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  19. huller

    I want one
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  20. Blarg20011

    Dude, dude, what if you just 3D printed the whole gun? Hmmmm?
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